Produced & Printed by the Shire of Yilgarn Return to Mukinbudin-Bullfinch Road, travel in easterly

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Produced & Printed by the Shire of Yilgarn  

Return to Mukinbudin-Bullfinch Road, travel in easterly 

direction for 3kms on the right in Karolin Rock, with 

carpets of Everlastings in Pink, Yellow, White, Blue 

Cornflower, Mouse Ears and Red Granite Bottlebrush, 

many varieties of birds frequent this area, the noisiest 

being the bellbird. This is an excellent example of an old 

well and small dam with Native Broom. 

On returning to the Mukinbudin-Bullfinch Road 5.2kms 

east  of  Police  Rock  on  the  right  hand  side  3km  many 

plants can be found, including Stackhousia and 

Dampiera. Back onto the Mukinbudin-Bullfinch Road 

continue East through carpets of Pink Everlastings, at the 

Bullfinch Wheat and Sheep Country. 18kms along 

Bullfinch-Southern Cross Road you come to Halfway 

Rocks. Here you will see orchids, Scrub Sheoak and Pin 

Cushions. Further on at the 10km sign from Southern 

Cross you will see lovely specimens of the Grevillea 

Eriostachya subspecies Excelsior (Flame Grevillea), the 

Yilgarn Shire Floral Emblem. 

Welcome  back  to  Southern  Cross.  Many  of  our 

wildflowers are unique to this area. We hope you have 

enjoyed your journey through our spectacular country 


Good Country for Hardy People 

Grevillea Excelsior - The Flame Grevillea

the Shire of Yilgarn Floral Emblem 

Climbing Fringe Lilly 

Mulla Mulla 

Jack in the Box Orchid 



of the        


Plumed Grevillea 

Shire of Yilgarn 

23 Antares Street 

Southern Cross WA 6426 

PO Box 86 

Southern Cross WA 6426 

Phone: (08) 9049 1001 



While cruising along this road, you will find a 

brilliant stand of Red Ravensthorpe Bottlebrush 

and the Yellow Flowered Tall Sand Mallee, along 

with birdlife especially the Green Elegant Parrots. 

Stay on Cramphorne Road, passing over 

crossroads for 14.3kms watch out for a most 

unusual Golden Dryandra which can be seen on 

either side of the road. Continue 16.6kms turn 

right onto South Moorine Road signposted 

Southern Cross 80kms. Follow this road 3.1kms 

and turn left to Mt Hampton Dam, a new dam 

catchment area. Follow the track 1km to arrive at 

a beautiful picnic place, with Greenhood, Donkey 

& Spider Orichids near the base of the rock along 

with Ferns, Tea Tree, Sheoak and Acacia thicket. 

Pink and Mauve Melaleuca line the track. 

As you come back to South Moorine Road, turn 

left 4.6kms take the left hand fork travelling for 

10.7kms to giveway sign. This brings you to the 

little community of Mt Hampton with a disused 

school, community centre and Dulyalbin Wheat 

Bin. Turn left into Dulyalbin Road, following this 

road for 23.2kms you will see beautiful examples 

of the brilliant Orange Verticordia (Morrison), 

Native Fuchsia, Calytrix, Ravensthorpe 

Bottlebrush and Cricketball Hakea. Turn right 

into Ivey Road for Native Foxglove and Tall Sand 


Continue along this road back to Bodallin and 

Great Eastern Highway. At the highway turn 

right to North Bodallin Road, travel 3kms, turn 

left past wheat fields, where you will see many 

varieties of Golden Wattle, Salmon Gums, 

Gimlets and Quandongs with their bright red 

fruit lining the road verges. 

At North Bodallin telephone exchange the road 

changes again to gravel 23.7kms you come to 

Keokaine Rock (one of the prettiest in our Granite 

Discovery) also remnants of a Hunts Soak near 

the roack Orchids abound here including Red 

Spider, Bluebeard, Green Hood, Vanilla, 

Laughing Leek, Prasophyllum Sargentii and 

Mignonette. Waitzia Acuminata form a carpet of 

gold whilst the taller Glischrocaryon Aureum is 

along the road verge. 12.3kms further along 

North Bodallin Road at a walk through the bush 

amongst Pink Everlastings and different forms 

of Mulla Mulla growing in a golden carpet. 

Specimens lining the road include White 

Grevillea, Mouse Ears, Cypress Pines, Sheoaks 

and Deadly Nightshade. 

Continue north until you arrive at the “T” 

junction of Mukinbudin-Bullfinch Road, take a 

small detour 2.4kms, turn left to visit Baladgie 

Rock, turn off right into the track and follow this 

for 5kms. Another Excellent picnic place, 

explore caves, rock formations and a walk to the 

Lake, Highclere Hill (Golden Valley). Native 

Broom growns abundantly along with many 

varieties of small plants and Ferns at the base of 

this granite rock. 

This tour is designed to take you off the Highway 

to see some of the very best wildflowers Western 

Australian has to offer: 

Leaving Southern Cross in a southerly direction, 

passing the Palace Hotel towards Marvel Loch, you 

may see White Verticordia, Helmsii, Red Bottle 

Brush Grevillea, Goldenaccia, Black Toothbrush 

Grevillea, Verticordia Brownii (Common 

Cauliflower), Parakeelya, Pimelia, Native Hops, 

Foxglove, Dampiera, Tinsel Flower, Bacon & egg 

Bush, Pink Verticordia and Melaleuca. Nine mile 

hill on the way to Marvel Loch shows its beauty 

with Blue Native Hibiscus and Donkey Orchids. 

    On arriving in Marvel Loch, a very busy mining 

area established in early 1900, turn right at the 

General Store onto Parkers Range / Burbidge / 

Nevoria Road. Passing Yilgarn Star Goldmine you 

come to the cross roads sign posted Hyden, turn 

right. A Further 5kms down this road brings you to 

an excellent display of Sandplain Wildflowers. You 

are on the Emu Fence Road and travelling a further 

8.5kms brings you to a brilliant display of 

Smokebush, Banksia, Yellow Verticordia, 

Pincushions, Circus Trigger Plants, Blue Lace 

Flower, Native Red Pomegrante and Pea Flower. 

While in the area keep a look  out for the Mallee 

Fowl with can often be seen running across the 

road. On your left, continue for another 32.5kms 

until you come to Cramphorne Road, turning right 

you will see the South Yilgarn Wheat Bins on your 


Yilgarn  Wildflowers 

Pink Paper Flowers 

The beauty of the     

Yilgarn Wildflowers 

Native Cornflower 

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