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819 Fernwood St. Emmaus, PA 18049 



I am currently researching the connection between ritual actions and the development of moral 

instinct and the epistemological function of hesychasm.   


Saint Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary, South Bound Brook NJ 

M.Div. in Sacred Theology 


Included completion of the St. Stephen’s Antiochian Orthodox 

Certificate program 

The Ohio State University, Columbus OH 

M.A. (ABD) in Political Science 


Comparative Politics, Political Psychology 

[Dissertation progress halted at 9/11; hope to resume one day…] 

University of Georgia, Athens GA 

B.A. in Political Science 


Minors in Russian Literature and International Affairs 

Education Awards 

Grant for Dissertation Research in Russia 


Graduate Fellowship 



Adjunct Professor, Saint Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary 


     Kyivan Spirituality (2008-2009; 2012, 2015) 

     Spiritual Theology I (2012, 2016) 

     Church History I (2012, 2014) 

     Church History II  (2013) 

     Comparative Religion (2013) 

     U.S. Civics (2013, 2015)       

     Liturgical Music (2013, 2014, 2015) 

     Religion in America (2014) 

     Introduction to Orthodox Moral Theology (2014) 

     Ethics in Youth Ministry (2015, 2016) 

     Ukrainian Church History I (2015) 

     Pastoral Theology - Priestly Vocation (2015)  

     Spiritual Theology II - Religion in Literature (2016)


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Adjunct Professor, Naval War College 

     Case Studies in Insurgency: Afghanistan and Pakistan (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) 

     Information Operations: The Psychology and Sociology of Manipulation (2013) 

Instructor, The Ohio State University 

     Introduction to Comparative Politics (1996, 1996, 1997) 

     Soviet and Post-Soviet Foreign Policy (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001)  

     Techniques of Political Analysis (1998, 1999, 1999, 2001) 


     Comparative Political Parties (1998) 

     Comparative Political Culture (1998) 

     Comparative Politics and Religion (1998, 2001) 

     Governments and Politics of the Industrialized World (2000)      

     Theories of Democracy (2000) 

     Introduction to International Relations (2001) 


Adjunct Professor, National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) “NGIC University” 

     Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (multiple iterations, 2005-2007) 

     Alternative Techniques of Analysis: Insurgency (multiple iterations, 2005-present)    

     Intelligence Analysis: Journeyman Capstone Course (2006) 

     Advanced Insurgency Analysis: DIME (2009) 

University of Georgia (Teaching Assistant and Tutor) 

     Teaching Assistant for Introductory courses in Political Science (1991-1993)  

Tutor of Mathematics at the UGA Tutorial House (1988-1992) 

Teaching Awards 

Instructor of the Year (NGIC, 2007) 

Team of Excellence (NGIC University/Analyst Development Team, 2007) 

Graduate Student Instructor of the Year (OSU, 1997 & 1998) 

Teaching Assistant Award (1992 & 1993) 


St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary, South Bound Brook NJ 

Associate Dean 

2014 - present 

Helped develop and implement new distance learning MA program 

and Youth Minister Certification Program.  Help administer 

residency, partial residency, distance learning, and certificate 

programs.  Action officer for accreditation process. 

St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary, South Bound Brook NJ 

Vocations Director 

2013 - present 

Manage and write for, the premier Orthodox Christian website for 

vocations.  Conducted and analyzed research on vocations and shared the information via blogs 

and talks.  Serve as resource and mentor for vocations with men and women in the UOC-USA 

throughout the USA.  Channeled vocations of various backgrounds to St. Sophia for further 

discernment and education.


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St. Mary Protection of the Theotokos (Pokrova) Cathedra., Allentown PA 

Priest and Rector, 2015 - present 

Work with parish board to serve the needs of the parish community and surrounding area.  

Develop and offer educational series on various theological and biblical topics.  Offer weekday 

and weekend services and sacraments. 


Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA 

Member of the Metropolitan Council and Consistory,  2013 - Present 

Members of the Metropolitan Council are elected by the UOC-USA Sobor every three years to 

work with the Metropolitan and Synod of Bishops to oversee and direct the ministries of the 

UOC-USA.  The Consistory is comprised of the staff of the central church administration and 

Metropolitan Council members selected by the Consistory President; it provides day-to-day 

management of the UOC-USA.  


St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Woonsocket RI 

Priest and Rector       2007 - 2015 

Through Christ, helped bring healing,  joy, and growth to a parish that had experienced decades 

of decline.  Guided the parish through  rebuilding process after a devastating fire, turning it into 

an opportunity to refocus the community on unity and dedication to Christ.  Fostered vocations 

that led to three diaconal ordinations and three tonsurings to lower clerical orders.  


National Ground Intelligence Center, Charlottesville VA 

Civilian Intelligence Analyst 

2003 - 2007 

Subject matter expert, researcher, and team leader for Army 

Intelligence on Irregular Warfare (insurgency/counterinsurgency) in 

Pakistan.  Provided direct and reach-back support to deployed 

forces in Afghanistan. 

United States Army (Reserves) 

Human Intelligence  

1987 - 1993 

Served as a Russian interrogator, translator, and platoon sergeant  

for a tactical human intelligence unit (airborne).   Rose to the rank  

of Staff Sergeant and position of Platoon Sergeant. 

Intelligence Analyst 

1993 - 2007 

Served as a researcher, writer, and briefer for the NGIC, to include 

two years on active duty (2001-2003) in support of the “Global War 

on Terror”.  Retired as a Chief Warrant Officer – 3.     


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Academic  Publications  


"The Organizational Strategies of Political Parties: An Integrative Model" 1999. Southeastern 

Political Review. 27:4. 


"Structure and Choice: The Role of Organizations, Patronage, and the Media in Party Formation" 

1996. Party Politics. 2:3. 


Translator (with C. Winn). "Ineradicable" 1991. by Margaret Stern in Russia Through the Eyes of 

Women. Hermitage: New York. 


Academic  Presentations/Conference  Papers  


"Rendering Unto the Tsar? Church-state relations and confessional party formation in post-Soviet 

Russia" 2001. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association 

in San Francisco California. 


"Clash of Civilizations? The Moscow Patriarchy and Russian Security Policy" 2001. Paper presented 

at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies-Midwest 

in Cleveland, Ohio. 


"Rendering Unto the Tsar? Church-State Relations in Post-Soviet Russia" 2000. Paper presented at 

the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association-South in Birmingham Alabama. 


"Russian Security Policy: Chechnya and Beyond" 2000. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of 

the International Studies Association-South in Birmingham Alabama. 


"Political corruption: good for democracy? A comparative analysis of political machines" 2000. 

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in Washington 



"Russian Military and Security Policy" 1999. Presentation given at the Annual Ohio Social Studies 

Association Convention, Columbus, Ohio. 


"Political Parties and Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of Party Mobilization" 1998. Paper 

presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in Boston, MA. 


"The Organizational Strategy of Political Parties: A Comparative Analysis of Party Organization" 

1997. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in 

Norfolk, Virginia. 


"The Organizational Strategy of Political Parties: Russia in Comparative Perspective" 1997. Paper 

presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic 

Studies- Midwest in Columbus, Ohio. 


"Organizational Strategy in East European Party Formation" 1995. Paper presented at the Annual 

Meeting of the International Studies Association-South in Atlanta, Georgia. 


"Context and Choice in East and West European Party Formation" 1995. Paper presented at the 

Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in Tampa, Florida. 


"Some Causes and Consequences of Party Formation in Eastern and Western Europe" 1994. Paper 

presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in Atlanta, Georgia. 



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Other  Publications  


I authored, co-authored, or formally contributed to twenty-six peer-reviewed intelligence 

assessments on security in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia (2001 – 2007) 

I am a regular contributor to the "Ukrainian Orthodox Word"; and manage, write for, and publish the 

OrthoAnalytika blog, the OrthoAnalytika podcast, and the “Good Guys Wear Black” vocational 



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