Publication: Dr P. Eganathan Peer review journal articles

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Publication: Dr P. Eganathan 


Peer review journal articles  




Antioxidant activity of the leaf essential oil of Syzygium calophyllifolium,  Syzygium 

makul,  Syzygium grande and Eugenia cotinifolia ssp. codyensis (2014) Saranya J, 

Eganathan P, Sujanapal  P J Biol Active Prod from Nature 4(1) 12-18  




In vitro regeneration from different ages of petioles of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) 

(2014) Mahalakshmi R, Eganathan P, Parida A Afri J Biotech 13(2) 265-273  




Characterizations of coal fly ash nanoparticles and induced in vitro toxicity in cell lines 

(2014) Bharathi S, Eganathan P, Rajasekar A, Balakrishnamurthy P, Devasena T J 

Nanoparticle Res 16(2) 2217(1-9)  




In vitro antimicrobial activity of Syzygium cumini fruit peel and identification of 

anthocyanins (2013) Priya SSL, Devi PR, Eganathan P, Kingsley J Afri J Pharm 

Pharmacol 7(25) 1719-1728  




Salicylic acid elicitation on production of secondary metabolite by cell cultures of 

Jatropha curcas L (2013) Mahalakshmi R, Eganathan P, Parida AK Int J Pharm 

Pharmace Sci 5(4) 655-659 




Changes in secondary metabolite production in Jatropha curcas calluses treated with 

NaCl (2013) Mahalakshmi R, Eganathan P, Ajay P Anal Chem Lett 3(5-6) 359-369  




GC-MS analysis of chemical composition of in vivo plant, in vitro and elicited roots of 

Bacopa monnieri (L.) Pennell (2013) Malini S, Eganathan P Anal Chem Lett 3(5-6) 380-





In vitro propagation of Jatropha curcas L. growing in dry land area (2013) Mahalakshmi 

R, Eganathan P, Parida AK Int J Curr Res 5(12) 3633-3635 




Influence of altitudinal variation on the anti-oxidant capacity of essential oil of Syzygium 

densiflorum from Southern Western Ghats, India (2013) Saranya J, Eganathan P, 

Sujanapal P Int J Green Pharm 7(4) 297-300  




In vitro evaluation and comparison of antioxidant and antibacterial activities of leaf 

extracts of Hopea ponga (Dennst.) Mabberly (2013) Benish Rose PM, Saranya J, 

Eganathan P, Jithin MM, Anil Kumar N Int J Green Pharm 7(3) 177-181 




GC-MS analysis, antimicrobial, scavenging ability and cytotoxic activity of leaves of 

Syzygium calophyllifolium Walp (2013)  Vignesh R, Puhazhselvan P, Sangeethkumar M, 

Saranya J, Eganathan P, Sujanapal P J Biol Active Prod  from Nature 3(2) 121-129 





Antioxidant activities of wood and leaf extracts of Hopea erosa (2013) Vidya R, Benish 

Rose PM, Saranya J, Eganathan P, Jithin MM, Anil Kumar N J Biol Active Prod from 

Nature 3(2) 154-160  




Chemical composition Syzygium  benthamianum (Wt. ex Duthie) Gamble essential oil - 

An endemic and vulnerable tree species  (2013) Deepika N, Eganathan P, Sujanapal P, 

Ajay P J Essen Oil Bearing Plants 16(2) 289-293  




Plant growth promoting of endophytic Sporosarcina aquimarina SjAM16103  isolated 

from the pneumatophores of Avicennia marina L (2012) Rylo Sona Janarthine S

Eganathan P Int J Microbiol 2012 ID 532060 10 p  




Antimicrobial activity of Syzygium stocksii (Duthie) Gamble and Syzygium densiflorum 

Wall. ex Wt. & Arn. leaves (2012)  Eganathan P, Saranya J, Sujanapal P, Ajay P J Biol 

Active Prod from Nature 2(6) 360-364  




Essential oil composition of leaf and wood of Mastixia arborea C.B. Clarke (2012) Jithin 

MM, Eganathan P, Saranya J, Anil Kumar N, Parida A Anal Chem Lett 2(6) 351-357  




Antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer activities of Syzygium caryophyllatum (L.) Alston 

(2012) Gayathri A, Benish Rose PM, Saranya J, Eganathan P, Sujanapal P, Ajay KP  Int 

J Green Pharm 6(4) 285-288  




Essential oil composition of leaves of Syzygium makul Gaertn (2012) Eganathan P, 

Saranya J, Sujanapal P, Ajay P  J Ess Oil Bearing Plants 15(5) 827-831  



Structure prediction of Bestrophin for the induced -fit docking of anthocyanins (2012) 

Priya SSL, Devi PR, Eganathan P, Topno NS Bioinformation 8(16) 742-748  




Chemical composition of leaf essential oil of Syzygium densiflorum Wall. ex Wt. & Arn.- 

A vulnerable tree species (2012) Saranya J, Eganathan P, Sujanapal P, Ajay P J Ess Oil 

Bearing Plants 15(2) 283-287 





Micropropagation of Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merr. - An important green leafy 

vegetable (2012) Eganathan P, Ajay P Ind J Biotechnol 11(2) 235-237  




Proximate and mineral composition analysis of little millet collected from some millet 

growing areas in Tamil Nadu (2012) Arivudai Nambi V, Eganathan P, Maria Philip PI 

Ind J Plant Genetic Resou 25(2) 198-191 




Endophytic bacteria isolated from the pneumatophores of


Avicennia marin (2011) 

Janarthine SRS, Eganathan P, Balasubramanian T, Vijayalakshmi S Afri J Microbiol Res 

