Quick Response Instrumentation Package qrip-2035-1/2 Datasheet

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Quick Response Instrumentation Package

QRIP-2035-1/2 Datasheet

QRIP-2035-1/2 Datasheet 

©2015 Teletronics Technology Corporation 

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Approved for Public Release 16-S-1461

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The QRIP-2035 LRU contains the instrumentation and recorder control pieces of 

the QRIP system. The instrumentation within the QRIP-2035 provides a subset 

of instrumentation capabilities of the typical JSF DART pod and is based on 

existing data acquisition equipment developed for the JSF F-35 SDD flight test 

program. The QRIP-2035 integrates individual TTC data acquisition, multiplexer 

and radar transponder systems into a single enclosed package. On current 

non-instrumented F-35 aircraft, the QRIP-2035 is intended to directly install into 

a space traditionally occupied by the P5 Combat Training Sub-system LRU. 

Thus the QRIP-2035 LRU is designed to install directly into the standard full size 

Air Transport Rack (ATR) P5 Shock-mounted Tray. Three existing aircraft cables 

connected to the P5 unit are reconnected to the installed QRIP-2035 system. 

Other P5 unit cables not utilized on the QRIP-2035 are stored on stowage 

connectors mounted nearby as part of the Group A Mod Kit installation. Other 

Group A Mod Kit cables are installed in the aircraft and connected to the 

appropriate connectors on the QRIP-2035 LRU. 

The TTC QRIP-2035 instrumentation pallet consists of two separate internal 

modular data acquisition systems. The first is a mechanically modified version of 

TTC’s AIM-2004 Airborne Instrumentation Multiplexer product with the following 

I/O cards: QFCH-304L-2 Quad Optical Fibre Channel card, QBIM-394Q-1 Quad 

IEEE-1394b Interface Adaptor card, QPCI-304-1 Four Channel PCM Interface 

card and QBIM-553-1 (optional) 8-port MIL-STD-1553 Bus Monitor Card.  The 

second modular system (labeled as the MCDAU-2035) is a standard version 

TTC Miniature CAIS Data Acquisition Unit Master with the following standard 

I/O modules: MFDR-101A-1 Miniature Filter Driver Module, MBIT-110-1 Built In 

Test Module (used for recorder control), MGPS-101B-2 Miniature IRIG-B Time 

Code Module with Integral GPS Receiver and Real Time Clock and the MSCD-

606D-3 Analog Signal Conditioning Module. These two modular data acquisition 

systems are internally connected together and are interfaced to the various 

QRIP-2035 front panel connectors to provide the system data I/O interfaces.  All 

the data collected by these two systems is formatted by the AIM-2004 Airborne 

Instrumentation Multiplexer into Chapter 10 recording files which are then sent 

to a remotely located TTC ADSR-4003F IRIG-106 Chapter 10 network recorder 

for storage. A TTC XPDR-2150-1 50 Watt Radar Transponder (QRIP-2035-1) or a 

TTC XPDR-240-1 400 Watt Radar Transponder (QRIP-2035-2) is also integrated 

within the QRIP-2035 unit along with an RF power divider.


• Flight test instrumentation

• Quick installation of instrumentation to production aircraft


• Quick Response Instrumentation Pallet LRU (Line Re-

placeable Unit)

• Contains mechanically modified version of the AIM-2004 

Airborne Instrumentation Multiplexer

• Contains Miniature CAIS Data Acquisition Unit Master 


• Contains XPDR-2150 Radar Transponder and RF power 


• Incorporates special wiring harness to provide all AIM-

2004 and MCDAU-2035 interfaces to connectors on front 


• Single +270V DC power supply input circular connector on 

front panel

• Interfaces to and powers Remote ADSR 4003F IRIG-106 

Chapter 10 network recorder for data storage

• Fully programmable with TTCWare

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