Planning Your First Trip to Walt Disney World Resort

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Planning Your First Trip to Walt Disney World Resort

Understanding the Walt Disney World Resort and planning a vacation can seem overwhelming, so we've created this guide to help you and your family plan your trip and get the most out of your visit. Here are some essential tips to assist you in your vacation planning. And once you arrive, be sure to use the Walt Disney World services and benefits that have been designed to make your Disney vacation more enjoyable.

Understand Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort—encompassing an area larger the island of Manhattan—includes 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water Parks, more than 20 Disney Resort hotels, and a multitude of dining, recreation and other fun things. Yet, it's surprisingly easy to plan your vacation.

Discover Vacation Options

A convenient way to enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation is with a Magic Your Way Vacation Package.

All Magic Your Way Vacation Packages Include:

  • Disney Resort accommodations

  • Theme Park tickets

  • Resort benefits

Packages are flexible and customizable, with many choices for accommodations and a variety of Theme Park ticket options. Some packages include a plan for meals, added recreation and entertainment. In addition, Resort hotel Guests can enjoy valuable Guest benefits such as complimentary transportation, extended Park hours and other convenient services. Discover the best package for you.

Why Stay at a Disney Resort Hotel?

Enjoy outstanding benefits designed to provide your family with the most convenient and relaxing vacation available. Consider the advantages of staying at a Disney Resort hotel:

  • Extra Time in the Parks: Each day one of the Parks opens early or stays open later, giving Disney Resort hotel Guests more time to enjoy favorite attractions.

  • Resort Transportation: Within the Resort, take advantage of a variety of complimentary transportation options that connect Parks, Resort hotels and other Disney areas.

  • Complimentary Airport Transportation Service: Disney's Magical Express bus transportation is a complimentary service that transports you to and from Orlando International Airport. And don't worry about your luggage—we'll pick it up at baggage claim and deliver it to your room!

Resort Categories

There's a variety of hotels to suit every taste and budget—each offering Disney quality service and style. Find the category that's best for your family or group:

  • Value: Delight in the comforts of the most affordable hotels that offer the benefits and service you expect from Disney. Explore Value Resorts.

  • Moderate: Experience the magic at mid-tier Resort hotels that feature charming facilities, delectable dining and lively locales. Explore Moderate Resorts.

  • Deluxe: Escape to superb dining, outstanding services, luxurious amenities and premium recreational offerings. Explore Deluxe Resorts.

  • Deluxe Villas: Treat yourself to spacious accommodations, convenient amenities and cozy furnishings found at a Disney Deluxe Villa Resort.

  • Cabins and Campgrounds: Discover a wilderness getaway of rustic log cabins and cozy campsites amidst the magic of the great outdoors.

Resort Magic

Disney Resort hotels offer unique themed experiences, Character Dining and a variety of recreation choices. See how magical your vacation at a Disney Resort hotel can be:

  • Themed Experiences: Disney Resort hotels are famous for their elaborate theming. You can stroll a seaside Boardwalk, encounter wild animals of the savanna, discover the French Quarter of New Orleans, delight in 20th-century pop culture or much more.

  • Themed Pools: From sandy-bottomed lagoons and pirate galleons to guitar-shaped pools, splashing in the water is always an adventure at a Disney Resort hotel.

  • Character Dining: Dine with beloved Disney Characters in a variety of fanciful surroundings. Discover the many ways to meet Disney Characters.

  • Golf: Complement your Resort stay with a round of golf at one of our championship courses featuring lush green fairways and tournament-ready surfaces. Explore Disney Golf.

Planning Tips and Tools

For more vacation planning advice, explore the additional vacation planning resources below:

  • Request your free Disney Vacation-Planning DVD to get an in-depth tour of Walt Disney World Resort and to jumpstart your planning.

  • Browse Magic Your Way vacation packages, which give you flexibility in your travel dates, accommodations, size of your party and activities you want to enjoy. You can even enlist the help of an expert Disney Itinerary Planner.

  • Gather your family to create an itinerary of all the must-see attractions and entertainment you want to experience using our My Disney Vacation planning tool.

  • If you want to enjoy special dining or recreation experiences that require reservations, book at least 90 days in advance.

  • And remember, make travel and Resort hotel reservations at least 6 months in advance, if possible.

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