Project Update January 2009

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Project Update January 2009

uring the submission process, species localities

were gathered based on herbarium specimens lodged

in Herbarium Bogoriense (BO). Six specimens were

checked and only two specimens provide good

information on localities. At least two localities were

recorded: Pangentjongan area and Timbangan area.

Administratively, these two areas are in district of

Wanaradja, Garut Regency, which is placed in the

northern slope of Mount Galunggung. A similar

locality (Telaga Bodas-Pangentjongan area) was

also recorded in the type specimen lodged in

Leiden Herbarium. And all of the mentioned specimens were collected in 1898 by Koorders who described the species.


ased on this information, a preliminary survey was conducted in from 21-24 November 2008. The survey took place in two areas: Telaga Bodas-Pangentjongan (Northern slope of Mount Galunggung) with an altitude about 1485 m (S7 11.900 E108 03.284) and Crater area (Southern slope of Mount Galunggung) with an altitude about 1305 m (S7 15.386 E108 04.012). In Telaga Bodas-Pangentjongan area, where the first specimen collected seems that the eruption was not the only major catastrophe, land conversion possibly also become the main factor. It was

showed that from the lower altitude where the

village exist, up to about 1500 m, all the forest

area has turned into agriculture area. Commonly,

people in Pangentjongan area live as vegetable farmers. They cultivate cabbage, tomatoes, and chilli. Meanwhile, in Crater area,

the eruption definitely becomes the only major

catastrophe. From rapid survey, we found that

the forest composition dominated by small trees

(fig species) and many herbs and ferns. Instead,

area near the crater was still in the early succession process which consists of grass, fern and lichens.

From this preliminary survey, we couldn’t detect the occurrence of S. ampliflorum, but we sure that in a more precise survey the result would be different.

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