Radico khaitan ltd. Enters the vodka segment with magic moments vodka in the west bengal market

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Kolkatta, 17th March 2006: Magic Moments Vodka has been launched as another mark of purity from the Radico cask. The new Vodka from the Radico cask is made from the finest, natural grain extracts -- an International quality grain vodka that makes you enjoy the spirit of every day and lets you create your magic. The brand message of Magic Moments Vodka is 'Create Your Magic'
Skillfully blended and elegantly packaged, this grain Vodka is a perfect companion to share some blissful moments. Every sip is pure in form and taste that helps you spread your magic everywhere. Pure fun, pure luxury, pure spirit, pure joy… that’s truly Magic Moments Vodka.
Mr. Raju Vaziraney, President Sales & Marketing, Radico Khaitan Ltd, said,” The latest entrant to the West Bengal Market ‘Magic Moments Vodka’ is Radico’s entry into the growing Vodka market of West Bengal. West Bengal did a volume of 1.7 million cases Vodka in the year 2004-05 and the segment is growing at a CAGR of 54% for the past three years with Magic Moments Vodka in the next two years we hope to take 10-15% of the vodka market.”
The brand address a key insight ... "at times things just don't go or happen as one wants ... one needs that little magic to happen to be able to turn things in favour" ... Magic Moments Vodka hits the consumer right in this insight. With the magic of the brands, when things seemed so demoralizing, it turns everything around. The frosted bottle with a window, which makes you create your magic and enter the world of Magic Moments Vodka, is the true brand differentiator. It turns the un-expected into expected!
It is being launched in the regular segment at Rs 260 a quart and is available in pint (Rs130) & nip (Rs 65) sizes also.

About Radico Khaitan Ltd.

Radico Khaitan Ltd., one of the largest and most profitable liquor companies in the country, is best known for its brands 8 PM whisky and Contessa Rum. 8 PM whisky has the unique distinction of having touched sales of one million cases in the first year of its launch and is the fastest growing brand in the world in it’s segment (Source: Drinks International). Contessa Rum is the largest selling Rum brand among Defence forces. Old Admiral Brandy another winner from the portfolio of Radico is the fastest growing brand in the world in its segment (Source: Drinks International).


For further Information, please contact:

Aman Pannu T. Anand Mahesh

Radico Khaitan, New Delhi Mutual PR

New Delhi New Delhi

Tele. No. 011-26975582 M. No. 9350266285
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