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Antique Hostel

Str. Splaiul Independentei no.2A, Sector 3, 030099

Phone: +4 031 425 85 19

Mobile: +4 0728711782


Breakfast + towels
From the Henri Coanda Airport:

-Take the 783 bus to station Piata Unirii 2 (the ticket costs 7 lei (for 2 ways)+3.7 lei the card price)

The bus comes from 15 to 15 minutes and takes from 45 min to 1 h,there are 8 station until you get off at Piata Unirii.
-From Gara de Nord (Northern train station):

-With Metro: one station to Piata Victoriei 2 Metro.(use M1 Line)(3 minutes away) then change the line to M2 (heading to Depou IMGB) and get off at Piata Unirii (the 3rd station after Piata Romana,and Piata Universitatii)

Then exit to Splaiul Independentei, walk on right side-way on shore Dambovita River, passing by the 2nd. street which intersect in right (1st Halelor str.,and 2nd Selari str.) then at the number 2A you will see a beautiful 3rd. floor building with a fantastic view, the 2nd. building after passing Selari.
Hostel Boemia

Gheorghe Baritiu street no.13, Brasov, Romania

You can reach us by bus: from Brasov trainstation take the bus nr. 4 and get off at the end of the line LIVADA POSTEI. And then go up the street to the Piata Sfatului Square.

At 100 m from the Black Church on Gheorghe Baritiu Street at Nr.13 you will find us.

You can get a taxi for 3 Euro (12 Lei).

Breakfast, no free towels

Gia Hostel (is this a hostel as it does not seems to cater for 1, more like pension)(nearest to train station)

Sighisoara, Str. Libertatii 41

Romania, jud Mures

+40 265 772 486

+40 722 490 003

We are easy to find the hotel is at 50.m from the railway station, 70m. From the bus station, 7 minutes of walking towards the city centre and medieval city. Next to us is a market with extended programme, a pharmacy is at 50 m. The market-and penny market in 7 minutes/i.e 8 of walking. How can you find us? From Brasov, after you entered the town, the second turn to the right, here the bridge over river and follow the indicator towards the train station.

Felinarul Hostel (nearer to Old Town than Travellers Hostel)

Strada Felinarului Nr. 8

550183 Sibiu, Romania

Hostel: +40 749 901 171


(no free towels)

(Good reviews for its in house restaurant, a dinner option)
Coming out of the train station, you will see the steeples and rooftops of the old town straight ahead, cross over Strada Constitutiei to Strada Magheru. You are now in the old town, and we are the first turn right. The hostel is on Strada Felinarului Nr 8. Coming from the main square (Piata Mara) walk down Strada Avram Iancu and we are the second turn on the left.
Cluj Napoca
Transylvania Hostel

Phone: +40 264 443266

Address: Str. Iuliu Maniu Nr.26, Apt 12, Cluj Napoca, Transylvania Romania

(no free towels)

From the Bus Station: ~30 minutes to hostel

Reach the street, look to your right side and you will see a huge bridge (over the railroad). Cross the bridge -the street turns then to the left. Keep walking on it around 200 meters until on the left side you will reach the train station. (7 minutes from bus to train station) From there follow the indications bellow.
From the Train Station: ~20 minutes to hostel

Cross the street and take bus number 3 or 4. Get off at the third stop (the Orthodox Cathedral or ”white church” stop). Go to the front of the Cathedral. When facing the stairs, you can see Iuliu Maniu Street on your left hand side. Look for the flags above our door at Iuliu Maniu No 26.

By Taxi:

From the bus or train station it should not take more than 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. We recommend taking any taxi that has a company name on the side. Please make sure they start the meter. It shouldn’t cost you more than 30 lei.

By Foot: ~30 minutes to hostel

From the train station, walk down Horia Street toward the Somes River. Cross the bridge and walk straight ahead until you see the brown Catholic Church. Go to the front of the horse statue, face it, and then you will see Iuliu Maniu Street on your right hand side. Look for the flags above our door at Iuliu Maniu No 26.

