Practice Participation Group Minutes of Meeting Held Monday 5th October 2015 Patients Present: Tracey Westgarth (Vice Chair), Susan Heap, Mary Scaife, Doris Moxon, Andrew Hunter, Keith Bridge, Janice Skelton, Pauline Connington

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Dr. Angela M. Harley Dr. Gina Palumbo Dr. Nitin Rao Dr. Richard Little

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Practice Participation Group

Minutes of Meeting Held

Monday 5th October 2015

Patients Present: Tracey Westgarth (Vice Chair), Susan Heap, Mary Scaife, Doris Moxon, Andrew Hunter, Keith Bridge, Janice Skelton, Pauline Connington, Jane Perkins and Dr Anthony Hedges
Apologies: Yvonne Shaw, Peter Mounstephen, Barbara Fawcett, Barry Cox, Clair Colley
Staff Present: Dr Harley, Caroline Maw, Helen Perkins, Claire and Danielle

  1. Welcome

Tracey agreed to Chair the meeting and opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Dr Harley introduced Gabby Williamson who is a student looking to study medicine and she was warmly welcomed by all those present.

  1. Apologies

Apologies noted as above. Although CM has noted that an apology was given to her by a receptionist as Janice but as Janice was present she assumes it was someone else and will amend the minutes when clarified at the next meeting.

  1. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes from 05.05.15 checked and it was noted that Keith had sent his apologies but this had not been put on the minutes. CM apologised for this error and will amend them accordingly. Otherwise nil of note to carry forward.

  1. Proposed Meeting Dates

CM confirmed the meetings will now be held every four months in February, June and October on the first Monday of the months as happens now. Andrew asked why this was and CM explained it was to keep the group invigorated and enjoyable and to reduce the onerous burden on staff attending in their own time.

  1. Problem Patient from May

CM spoke to the group about the concerns the above incident had caused and the matter had raised the fact that we had no secure area for staff if this occurred again or indeed any other safe exit route. We have now installed a security lock on the waiting room door and CM explained to the group that this had helped staff more secure and all patients present were fully supportive of this minor inconvenience to support the safety of staff, patients and GP’s alike.

  1. Ideas for Patient Survey

As Barbara had been unable to attend CM explained that she had thought to ask group members on ideas of how to survey patients to find out how they accessed the surgery, travel wise. It was agreed that as the survey is to be patient group led, that CM will email Barbara to ask her to put in words her query and then CM will email/post it out to all group members so a survey can be formulated and an action plan put together. CM to do

  1. Premises Update

It was with sadness that CM informed the group that the upstairs offices had now been rented by someone else so that was the end of our plans in that direction. We are still hopeful for new premises on the site adjacent to Keldmarsh School but this would be several years hence. It all comes back to funding on every level and Tracey enquired as to whether the group could support or help in any way. Dr Harley explained that we would need a solid base to put a case forward and unfortunately we have adapted and are good at doing the best to our maximum ability in minimal space. As we are not an underachieving practice we have been highlighted as being in need for improvement but unfortunately where placed second to bottom in priority so could not see this happening soon but we are forever hopeful. Barbara’s ideas for an access survey might help depending on the results so we would aim to get the Patient Survey underway when possible. CM offered to try and get a pin plot graph done showing the locations of patients registered at the practice and will aim to produce this for the next meeting in February. CM to do

  1. Nurse Practitioner Helen

Tracey introduced Helen to the group and we are pleased to say she is settling in really well with everyone at the practice, both staff and patients alike.

  1. Flu Clinics – promotion ideas

Jill had asked if the group had any ideas about how to promote the flu vaccination and get patients to come in. Everyone agreed that there is a good national advertising campaign and it was suggested that CM put something in the newsletter which is due out imminently. CM to do

  1. Any Other Business

Dr Harley wondered if the group would be happy and willing to look into promoting Mammogram screening to patients. This arose after a recent report of our cancer diagnosis rates and all those in our area. It emerged that our patients attendance for mammography was one of the lowest in the area and as a practice we are keen to promote this to get attendance up. CM and Claire said the recent rounds for our patients had shown an attendance of 72% which meets the minimum standard but actually falls short of the 77% achieved in the previous round of screening. It had been reported to us that the uptake had proven particularly low in women who had not previously attended screening. A discussion by the group took place and Dr Harley wondered if women had been frightened by old tales of the process being painful but in recent years the screening has become less so, especially as more units moved to the digital screening. Location and working women was discussed and CM said the service had alternative venues available if women could not get to Castle Hill Hospital which others, including staff, had not been aware of. Tracey said October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so this could be incorporated also. The following action points where agreed by the group:

  1. Promotion of being less painful and spreading the word – dedicate the noticeboard to this sole event and reduce other posters and leaflets to make this prominent

  2. Advertise the fact that women can attend different locations

  3. Breast Awareness Month October Promotion

  4. MythBUSTers as bullet points in the newsletter by CM

  5. Claire to contact Carly at the breast screening service for some posters and guidance from her

  6. CM to advertise the fact that women can attend at any time even up to two years after their invitation – newsletter entry also

  7. Contact details on the board and in the newsletter

  8. Increase Reception/Nursing staff awareness of all the above facts

  9. Staff encouragement of patients

  10. Susan to speak to Barbara about putting something together from a patients point of view in patients terminology with Tracey for CM to put in the newsletter also

No other business put forward. Meeting declared closed at 7pm and next meeting confirmed as Monday 1st February 2016.

Date of next meeting: Monday 1st February 2016 with refreshments from 6pm for prompt 6.15pm start

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