Rev. Anthony Perkins, Pastor St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church (U. O. C. – Usa) Ecumenical Patriarch ate of Constantinople

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Rev. Anthony Perkins, Pastor 

St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church (U.O.C. – USA) 

Ecumenical Patriarch ate of Constantinople 

74 Harris Avenue, Woonsocket RI, 02895 | 



Glory to Jesus Christ!  Glory forever! 


Dear Brothers and Sisters


This past weekend we celebrated our Ukrainian Orthodox heritage amongst ourselves and 

the broader community.  The day could not have been better – even the weather 

cooperated, delivering perfect temperatures and shielding us from the sun that had baked 

us over the previous days. Whether measured in terms of the numbers of children 

playing, meals served, desserts and drinks sold, tours given, volunteers participating

overall organization, or money raised, the festival was a tremendous success!  This 

speaks volumes about the commitment and capability of our Christian community.   


As your pastor, it moved me tremendously to see how much of yourselves so many of 

you gave in this effort.  This is this kind of individual and communal self-sacrifice that 

our forefathers exerted when first building St. Michael’s; it is this kind of individual and 

communal self-sacrifice that our forefathers exerted when first building up the Orthodox 

Church in Ukraine; it is this kind of individual and communal self-sacrifice that will 

allow us to grow our community here; and (most importantly) it is this kind of individual 

and communal self-sacrifice that sanctifies us and those around us.   


And so I thank each of you for all of your efforts.  I would like to give special thanks to 

those who put so much of their time and energy in the weeks leading up to the festival 

organizing the event and preparing the many freezers full of food:  dujhe dyakuyu.  Your 

faithful service is inspiring to all of us.  



Your pastor and servant in Christ, 



   Fr. Anthony Perkins 


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