Spring 2006 Newsletter

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Spring 2006 Newsletter

Spring 2006 Newsletter



    Spring is in the air, our fields are 

in full bloom and we are off to a 

“Winning Season”! 



brought very mild 

weather conditions…. supplying us 

with an abundance of gorgeous 

filler flowers 

and foliages, 

just in time 

for Valen-

tine’s Day.  

We were 

thrilled with 

the great 

selection of 

top quality 

products we 

had avail-

able to offer 

at this special time of year. 



 we participated in 

the WF&FSA Annual Convention 

and Floral Exposition in Orlando, 

Florida.  It’s always exciting to have 

the opportunity to display our great 

selection of unique flowers and fo-

liages, especially when it enables 

us to share them with many of 

you – our customers, our 

friends!  Associations and or-

ganizations like WF&FSA provide 

the means to meet with many of 

you — who we speak to week 

after week.  It is truly wonderful 

when you can put a face with a 

name – we do have some great 

old and new friends!   Thanks to 

those of you who were in Or-

lando and stopped by to say 


      In addition, we were thrilled 

to find out that our 


dron Macowanii 

won the “Best 

Fresh - Cut Decorative Greens” 

in WF&FSA’s Best New Products 


 Leucadendron Ma-


or sometimes referred to 

as the Acacia-leaf Conebush was 

named after one of the first pro-

fessors of botany in Cape Town, 

South Africa, Professor Peter 



is a tall, 

green foliage that displays clusters of reddish-

brown cones up and down the stem.   This foliage 

is great for ar-

rangements that 

need long-

stemmed (5 to 

6’) infill material 

or for stripping 

off individual 

sprigs of cone 

for posy work.  

Resendiz Brothers

Resendiz Brothers



Protea Growers LLC

Protea Growers LLC



Leucadendron Macowanii  

Riceflower Field 

WF & FSA Booth 2006 

Leucadendron Macowanii  




 has been steady but “savoring”… in 

many ways.  Savoring some of our favorite flow-

ers until the 

next holiday!  




Flame Giant 





been very 

slow to 

bloom, al-

most as if 


waiting to 


the  Easter 


with hot 

pink, or-

ange and 

yellow – all 


Spring col-

ors, sure to make any bunny happy.  Happy 

Easter!  Enjoy the Holiday! 

     Also in 


 we were please to donate 

product to CCFC and Florist’s Review’s “Winning 

Bouquet Combinations” book. It will feature 207 

full-color pages with a hardbound cover and is 

scheduled to be released later this Spring.  This 

new project will allow CCFC to reach wholesale 

and retail buyers and show them specific way to 

use our 









will bring 

May flow-

ers – just 

in time for 


Day!  What will be available for all our special 

Moms?  Pincushions!  Our beautiful 

Flame Giant 


High Gold 

will be in full bloom and they’ll 

last for weeks after that special day.   

     Don’t forget the colorful 

Verticordia Picta 


sometimes called “Painted Feather Flowers”.  

This filler flower is commonly grown on the 

sandheaths of south-west Western Australia.  It 

has small linear leaves (1cm long) and masses 

of lavender flowering heads. 

Verticordia Picta 

makes a wonderful alternative to Waxflower. 


Leucadendron Pisa 

is so named because its 

willowy flowering branches tend to “lean” in the 

wind.   It has 


twisted sil-


foliage and a 

well dis-

played yellow 

and lime-

green flower 


a silver cone.  

Each branch 

has several 

lateral stems.   

A single bunch of 


 makes a great bouquet all 

on its own.  This Leucadendron is sure to be a 

hit with Mom! 

     Thanks for letting us share our beautiful 

flowers and foliages with you and your custom-

ers.  Enjoy the Spring and the Holidays that 

celebrate this wonderful time of the year. 

Continued from page 1 

Pincushion—Flame Giant 

Boronia Bouquet 

Pincushion—High Gold 

Verticordia Picta 

Leucadendron Pisa 




Summer 2006 Newsletter

Summer 2006 Newsletter



  June, July, August—long, warm days filled with 

fun and excitement… weddings, reunions, birthdays 

and vacations.  Many of these occasions we have 

come to associate with our favorite things—


    A  Flora 

Magazine writer 

recently wrote, 

“The human 

population has 

and will always 

be controlled by 

floral products.  

It is so true. We 

love flowers and 

we love the fun 

and excitement 

that they bring 

to our lives and 

the lives of others.  Simply put: we turn people’s feel-

ings into flowers.  That is our job!”   

