Peach fruit fly

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Food & Agriculture ACTION PLAN

Organisation (FAO)


Bactrocera zonata (Saunders)

International Atomic

Energy Agency (IAEA)

© CAB International 1992
May 2000



A. Action Statement 1

B. Background Information 1

C. Life Cycle Application 1


A. Delimiting Survey 3

B. Monitoring/Evaluation Survey 3

C. Fruit Cutting Survey 3

D. Host Collection and Holding 3

E. Detection survey 3

F. Orientation of Survey Personnel 3

G. Survey 3


A. Instructions 5

B. Regulated Articles 5

C. Quarantine 5

D. Regulated Establishments Inspection 6

E. Use of Authorized Chemicals 6

F. Approved Regulatory Treatments 6

G. Principal Activities 7

H. Removing Areas from Quarantine 8

I. Orientation of Regulatory Replacement Personnel 8

J. Regulatory Records 8


A. Eradication/Control Method Selection 9

B. Recommended Pesticides 9

C. Approved Eradication Treatments 10

D. Orientation of Eradication/Control Personnel 12

E. Eradication/Control Records 13

F. Monitoring 13



Addendum A - Definitions 16

Addendum B - Safety 17

Addendum C - Hosts 18

Addendum D - Technical Survey Information 21

Addendum E - Life History 27

Addendum F - Identification of Specimen(s) 31

Addendum G - Sources of Methyl Eugenol Attractant 33

Addendum H - Suppliers of Protein Bait 35

Addendum I - Fruit Flies That Respond or Do Not Respond to Known Attractants 38

Addendum J - Additional References 49


This Action Plan was originally compiled and edited by Dr. Jeffrey N. L. Stibick, Plant Protection and Quarantine, Animal & Plant Health Inspector, Service, US Department of Agriculture. Modifications have been made by the Insect & Pest Control Section of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division for adaptation and use by National Plant Protection Organization, Ministries of Agriculture and other parties involved in control of this serious agricultural pest. Thanks are extended to Mr. William Routhier, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Lemon Grove, California for his careful review and recommended changes to the text; Dr. Ian M. White for providing the updated list of fruit flies that respond or do not respond to known attractants in the Addendum, as well as, verification of technical data on the global distribution of the pests, taxonomy, etc. Thanks to CAB International for use of the drawing used on the cover of the Action Plan taken from the 1992 publication Fruit Flies of Economic Significance: Their Identification and Bionomics authored by I.M. White and M. M. Elson-Harris; and, finally, to Dr. Mahmoud Taher, Senior FAO Plant Protection Officer for the Near East Region, for review of the text.

Patrick J. Gomes

Joint FAO/IAEA Division

Vienna, Austria

May 2000


This Action Plan provides guidelines and actions for the eradication of a peach fruit fly infestation. This Action Plan can be used to supplement other information, Manuals, or guidelines issued by Ministries of Agriculture, Natural Plant Protection Organizations, and others involved in pest prevention, exclusion, or control.

It is to be used in conjunction with other manuals when conducting emergency program activities. The information and instructions contained in this Action Plan originally were developed with and approved by representatives of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), cooperating States, the Agricultural Research Service, Cooperative State Research Services, and affected industry and later modified by FAO/IAEA for use by its Member States.
All program technology and methodology employed is determined through discussion, consultation, or agreement with the cooperating plant health officials.
Recommendations in this Action Plan which involve the use of pesticides concern products which are registered or exempted under the local laws as appropriate. Precautions on the pesticide label and all instructions in this Action Plan must be carefully followed.
Plant protection personnel may not make any warranty or representations, expressed or implied, concerning the use of these products and shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury sustained as a result of the use of any product as specified in the Action Plan.
The use of trade names in this Action Plan does not imply an endorsement of those products or of the manufacturers thereof by pest control programmes.


A. Action Statement

The information contained in this document is intended for use only when a peach fruit fly (PFF) infestation is known to exist. This Action Plan is to be used for guidance in implementing eradication procedures and in preventing spread to other locations. It provides technical and general information needed to implement any phase of a PFF eradication program. Specific emergency program action is to be based on information available at the time of infestation.

B. Background Information

The PFF is native to Asia. This tephritid fly occurs in Southeast Asia, Egypt, India, Mauritius, Moluccas Islands, Pakistan, Reunion Island, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. An infestation in California in 1984 was eradicated. The PFF has been recorded worldwide on 42 different fruit hosts. Injury to fruit occurs through oviposition punctures and subsequent larval feeding.

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