Tickets can be bought for cash only at special booths at most stops, identifiable by the RATUC logo and possibly the text "Bilete si Abonamente" (meaning "short and long-term tickets").

Sighetu Marmatiei
Muntean’s Guesthouse

Florin Muntean

Dumbrava st., no. 505

437365, VADU IZEI


Phone: + 40 262 330 091

Mobile: +40 744 664 955


Freeborn Hostel (nearer to Gara Timisoara Nord)

Patriarh Miron Cristea Street ( former Asanesti ), No. 3, Ap. 1

Timisoara, jud. Timis, Romania, 300029

Tel: +40-743-43-85-34

To get to the hostel follow these guides:
1. From the main train station(Gara de Nord)
As you get out of the train station take a right, you will see the tram station there.Take the Tram Number 1 and get off at he 4th stop called Cathedral (Catedrala). You will see the big church with green tiles (roof).
In front of the church is the main Square, Victory Square so cross the street and go almost until the end of the square. On the right you will see an international symbol, yes, McDonald's :). Take a right after McDonald's and just keep going straight for 2 minutes. You will pass the Banat Museum (ex Huniade Castle) then you will see the cross walk so cross the street there is a very small park in front of you and after the park there is s small street where we are! It's the second building from left to right with a brown gate and big black and yellow letters on the window "HOSTEL". Street name is Patriarh Miron Cristea nr.3 (former Asanesti). If you still have problems getting there my phone number is +40 743 43 85 34. You can call me and I will be more then happy to come and get you!
Alternatively, you can use the trolleybus T11, T14 or T18 and get off at the second station called Piata Regina Maria. From there, go towards the Cathedral and then follow the directions from the map in the hostel’s image galery. The location is Asanesti street, No.3, Ap.1 (near the Banat Museum)
2. From the airport grab a taxi calling the one of the following taxi numbers:+40 256 945,+40 256 942,+40 256 940. Do not get a taxi from already parked in the airport, because they have higher prices. Then ask for Asanesti Street, No.3, Ap.1 (near the Banat Museum)
3. If you are comming by coach and arriving at the main bus(coach) station, call a taxi at these numbers: +40 256 945,+40 256 942,+40 256 940. Then ask for Asanesti street, No.3, Ap.1 (near the Banat Museum)
Double Door Hostel

6 and 8 bed 10 Euro

Towels included

No. 60 Gavrila Principa Street

Belgrade, Serbia


Telephone:+ 381 11 6642057

Mobile Phone: + 381 69 784 744, +381 69 744 784

No Breakfast, towels included

From the Central Train Station (Glavna zelenznicka stanica):
Look for the Belgrade City Hotel and take the street to its left, Milovana Milovanovića ( улица Милована Миловановића ). Stay on its left side, walk past Hotel Astoria and round the corner. The doorway is marked with a Red Door Hostel sign. Our hostel and the red door itself are on the second floor.

From Lasta Bus Station (Autobuska stanica Lasta):
Walk through the park towards the red TQ sign and the Hotel Mr President. Continue down this street Karadordeva towards the open square Savski Trg. Look for the Belgrade City Hotel and take the street to its left, Milovana Milovanovića ( улица Милована Миловановића ). Stay on its left side, walk past Hotel Astoria and round the corner. The doorway is marked with a Red Door Hostel sign. Our hostel and the red door itself are on the second floor.

City Hostel Prizren

Iljaz Kuka 66, Prizren, Kosovo

We are located just 3 minutes walking distance from the city center and only 12 minutes from the bus station

please do not hesitate to call 0038649466313

Exit the bus station and turn right on the main road.

