Sneak peek at jdiff 2015 programme the gift of film that keeps on giving

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The gift of film that keeps on giving
Christmas has come early for film fans as the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival reveals a preview of next year’s programme with three special announcements;

  • The Irish premiere of Mary McGuckian’s Eileen Gray biopic The Price of Desire

  • The attendance of Oscar nominated screenwriter and playwright Sir David Hare

  • Award–winning actor-director Alan Rickman’s period drama A Little Chaos starring Kate Winslet


Hailing from Northern Ireland, the award winning writer and director Mary McGuckian, (Man on the Train, Inconceivable and Best) will premiere her latest film The Price of Desire at the Festival featuring a stellar cast including Alanis Morissette, Vincent Perez with Irish actress Orla Brady as iconic designer Eileen Gray.

Mary McGuckian, writer and director of The Price of Desire says: “It¹s an absolute honour that JDIFF has chosen to programme The Price of Desire at the Festival. Orla Brady who plays Eileen Gray along with Vincent Perez who plays Le Corbusier share my delight at the news. We all agree that it is entirely fitting for Eileen Gray's film to premiere in Ireland.”
Over the years JDIFF has played host to an array of cinematic and literary legends including Robert Towne, Kenneth Lonergan, Peter Morgan, Jean-Claude Carriere, Fredric Raphael and 2015 will be no exception. This year the Festival is proud to welcome the Oscar nominated Sir David Hare, one of Britain's most distinguished contemporary screenwriters and playwrights, as part of their Screenwriting Focus strand. Among his film work he is most notable for The Reader and The Hours. When the British National Theatre published its poll of the 100 best plays of the 20th century, five, including Plenty and Skylight, were by Hare. 
It’s been seventeen years since Alan Rickman was behind the camera as director and now the award–winning actor is back with his period drama A Little Chaos. This film reunites him with his Sense and Sensibility co-star, Academy Award winner, Kate Winslet. A Little Chaos, which also stars Stanley Tucci, alongside Rickman himself, will have its Irish premiere at the Festival.
Grainne Humphreys, Festival Director, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival says:

“I’m delighted and thrilled to announce some of the exciting plans for next years Festival, firstly, one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year, The Price of Desire is Mary McGuckian's portrait of the iconic Irish designer Eileen Gray. Orla Brady is mesmerising as the mercurial genius in this beautiful film, with a great score by Brian Byrne and a smart cast including Vincent Perez and Alanis Morissette. Alan Rickman's second feature A Little Chaos this hugely entertaining gardening drama features Kate Winslet and our Festival friend Stanley Tucci.  I first met Sir David Hare when he came to the Festival with a great double bill of two films Paris by Night and Strapless. I have been a fan of his work from Plenty onwards, he is a provocative and challenging screenwriter and a wonderful adapter of his own and other’s work - it’s a pleasure to welcome him to meet and discuss his work with his Irish peers.”

The 13th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival takes place from 19th – 29th March 2015.
The JDIFF 2015 Season Ticket is currently available to purchase at an early bird price of €200 (normally €245) until  5 January 2015. JDIFF are introducing a special Gala pass along with limited edition merchandise, pefect for the film fan for Christmas. You can purchase these online or at their Box Office which is now open Monday to Friday 11am - 5pm on 13 Lower Ormond Quay.
About the Festival

Founded in 2003, the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival continues to lead the way in the presentation of outstanding Irish and International film. Over the past thirteen years the Festival has hosted over 500 major guests along the way ranging from Irish mega stars Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Daniel Day Lewis, U2 to Hollywood A-listers Al Pacino, Mark Wahlberg, Glenn Close, Joss Whedon, Danny DeVito and Richard Dreyfuss. The Festival has screened world cinema from 52 different countries, a total of almost 1,500 films, of which 300 were Irish features including world premieres of Once, Ondine, In Bruges, Calvary, The Stag, The Secret of Kells. In addition there has been a vibrant, ongoing programming of International out of Festival events with huge talents Ben Affleck, Quentin Tarantino, Bryan Cranston and Ennio Morricone.

About A Little Chaos

A Little Chaos re-imagines the creation of the Rockwork Grove, one small element of the Sun King, Louis XIV’s building of the magnificent Palace of Versailles. Madame Sabine De Barra (Kate Winslet) is an unlikely candidate for landscape architect of the still-to-be-completed Palace of Versailles. She has little time for the classical, ordered designs of the man who hires her, the famous architect Le Nôtre (Matthias Schoenaerts). However, as she works on her creation, she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Le Nôtre and forced to negotiate the perilous rivalries and intricate etiquette of the court of King Louis XIV (Alan Rickman). But Sabine is made of strong stuff; her honesty and compassion help her to overcome both the challenges of her newfound popularity, and an unspeakable tragedy from her past, to win the favour of the Sun King and the heart of Le Nôtre.
A Little Chaos is produced by Gail Egan and Andrea Calderwood of Potboiler Productions and Bertrand Faivre of The Bureau for BBC Films and Lionsgate, in association with LipSync. The screenplay is by Alison Deegan, Alan Rickman and Jeremy Brock. In UK/IRL cinemas April 17th 2015.
About The Price of Desire

Mary McGuckian’s romantic period drama The Price Of Desire treats the controversial story of how Eileen Gray’s influential contribution to 20th century architecture and design was almost entirely effaced from history by the egotistical Le Corbusier, and of how her relationship with philanderer Jean Badovici (Le Corbusier’s promoter by way of his highly influential architectural publication l’architecture vivante) further fuelled the rift between the two architects, both personally and professionally, consigning her legacy to a century of neglect and long-overdue recognition. The film stars Alanis Morissette, Vincent Perez and Orla Brady as Eileen Gray.

The Festival is supported by The Arts Council, The Irish Film Board, Jameson, The Irish Times,, RTE Radio One, Toyota, The Merrion Hotel, Wells Cargo and Windmill Lane.
For media information contact Kate Bowe PR:; + 353 1 6520143
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival



Twitter: @DublinFilmFest


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