Short Story Unit -foldable Project English I: 2011

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Short Story Unit -Foldable Project English I: 2011

Listed below are the short stories from this unit along with the minimal requirements for each section of your foldable. Your final presentation should be neat, free of errors and erasures, and display creative organization of materials. On the back of this outline is the rubric that will be used to grade your project. Your project grade is entered into the heavily weighted project category so it will have a strong impact on your overall grade in class. You must submit this rubric with your final presentation. Your final project is due no later than the start of class, Wednesday October 12, 2011. Late projects will result in 30 point automatic reduction.

1. Four common elements of literature

2. The Princess and the Tim Box: p. 244

Universal Issue: How do readers justify wanting characters to choice one path when, given the same

conflict, they would choose something different?

EQ: What moral lesson does Thurber attempt to convey in The Princess and the Tin Box?

How does he accomplish it?

3. The Gift of the Magi:

Universal Issue: What would I be willing to sacrifice for someone I love?

EQ: How is theme revealed in O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi?

4. The Cask of Amontillado

Universal Issue: How does an author convince his audience that some crimes are justifiable?

EQ: How does Poe’s use of an unreliable narrator in The Cask of Amontillado create suspense

and effect theme?

  • Character/setting/theme/Plot Structure

  • Antihero, unreliable narrator

  • Legal vs. moral crimes

5. The Necklace:

Universal Issue: What are the consequences of small accidents?

EQ: How does Guy de Maupassant use point-of-view in the telling of The Necklace to create

suspense and develop theme?

  • Words to Own: disconsolate exorbitant incessantly pauper privations

  • Character/setting/theme/Plot Structure

  • RAFT

6. Marigolds:

Universal Issue: Can a person experience both innocence and compassion at the same time?

EQ: What literary devices and figurative language does Eugenia W. Collier incorporate in

Marigolds to develop theme?

  • Words to Own: clarity contrition impotent intimidation retribution

  • Character/setting/theme/plot structure

  • Response – My first impression of the story …

  • Paragraph 1 – A childhood memory; Paragraph 2 – An experience I had that moved me from innocence to compassion

7. The Most Dangerous Game: p12

Universal Issue: How is literature a reflection of real life?

EQ: How does Richard Connell integrate character, setting and plot to develop theme in The

Most Dangerous Game?

  • Words to own: amenities deplorable disarming imprudent indolently opiate palpable precariously scruples solicitously

  • Character/setting/theme/plot structure

  • Paragraph – When might it be acceptable to break a law?

Kataloq: cms -> lib08 -> GA01000549 -> Centricity -> Domain
cms -> Учебно-методическое пособие для студентов стоматологического факультета IX семестра: учебно-методическое пособие. Краснодар, Кубгму, 2014. 76 с
cms -> Tekrarlayan aftöz stomatit (tas) periyodik olarak oral kavite
cms -> The Trustee Period of Colonial Georgia People and Events
cms -> Definition 0f trauma a term derived from the Greek for “wound”
cms -> Adın ilə kişin
cms -> Svaka bolest je povezana sa promenama u intersticijalnoj supstanci (ekstracelularna supstanca) jer citolpazma svake ćelije deluje kao molekularni filter
cms -> Science-English Research Paper: close reading / idea development activity
Domain -> Section 1: Minerals and Mineral Resources E. Q.: What are minerals and how do people use them?

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