Role description

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Role Title:

Registered Nurse/Midwife

Classification Code:

Registered Nurse/Midwife Level 1 – RN/M1


Country Health SA Local Health Network

Hospital/ Service/ Cluster

Yorke and Northern Region


Department/Section / Unit/ Ward:

Melaleuca Court Nursing Home

Role reports to:

Nurse Unit Manager

Role Created/ Reviewed Date:

July 2017

Criminal History Clearance Requirements:

 Aged (NPC)

 Child- Prescribed (DCSI)

 Vulnerable (NPC)

 General Probity (NPC)


Primary Objective(s) of role:

Employees classified at this level provide nursing and/or midwifery services in health service settings. Employees working within this level develop from novice practitioners to a proficient level of professional practice. They consolidate knowledge and skills and develop in capability through continuous professional development and experience. An employee at this level accepts accountability for his or her own standards of nursing/midwifery care and for activities delegated to others.

Direct Reports:

The Registered Nurse and or Midwife;

  • Reports to the Nurse/Midwife Nurse Unit Manager (Level 3 or 4)

  • Provides the direct or indirect supervision of a Assistant in Nursing, Students in Nursing and Enrolled Nurses

  • Collaborative working relationship with all Nursing and or Midwifery staff

  • Maintains cooperative and productive working relationships within all members of the health care team.

Key Relationships/ Interactions:


  • Provides supervision of students, Assistants in Nursing/Midwifery, and Enrolled Nurses.

  • Maintains cooperative and productive working relationships within all members of the health care team.


  • Maintains relationships with non-government organisations or other government organisations to meet the needs of the client group.

Challenges associated with Role:

(Approx 3 bullet points, state what is challenging and why, frame it positively and tactfully.
Major challenges currently associated with the role include:

  • Providing evidenced based care, developing clinical skills while keeping up to date with professional standards of practice and quality management initiatives consistent with organisational policies

  • Working with children, youth, women, men and their families where there may be multiple complexities and mental health issues.

  • Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration or other incidents and escalating appropriately


Nil financial or human resource delegation.


SA Health employees persevere to achieve goals, stay calm under pressure and are open to feedback.

Performance Development

The incumbent will be required to participate in the organisation’s Performance Review & Development Program which will include a regular review of the incumbent’s performance against the responsibilities and key result areas associated with their position and a requirement to demonstrate appropriate behaviours which reflect a commitment to SA Health values and strategic directions.

General Requirements:

  • *NB References to legislation, policies and procedures includes any superseding versions

  • Managers and staff are required to work in accordance with the Code of Ethics for South Australian Public Sector, Policies and Procedures and legislative requirements including but not limited to:

  • Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and when relevant WHS Defined Officers must meet due diligence requirements.

  • Return to Work Act 2014 (SA), facilitating the recovery, maintenance or early return to work of employees with work related injury / illness.

  • Equal Employment Opportunities (including prevention of bullying, harassment and intimidation).

  • Children’s Protection Act 1993 (Cth) – ‘Notification of Abuse or Neglect’.

  • Disability Discrimination.

  • Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 (SA)

  • SA Information Privacy Principles

  • Relevant Awards, Enterprise Agreements, Public Sector Act 2009 (SA), Health Care Act 2008 (SA),
    and the SA Health (Health Care Act) Human Resources Manual.

  • Relevant Australian Standards.

  • Duty to maintain confidentiality.

  • Smoke Free Workplace.

  • To value and respect the needs and contributions of SA Health Aboriginal staff and clients, and commit to the development of Aboriginal cultural competence across all SA Health practice and service delivery.

  • Applying the principles of the South Australian Government’s Risk Management Policy to work as appropriate.

  • Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (South Australia) Act 2010

  • Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) and Regulations

  • Controlled Substances Act 1984 (SA) and Regulations

  • The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Registration Standards (including the Guidelines and Assessment Frameworks for Registration Standards)

  • The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Professional Practice Codes and Guidelines (including Competency Standards, Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Decision Making Framework and Professional Boundaries)

  • Professional Practice Standards and competencies consistent with area of practice as varied from time to time

  • SA Health / CHSALHN policies, procedures and standards.

