Plant biogeography and conservation of the south-western hill forests of sri lanka I. A. U. N. G

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We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the field and

database management staff of the Sinharaja project, the

Department of Botany at the University of Peradeniya and

the Department of Forest Conservation, Sri Lanka for logistic

Fig. 10. Wind-swept and gnarled crowns of the canopy dominant

monospecific dipterocarp (S. gardneri) stands in eastern Sinharaja.

Fig. 9. Shorea gardneri and S. trapezifolia dominated lower montane

forest stand at1000m altitude near Sinharaja division of the

Ensalwatta tea plantation.


Gunatilleke et al.: South-western Hill Forests of Sri Lanka

support. Mr. Suranjan Fernando is thanked for his valuable

information on the orchids of the eastern Sinharaja region.


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