     Being a flower grower is exciting, especially when 

we realize what an important role we play in the lives 

of so many people.  Our flowers eventually become 

an important part 

of wedding bou-

quets, center-

pieces, and dis-

plays that will one 

day be a part of a 

cherished photo 

album or keep-


  In Spring 2006 

we had the oppor-

tunity to partici-

pate in Florists’ 

Review and the 

CCFC’s new book 

“Winning Bouquet Com-

binations”.  This great 

new book features 77 

beautifully illustrated 

bouquets designed to 

create the perfect recipe  

for  today’s bridle par-


  We were delighted 

with this new release 

and  wanted to show 

your some of our favorite bouquet recipes: 

  Bouquet #1 combines Pincushion High Gold, Leu-

cadendron Lennox and Huckleberry —only three 

items create this simple, yet stunning bouquet. 

  Bouquet #2 incorporates our award winning Leu-

cadendron Macowanii with Pincushion Spider, Roses 

and Liles to create a warm peach combination.  

  Bouquet #3 showcases some of our favorite filler 

flowers—Sterling Range 

and Eriostemon com-

bined with Lisianthus, 

Roses and Anemone.  

Truly an elegant design! 

     Bouquet # 4 fea-

tures our new Black & 

Green Kangaroo Paws, 

Leucadendron, Roses 

and Ivy Berries.  Classy! 

     We are delighted to 

see so many of our spe-

cial flowers featured 

thought out the 192 

pages of this book.  What a great new resource for 

turning people’s feelings into flowers!   

For more information about this book visit: 


Resendiz Brothers

Resendiz Brothers



Protea Growers LLC

Protea Growers LLC



Bouquet #3  Pages 102 –103 

Bouquet #2  Pages 156—157 

Bouquet #1  - Pages 136-137 

Bouquet #4  Pages 92—93 


IPA Comes to 

IPA Comes to 



Southern California

Southern California



  In April the California Protea Association (CPA)  

hosted the International Protea Association (IPA) 

2006 Bi-Annual Conference in San Diego, California.  

Over 80 Protea Growers and enthusiasts from over 

15 different countries attended this week long con-


     “From Seed To Sale” was the conference theme.  

Beginning with a pre-conference tour of farms and 

nurseries in Central California, the attendees slowly 

made their way to San Diego.  The conference in-

cluded— Business Presentations, Poster Displays, 

evening networking opportunities and the chance to 

get acquainted.  At the conclusion of the conference 

guests were toured around several Protea farms in 

Northern San Diego County. 

     Resendiz Brothers was pleased to welcome  the 

group with a traditional Mexican Fiesta and tour of 

the nursery and packing facilities.  An afternoon 

well spent—sharing new ideas,  success stories, and 

most importantly making new friends. 

Protea News 

Protea News 


(as seen in Florist Review June, 2006) 

Bienvenido a Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers 

To all of our valued customers and friends

To all of our valued customers and friends





Enjoy the final days of Summer, be safe and 

Enjoy the final days of Summer, be safe and 

many thanks for your continued support!

many thanks for your continued support!






Fall 2006 Newsletter

Fall 2006 Newsletter



Resendiz Brothers

Resendiz Brothers



Protea Growers LLC

Protea Growers LLC




Foliage & Greens 

– that wonderful material that 

adds volume, color and texture to arrangements, bouquets and dis-

plays.  Leaf colors come in a kaleidoscope of tones ranging from yel-

low-green to gray-green and silvery shades, to blue-green and 

bronze, burgundy and other reddish tones. Then there are varie-

gated patterns of green and yellow or green and white as well as 

green and red. 

  Foliage is available in many forms, shapes and sizes – long and 

thin, oval and round, lacey or feathery, with cones, seeds and fruit – 

the varieties are endless!  These plants stir our imagination and keep 

us connected to the earth. 

  Fall is a wonderful time of the year, a great time to rediscover 

these botanicals. Bring them in to our homes and offices or to make 

them an important part of arrangements, displays and bouquets.  

Some of our Fall Favorites are: 



Leucadendron Safari Sunset (L. Laureolum  x L. Salignum) has 

deep burgundy bracts, green and burgundy leaves and long 

stems.  They are at their peak for picking during the late 

Summer and Autumn months. 


Leucadendron Jester has bracts and leaves in a rich red tone 

with a prominent green strip thought the center.  Young 

growth is predominately pink.  Jester has an average stem 

length of 26-28 inches. 



Grevillea Ivanhoe, an Australian Native, is a member of the 

Protea family.  Ivanhoe has deeply divided green, jagged foli-

age with bronze colored tips.  This foliage makes an excellent 

florists’ backing material and filler; and is extremely long last-



Eucalyptus – don’t forget about this great foliage.  There are 

many great varieties: Silver Dollar, Gunnii, Seeded, Baby Blue, 

Moon Lagoon, just to mention a few.   Eucalyptus is wonder-

ful in bouquets and perfect for holiday wreaths. 