5(26) 4455-4466  




Chemical composition, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anticancer activity of leaves of 

Syzygium benthamianum 

(Wight ex Duthie) Gamble 



Kiruthiga K, Saranya J, 

Eganathan P, Sujanapal P, Ajay P J Biol Active Prod from Nature 1(4) 273-278  





Comparative histochemical localization of secondary metabolites in seed-raised and in 

vitro propagated plants of Excoecaria agallocha Linn. (Euphorbiaceae), the milky 

mangrove tree of historical significance (2010) Satyan RS, Aveek N, Eganathan P, Parida 

A Biotechnic  Histochem 85(5) 285-293  




Plant growth promoting of endophytic Bacillus cereus isolated from the pneumatophores 

of Avicennia marina (2010) Janarthine SRS, Eganathan P, Balasubramanian T Int J Curr 

Res 5 009-013 




Growth inhibitory activity of fatty acid methyl esters in the whole seed oil of madagascar 

periwinkle (Apocyanaceae) against Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) 

(2009) Satyan RS, Malarvannan S, Eganathan P, Rajalakshmi S, Ajay P  J Econ Entomol 

102(3) 1197-1202  




Oil analysis in seeds of Salicornia brachiata  (2006) Eganathan P, Subramaniam HMSR, 

Latha R, Srinivasa Rao C Indu Crops Prod 23(2) 177-179  




Saving An endemic and endangered taxon: Syzygium travancoricum Gamble (Myrtacae): 

A case study focussing on its genetic diversity, and reintroduction (2004)  Anand A, 

Srinivasa Rao C, Eganathan P, Anil Kumar N, Swaminathan MS J Physiol Molecul Biol 

of Plants 10(2) 233-242 




Approaches to breeding for salinity tolerance: A case study on Porteresia coarctata 

Tateoka (2004) Latha R, Srinivasa Rao C, Subramaniam HMSR, Eganathan P, 

Swaminathan MS  Annal Appl Biol 144(2) 177-184  




Mangroves as classroom genetic tools (2001) Eganathan P Curr Sci 81(12) 1512-1513  




Vegetative propagation of three mangrove tree species through cuttings and air layering 

(2000) Eganathan P, Srinivasa Rao C, Ajith A Wetlands Ecol Manag8(4) 281-286  




Propagation of Rhizophora species through viviparous hypocotyl cuttings and air layering 

(2000) Eganathan P, Srinivasa Rao C, Ajith A, Balakrishna P Ind Forester 126(11) 1222-





Protocol for in vitro propagation of Excoecaria agallocha L., a medicinally important 

mangrove species (1998) Srinivasa Rao C, Eganathan P, Ajith A, Balakrishna P, Reddy 

TP Plant Cell Rep 17 861-865  




In vitro propagation of salt tolerant wild rice relative, Porteresia coarctata T (1998)  

Latha R, Anand A, Srinivasa Rao C, Eganathan P, Balakrishna P J Plant Growth Regul 

17 231-235  




Desmos viridiflorus (Beed.)  Safford (Annonaceae) - An endangered taxon and new 

distribution record from south India (1997) Eganathan P Ind Forester 123(9) 834-836 


Symposium conference publications  




Germination of synthetic seeds in Ayapana (Eupatorium triplinerve Vahl) (2010) 

Samydurai P, Sarvesan R, Eganathan P In: Proceedings of the First Indian Youth Science 

Congress MSSRF SRM Chennai 7-8 




Conservation and sustainable utilization of coastal mangrove forest with community 

participation In: A Synthesis of Contributions to the Knowledge Marketplace, 3rd IUCN 

World Conservation Congress (2005) Eganathan P (Hugill B, Edwards SR Eds) IUCN 

Gland Switzerland 1-2 




Seawater Farming for Long-Term Ecological and Economical Sustainability for Coastal 

Communities In: A Synthesis of Contributions to the Knowledge Marketplace, 3rd IUCN 

World Conservation Congress (2005) Eganathan P (Hugill B, Edwards SR Eds) IUCN 

Gland Switzerland 1-2 




Coastal mangrove forestry and sustainable management - biotechnology and community 

approach In: Proceedings ITTO International workshop: Clean Development Mechanism 

in Tropical Countries (2004) Eganathan P, Swaminathan MS Seoul National Univ Seoul 





Restoration and conservation of Rhizophora species: A case study at Pichavaram 

mangrove forest in India In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium and 

Workshop on Arid Zone Environments: Research and Management options for mangrove 

and salt marsh ecosystems (2002) Eganathan P, Srinivasa Rao C, Kesavan PC (Salim J, 

Amrita G de S Eds) ERWDA Abu Dhabi 66-79 




Application of Biotechnology and classical breeding methods in the genetic enhancement 

of mangroves. In: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mangrove Ecology 

and Biology (2001) Srinivasa Rao C, Eganathan P, Anand A, Latha R, Balakrishna P 

KISR Kuwait 83-98 







Agrotechnology packages for bioenergy crops (2007) Ajay P, Eganathan P, Kumar A, 

Behl HM, Siddhu OP, Singh N, Paliwal K, Nautiyal AR Dept of Biotechnol Min Sci 

Technol GOI New Delhi 




Toolkit for establishing coastal bioshield (2005) Selvam V, Ravishankar T, Karunagaran 

VM, Ramasubramanian R, Eganathan P, Parida AK MSSRF Chennai 117p 




Mangrove plants of Tamil Nadu (2004) Selvam V, Eganathan P, Karunagaran VM, 

Ravishankar T, Ramasubramanian R MSSRF Chennai 56p 






Manual on vegetative and micropropagation on mangroves (2001) Eganathan P, 

Srinivasa Rao C MSSRF Chennai 34p 


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