Handling of Official Information:

  • By virtue of their duties, SA Health employees frequently access, otherwise deal with, and/or are aware of, information that needs to be treated as confidential.

  • SA Health employees will not access or attempt to access official information, including confidential patient information other than in connection with the performance by them of their duties and/or as authorised.

  • SA Health employees will not misuse information gained in their official capacity.

  • SA Health employees will maintain the integrity and security of official or confidential information for which they are responsible. Employees will also ensure that the privacy of individuals is maintained and will only release or disclose information in accordance with relevant legislation, industrial instruments, policy, or lawful and reasonable direction.

White Ribbon:

SA Health has a position of zero tolerance towards men’s violence against women in the workplace and the broader community.   In accordance with this, the incumbent must at all times act in a manner that is non-threatening, courteous, and respectful and will comply with any instructions, policies, procedures or guidelines issued by SA Health regarding acceptable workplace behaviour.

Cultural Statement:

CHSALHN welcomes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and values the expertise, cultural knowledge and life experiences they bring to the workplace. CSHALHN is a culturally inclusive work environment that is respectful of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Special Conditions:

*NB Reference to legislation, policies and procedures includes any superseding versions

  • Meet immunisation requirements as outlined by the Immunisation Guidelines for Health Care Workers in South Australia 2014.

  • It is mandatory that no person, whether or not currently working in SA Health, will be eligible for appointment to a position in SA Health unless they have obtained a satisfactory Background Screening and National Criminal History Clearance.

  • Prescribed Positions under the Children’s Protection Act (1993) must obtain a satisfactory Background Screening and National Criminal History Clearance through. the Screening and Licensing Unit, Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI)

  • Approved Aged Care Provider Positions as defined under the Accountability Principles 1998 made in pursuant to the Aged Care Act 2007 (Cth) must obtain a satisfactory National Police Certificate (NPC) through the South Australian Police confirming  the clearance is for the purpose of working in Aged Care.

  • Prescribed Positions will also require a NPC general probity clearance.

  • Background Screening and National Criminal History Clearances must be renewed every 3 years thereafter from date of issue.

  • Depending on work requirements the incumbent may be transferred to other locations across SA Health to perform work appropriate to classification, skills and capabilities either on a permanent or temporary basis subject to relevant provisions of the Public Sector Act 2009 for Public Sector employees or the
    SA Health (Health Care Act) Human Resources Manual for Health Care Act employees.

  • The incumbent may be required to participate in Counter Disaster activities including attendance, as required, at training programs and exercises to develop the necessary skills required to participate in responses in the event of a disaster and/or major incident.

Key Result Area and Responsibilities

Key Result Areas

Major Responsibilities

Direct/indirect patient/client care

  • Assess individual patient/client needs, plan, implement and/or coordinate appropriate service delivery from a range of accepted options including other disciplines or agencies.

  • Provide direct person centred nursing/midwifery care and/or individual case management to patients/clients on a shift by shift basis in a defined clinical area with increasing autonomy over time.

  • Plan and coordinate services with other disciplines or agencies in providing individual health care needs

Support of health setting services

  • Participate in quality improvement activities that contribute to patient/client safety, risk minimisation and safe work activities within the practice setting.

  • Provide ward/team leader/coordination as required on a shift by shift basis. (A team leader is a RN assigned responsibility for supporting staff and coordinating patient/client care).

  • Contribute to procedures for effectively dealing with people exhibiting challenging behaviours.


  • Provide health promotion and education, to patients/clients or groups and carers to improve the health outcomes of individual.

  • Support nursing/midwifery practice and learning experiences for students undertaking clinical placements, orientation for new staff and preceptorship of graduates.


  • Participate in evaluative research activities within the practice setting.

  • Use foundation theoretical knowledge and evidenced based guidelines to achieve positive patient/client care outcomes.