At the next main crossroads turn left.
Walk for approximately five minutes to where the road and river meet.
Continue walking straight. Near the second small bridge between the bank (TEB bank) and the baker is IIijaz Kuka 66, turn right. It is 100 meters on the right side, big blue building .
Buffalo Backpackers

274 Musine Kokalari, Pristina, Kosovo 10000 (next to the ambulance in Ulpiana)

+377 45 643 261

Breakfast & towels included
From the Bus Station:

By walking – Walk out of the station and turn right. Walk straight until you hit a roundabout with a big flag in the center. At the roundabout turn left and walk straight down the street in the direction of the big PTK building. Once you pass PTK you will turn down the first street on your left. The street has several pharmacies so you know you're on the right one. At the end of the street there is a medical center and we are the house next door to the medical center.

By taxi – You can grab one of the many taxi’s outside of the bus station. You just need to tell the taxi driver that you are going to the ambulance in Ulpiana near the PTK main office. If you have any problems, jot our number down and ask the driver to call us! When you reach the ambulance (medical center) we’re the white house on the right!

Shanti Hostel or Shanti Hostel 2 (2 is new)(nearest to rail/bus station)

8 bed S$18

Rade Jovcevski Korcagin 11, Madjir Maalo, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 60 90 807


From the Central Railway Station / International Bus Station
- Walking 5 minutes: Take bul. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu (Кузман Јосифовски Питу) direction center, turn right on the first street before a big tall building (The National Bank) and walk 10m then turn right on street Veleska (Велешка), it’s a street with cobbled pavement. Then after 10m turn left on str. Rade Jovcevski Korcagin and go only straight 20m and from your right side you will see Shanti Hostel. For guidance, you can print the map that we draw for you or just follow the signs.
- By Taxi: Shanti Hostel is very near, so we suggest not to take a taxi. Better call us we, and we will come to pick you up.

NEVER accept taxi offers at the train/bus station.

Piya Hostel

Sultanahmet Mah.Akbiyik Cami Sok.No:22 Fatih - Istanbul

Phone: + 90 212 458 20 60

SGD$28 for 6 person dorm

SGD$26 for 8 person dorm

Direction: From Ataturk airport to the Hostel The distance between the airport and Piya Hostel is 18 km. The best and cheapest way to get to the Hostel is to take the light metro from the airport. From the Airport or the Bus Station (Otogar), take the Metro to ''YUSUFPAŞA”. Transfer onto the tram and get off at 'SULTANAHMET'' (the 5th stop). Follow the tram line down (passing several restaurants on the left and the Information Office on the right) to the intersection and traffic lights; cross over to the right and enter the courtyard between St. Sophia on your left and the Blue Mosque a little further on your right. Go all the way through the courtyard and turn to your right at the end. Take the first left at the taxi stop and follow the street to four ways, from there take the right and fallow left-curved street till you see Akbıyık Mosque.from the corner of the mosque take the right 50 metres later you wil see the sign of Piya Hostel and its Pink building on the right side.

Kataloq: 2014
2014 -> Cü il tarixində Stomatologiya ixtisası üzrə keçirilmiş sınaq test imtahanının nəticələri
2014 -> Cü il tarixində Stomatologiya ixtisası üzrə keçirilmiş sınaq test imtahanının nəticəsi
2014 -> Cü il tarixində Stomatologiya ixtisası üzrə keçirilmiş sınaq test imtahanının nəticələri
2014 -> Cü il tarixində Stomatologiya ixtisası üzrə keçirilmiş sınaq test imtahanının nəticələri
2014 -> Мisvak вя онун XXI ясрдя истифадяси
2014 -> Üz–çənə cərrahiyyəsi 11. 11. 2014-cü il tarixində əlavə və dəyişikliklər edilmişdir. 1 Çənə oynağının çıxığının əsas səbəbi nədir?
2014 -> Cü il tarixində əlavə edilmişdir 1 Sistem hipoplaziyası zamanı hansı dişlər zədələnir?
2014 -> Вместе к высотам стоматологии
2014 -> 31(2): 106-13 Müzeyyen Kayataş, 1 Rabia Figen Kaptan
2014 -> Ankara Numune E¤itim ve Araflt›rma Hastanesi Aile Hekimli¤i Klini¤i, Asistan Dr., Ankara

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