Shakespearean Insult Sheet

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Shakespearean Insult Sheet
Directions: Combine one word or phrase from each of the columns below and add “Thou” to the beginning. Make certain thou knowest the meaning of thy strong words, and thou shalt have the perfect insult to fling at the wretched fools of the opposing family. Hint: Check a Shakespearian Dictionary Website for the definitions. Let thyself go. Mix and match to find that perfect barb from the bard!
Column A Column B Column C

  1. bawdy bunch-backed canker-blossom

  2. brazen clay-brained clotpole

  3. churlish dog-hearted crutch

  4. distempered empty-hearted cutpurse

  5. fitful evil-eyed dogfish

  6. gnarling eye-offending egg-shell

  7. greasy fat-kidneyed gull-catcher

  8. grizzled heavy-headed hedge-pig

  9. haughty horn-mad hempseed

  10. hideous ill-breeding jack-a-nape

  11. jaded ill-composed malkin

  12. knavish ill-nurtured malignancy

  13. lewd iron-witted malt-worm

  14. peevish lean-witted manikin

  15. pernicious lily-livered minimus

  16. prating mad-bread miscreant

  17. purpled motley-minded moldwarp

  18. queasy muddy-mettled nut-hook

  19. rank onion-eyed pantaloon

  20. reeky pale-hearted rabbit-sucker

  21. roynish paper-faced rampallion

  22. saucy pinch-spotted remnant

  23. sottish raw-boned rudesby

  24. unmuzzled rug-headed ruffian

  25. vacant rump-fed scantling

  26. waggish shag-eared scullion

  27. wanton shrill-gorged snipe

  28. wenching sour-faced waterfly

  29. whoreson weak-hinged whipster

  30. yeasty white-livered younker

Insult Hurler: ______________________________


Thou ____________________ ____________________ __________________


You ____________________ ____________________ __________________

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