Professional leadership

  • Provide, with increasing capacity over time, support and guidance to newer or less experienced staff, Enrolled Nurses, student nurses and other workers providing basic nursing care.

  • Review decisions, assessments and recommendations from less experienced Registered Nurses/ Midwives and Enrolled Nurses and students.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience
Educational/Vocational Qualifications

  • Registered or eligible for registration as a Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and who holds, or who is eligible to hold, a current practicing certificate.OR

Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills:

  • Effective communication skills including, problem solving, conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

  • Ability to work effectively within a multidisciplinary team.

  • Ability to prioritise workload.

  • Ability to be, creative, innovative and flexible when approaching issues within a healthcare setting.

  • Demonstrated commitment to providing consumer/client and family centred care.


  • Demonstrated competence in the relevant area of nursing practice in accordance with the appropriate standards of practice.


  • Knowledge and understanding of the role of the Registered General Nurse/Midwife within a healthcare setting

  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation, industrial agreements, standards, codes, ethics and competency standards

  • Knowledge of Quality Improvement Systems as applied to a healthcare setting.

Educational/Vocational Qualifications

  • Nil

Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills:

  • Ability to use technology and computer skills.


  • Experience in quality improvement activities eg the development and/or implementation of clinical standards, practice guidelines, protocols/audits and quality indicators.


  • Knowledge of contemporary professional nursing/midwifery issues

  • Knowledge of the South Australian Public Health System.

Organisational Context

Organisational Overview:

Our mission at SA Health is to lead and deliver a comprehensive and sustainable health system that aims to ensure healthier, longer and better lives for all South Australians. We will achieve our objectives by strengthening primary health care, enhancing hospital care, reforming mental health care and improving the health of Aboriginal people.

SA Health is committed to a health system that produces positive health outcomes by focusing on health promotion, illness prevention and early intervention. We will work with other government agencies and the community to address the environmental, socioeconomic, biological and behavioural determinants of health, and to achieve equitable health outcomes for all South Australians
Our Legal Entities:

SA Health is the brand name for the health portfolio of services and agencies responsible to the Minister for Health and Ageing and the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

The legal entities include but are not limited to Department for Health and Ageing, Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, Women’s and Children’s Health Network, Country Health SA Local Health Network and SA Ambulance Service.
SA Health Challenges:

The health system is facing the challenges of an ageing population, increased incidence of chronic disease, workforce shortages, and ageing infrastructure. The SA Health Care Plan has been developed to meet these challenges and ensure South Australian’s have access to the best available health care in hospitals, health care centres and through GPs and other providers.

Health Network/ Division/ Department:

Southern Yorke Peninsula Health – Yorketown Hospital has 26 beds. Yorketown Hospital and Melaleuca Court Nursing Home (35 high aged care beds) has one multi campus Executive Officer/Director of Nursing. There is often a requirement to work across either site.

SA Health Values
The values of SA Health are used to indicate the type of conduct required by our employees and the conduct that our customers can expect from our health service:

  • We are committed to the values of integrity, respect and accountability.

  • We value care, excellence, innovation, creativity, leadership and equity in health care provision and health outcomes.

  • We demonstrate our values in our interactions with others in SA Health, the community, and those for whom we care.

Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector provides an ethical framework for the public sector and applies to all public service employees:

  • Democratic Values - Helping the government, under the law to serve the people of South Australia.

  • Service, Respect and Courtesy - Serving the people of South Australia.

  • Honesty and Integrity- Acting at all times in such a way as to uphold the public trust.

  • Accountability- Holding ourselves accountable for everything we do.

  • Professional Conduct Standards- Exhibiting the highest standards of professional conduct.

The Code recognises that some public sector employees are also bound by codes of conduct relevant to their profession.
Role Description Approval
I acknowledge that the role I currently occupy has the delegated authority to authorise this document.

Name: Role Title:

Signature: Date:

Role Acceptance
Incumbent Acceptance

I have read and understand the responsibilities associated with role, the role and organisational context and the values of SA Health as described within this document.

Name: Signature:

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