Spring & Summer 2005 Newsletter

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Spring & Summer 2005 Newsletter

Spring & Summer 2005 Newsletter



  May, June, July, Au-

gust… Where did the time 


  Coming off an extremely 

challenging Winter and 

Spring with record setting 

rainfall and cooler than 

usual temperatures, we  

made it our intention to fo-

cus on the future. During 

the last few months we  

participated in some excit-

ing floral events that gave 

us a glimpse at the trends 

to look for in the year to 

come and beyond. 

  Have you seen the 

California Cut Flower 

Commission’s (CCFC) new 

brochure “Living With 

Flowers” The American 

Floral Trends Forecast 

2006?  This new brochure 

includes many of our favorite flowers and foliage - 

Protea Susanae, Pincushion Red Sunset, Leuca-

dendrons Safari Sunset and Crown Jubilee only to 

mention a few. This bro-

chure was distributed in 

July at AIFD and will be 

included in the October 

issue of Florist’s Review. 

  Next came “Art Alive 

2005” - a celebration of 

fine art and fabulous flow-

ers at San Diego’s Mu-

seum of Art in Balboa 

Park.  Rene van Rems 

AIFD and his team trans-

formed the museum’s his-

toric rotunda into a visual feast with orange as the 

predominant color.  Lucky 

for us, nearly 500 Flame 

Giant Pincushions “decked 

the halls”.  All who attended 

couldn’t resist reaching out 

and touching them.  Rene 

said, “through the power of 

the flower we have trans-

formed the heart of the mu-

seum.”  He hopes other 

museums throughout the 

country will mix their art 

with flowers. 

  The American Institute of Floral Designer’s 

(AIFD) National Symposium, held in Seattle, had a 

“well balanced” showing of proteaceae materials.  

More of our wonderful flowers and foliage were 

shipped for use in some “trend setting” design 


      Kim Morrill, AIFD spoke about color trends in 

“American Floral Trends Forecast 2006”.  This 

highly anticipated source of design knowledge was 

underwritten by the CCFC. 



continued on page 2)


Resendiz Brothers

Resendiz Brothers



Protea Growers LLC

Protea Growers LLC



As seen in CCFC’s Brochure 

The Museum’s Rotunda during “Art Alive” 

Flame Giants -alive at”Art Alive” 

Rene van Rems AIFD 


  Resendiz Brothers was  

host to the first CORF Grower’s 

School featuring Protea.  This 

event was held on May 24th at 

our packing facility and   

flower fields in Rainbow

California.  The goal of 

this day-long workshop 

and field- trip was to pro-

vide the over 80 atten-

dees with information on 

growing and harvesting 

various Protea crops.   


  Some of the speakers in-



Dr. Karen Robb—UC Coop-

erative Extension 


Mel Resendiz—Resendiz 

Brothers Protea Growers  


Cai-Zhong Jiang— Depart-

ment of Environmental 

Horticulture, UC Davis   


Rene van Rems—Institute 

of Floral Arts and Sciences-


 For CORF Info: www.corf.org 


Phil Rulloda’s pro-

gram, “Viva Voce”, 

showcased elaborate 

displays utilizing a vari-

ety of Proteaceae and 

Tropical materials.  Phil 

has presented over 500 

programs to tens of 

thousands of floral pro-

fessionals throughout 

his career. 




presentation- “Balance:  

The Art of Science and 

Style” featured an as-

sortment of hand-tied 

bouquets which showcased Protea, Banksia, Pin-

cushions, Leucadendrons and an array of un-

usual and uncommon foliages.   

  Not only did 

Rene utilize our 

beautiful floral 

products during 

his  AIFD presen-

tation, but they 

can also be found 

through out the 

pages of his new 

book “Rene’s Bouquets”.  In this beautifully illus-

trated book Rene features simple techniques 

and styles 

that will help 

you bring 


bouquets into 

your daily life 

as well as the 

lives of your 


Protea Grower’s School

Protea Grower’s School



Learning to  



  In July, Diana had the opportu-

nity to spend four wonderful days 

at the Southern California School of 

Floral Design in Anaheim, CA.  Phil 

Rulloda AIFD taught the Advanced 

Floral Design 

class to the  

18 students 

who attended.  

Each student 

had the op-

portunity  to 

design several 


utilizing an 

array of Pro-

tea and Leucadendrons. What Fun! 

  Thanks Phil for a great learning 

opportunity and a chance to refo-

cus!  For more information on Phil 

or his upcoming classes go to: 


Phil Rulloda AIFD 

As seen in “Rene’s Bouquets” 

Continued from page 1 


Winter 2005 Newsletter

Winter 2005 Newsletter




Winter 2005 arrived 

with a vengeance.  It 

seems that there were 

more days of rain than 

of sunshine.  The aver-

age annual  rainfall in 

San Diego County is 

usually around 6.5 

inches.  As of this 

newsletter, we have 

had over 20 inches 

and there may be 

more to come.  Califor-

nia certainly needed 

the rain. Our hillsides 

are green, lush and full 

of wild flowers.  Something rarely seen at 

this time of year.  

     Our field crew works rain or shine to cut 

as much qual-

ity product as 

possible on a 

daily basis.   


has been 

much  more 

time consum-

ing because 

of the difficult 

weather conditions. 

     Our customers have been asking “How 

will the rain affect product?  So far we have 

noticed the following: 


The harvesting of filler flowers was defi-

nitely behind schedule and harvesting 

required more time because stems were 

individually cut to ensure the maximum 

number of 

blooms per 




and pincush-

ion volume 

was down 


from last 

year espe-

cially at Val-

entine’s day. 


despite the 

weather con-

ditions the 

2005 flower season is off to a good start.  

Valentines Day sales were steady and 

Easter  looks to be just as good. 

     Our success to-date in 2005 is due to 

you, our customers, who have been truly 

understanding and supportive during some 

very difficult weather conditions. 

     Thank you for your continued support. 

Resendiz Brothers

Resendiz Brothers



Protea Growers LLC

Protea Growers LLC




Hot Flowers 2005 



     Leucospermum, com-

monly referred to as Pin-

cushions or simply 


this brightly colored flower 

has become increasing 


     There are over 48 varie-

ties of Pincushions, most of 

which are native to South 


     Colors range from red to 

orange to peach to yellow.  

Flowering times are from 

late December to mid-July. 


The arrangement on the 

right, designed by Rene van 

Rems AIFD, PFCI, appeared 

in Flowers & Magazine, 

January, 2005.  


Here are just a few 

of our favorites:


Check It 

Check It 







The December issue 

of Floral Nursery Times 

has a wonderful article 

“Protea Goes Main-

stream”.  The Jan/Feb 

issue of Floral Magazine 

features Resendiz 

Brothers Products.  

Both can be viewed at 

our web site 






by R

ene van

 Rems AIFD

, P



Flame Giant 

High Gold 










   This filler 

flower is com-

monly grown on 

the sandheaths 

of south-west 

Western Austra-

lia.  It has small 

pairs of linear 

leaves less than 1cm long.   Masses of lavender flowering 

heads are produced during late Winter and early Spring.  

Don’t miss out on this wonderful 

Don’t miss out on this wonderful 



new filler flower.

new filler flower.


Verticordia Picta 

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