Presto! Forms The Most Convenient Tool for Creating and Filling out Forms Presto! Forms

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Presto! Forms 

The Most Convenient Tool for Creating and Filling out Forms



Presto! Forms, combining scanning and word processing, is especially 

designed for users to scan and edit pre-printed forms. Its powerful 

recognition engine automatically detects the existence of lines and identifies 

the beginning of fields and checkboxes as users define. With it, you can 

scan and fill in any form, edit each of the fields, and print it out or fax it. 

Presto! Forms is an easy-to-use program for filling out health care-, tax-, 

medical-, insurance-, real estate, government forms and more. 


But with Presto! Forms, this process is no longer something to dread. Presto! Forms' strength is 

recognizing fields within an array of forms and turning them into editable entries. 


And, once you have gotten forms from your files on your hard disk, CD or after scanning them, you 

can begin managing, editing, annotating, even faxing your filled-in documents.  

Presto! Forms can keep multiple page forms in one file

and allows you to add sticky notes, draw lines and 

stamp impressions onto the image file. You can print 

out the blank form, a completed form, or only the text 

onto an original form. Presto! Forms can also read pre-

scanned image files such as PFS, BMP, PCX, and TIF 

file formats.  


Filling Out Forms Is Now Even Easier! 

The process of filling out awkward forms neatly and 

legibly with dozens of fields can be a frustrating 

experience to most people. Usually, a single mistake 

can mean you have to start all over again, too.  












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