Rangrez Hotel

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Rangrez Hotel

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The history of Rangrez Hotel

The experience That I have learned


Hotel "Rangrez" is a harmony of Eastern and European style, located at the entrance to the ancient city, magnificent in its design! Modern technology, quality service corresponding to the highest level, makes the hotel "Rangrez" an excellent choice for both business and leisure travelers.

The Rangrez Hotel is a three-storey complex with a breathtaking view of the ancient city. Location in the city center along B. Nakshband street and is located 200 meters from the historical city and 5 minutes by car from Bukhara International Airport.

Rangrez offers guests accommodation in comfortable rooms, attentive service and guarantee the safety of our guests.

The hotel has 9 rooms with 20 beds, of which:

6- (Twin) double rooms (12 places)

2 - (Triple) triple rooms


1 - (Suit) suite rooms

(2 places)

Intercity, international telephone

Guide interpreter services

Free round-the-clock Internet

Free guarded parking

Hairdresser service on call

Services of a professional massage therapist

Hotel reservations in other cities

Using a computer, facsimile and copying machines

Especially comfortable accommodation have provided the following types of services:

- Hotel will gladly and at a high professional level organize trips for you to the sights of the city of Bukhara with the provision of comfortable transport, transfer around the city and beyond, delivery to train stations and to the airport;

- bar services, ordering food from city restaurants with delivery

Types of services:

- Every morning from 7 to 9 on weekdays, and from 7 to 10 on weekends, breakfast (buffet) is served

- A restaurant

- Booking and delivery of air and train tickets in all directions

- There is a fast booking system for our partners (telephone confirmation).

Guests will not be bored: in the evenings, the hotel hosts movie screenings, the restaurant has live music as well as an extensive evening program.

Pleasant relaxation from the bustle of everyday life can wash over you in massage room, bar or sunny terrace. Dreams about true rest come true in Rangrez hotel immediately. For business travelers there is a business center and meeting rooms.

In the kitchen of the restaurant European and Oriental cuisine is prepared. Continental, Asian, vegetarian Breakfasts are served in the morning. Always fresh goodies and excellent coffee – this is the best start to the day. There are many more journeys along the Silk Road.

Why Rangrez became so popular among couples?

The hotel took care of the kids, providing professional Babysitting services and special children's menu.

The experience That I have learned
Yüklə 1,25 Mb.

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