  Falls harvest of foliage and greens is abundant – they look great 

alone or mixed with flowers.  Enjoy this wonderful season and make 

it a time to rediscover Mother Nature’s gifts.




Nature’ s Pageantry 

Nature’ s Pageantry 



What’s Hot???

What’s Hot???











seem to be everywhere these days.  These non-

flower botanical materials add texture and color 

to designs.   

        For example, 

Protea Pods or 

sometimes called 

“Protea Flats” were 

recently discovered 

throughout the 

pages of 




They are great 

when added to 


fresh or dried  


and bou-

quets, useful 

in Fall 

wreaths and 

terrific in topi-



     Fruit branches 

have also become 

very popular this 

Fall.  Everything 



, to 



, to 






 can be found.  

These fruits of the 

field are fun to 

work with, they 

add color and tex-

ture and some (like 

the lemons) even 

smell great.  Combining flowers with fruit, pods 

and cones will certainly delight anyone with a 

love of the land. 



A wonderful new botanical to add to 

your Fall foliage inventory!  Protea 

Eximia (previously Protea Latifolia)  

has beautiful broad grey-green leaves 

- most of the year!  However, in the 

Autumn the 

leaves take on  

Fall tones of 





green.  There 

are five stems 

in a bunch 

with the stem 

length rang-

ing from 24 to 

28 inches.  The 

vase life of  2+ 

weeks is a great 

selling point. 

Florist Review August, 2006 

Florist Review July, 2006 

Florist Review July, 2006 

Florist Review August, 2006 


  It’s that time of year again 

when many of us reflect on the 

year that has passed and look 

forward to the year to come with 

wonder, hope and anticipation.   

  For Resendiz Brothers, 2005 

will be a year to remember, to 

learn from and to be very thank-

ful for... 

  During the early months of 

2005, Southern California was 

overflowing with water. Yes wa-

ter, we experienced nearly 36 

inches of rainfall in five months.  

Our average annual rainfall is 

usually somewhere around 6 to 

8 inches!  Luckily, our field crew 

didn’t have to build an ark, but they did learn to 

maneuver through 

flooded roads and to 

harvest product in 

new and creative 

ways.  Through it all, 

we were very blessed 

though, Mother Na-

ture took care of our 

water bills for many 

months and this year 

our flower fields look 





brought an increased 

demand for many 

South African and 

Australian flowers 

and foliage such as Protea, Bank-

sia, Pincushions, Leucadendron, 

Kangaroo Paws, Grevillea, and 

the list goes on.  We have been 

extremely excited to see many of 

our flowers being utilized 

throughout the country and the 

world in arrangements, bou-

quets, museum displays, adver-

tisements, magazine articles, flo-

ral symposiums and trade shows. 

  A big  

Thank You  

goes out to all the “trend setting” 

designers throughout the floral 

industry who have eagerly in-

cluded our wonderful proteaceae 

flowers and foliage in their “works 

of art”. 



looked to 

the future 

and began 

to design 

the Resendiz 


2006 calen-

dar, our in-

tention was 

to share more of our new and unusual flowers and 


  We not only wanted this calendar to dazzle the 

eye with colorful flowers and field shots but we 

wanted it to serve as a reference tool—a learning 


Resendiz Brothers

Resendiz Brothers



Protea Growers LLC

Protea Growers LLC



Telopea & Leucadendron Bouquet 

Winter 2006 Newsletter

Winter 2006 Newsletter



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!



Boronia Field 

Art Alive SD Museum of Art—Balboa Park 

Brenda Field 


Throughout its pages we 

tried to display a combi-

nation of flowers and 

foliage - some you will 

recognize and some may 

be “new” and “different”.   

  It is important to note 

that many of the newer 

flowers may be limited in 

quantities initially, but 

that will change in time.  

Our goal now is to help 

you become familiar with these products so you’ll 

have the answers when your customers inquire. 

For example, pictured on the calendar’s cover 

page is a Telopea Pink Parfait (pictured above).  

Its texture, 

color and 

shape are 

quite differ-

ent than the 

more com-

monly known 

Telopea Spe-



Telopea usu-

ally blooms in 

early Spring (February—March) here in Southern 

California.  They are very slow growing plants 

and often very difficult to grow. But well worth 

the effort - they are beautiful! 

 Furthermore, like “Roses” or 

“Bulb flowers”, Protea also 

come in many varieties, col-

ors  shapes and textures.  So 

you’ll find on many pages 

throughout our calendar that 

we display four flowers, fillers 

or field shots per page.  All  

are displayed by category, 

Protea, Pincushions, Banksia, 

Leucadendrons, Kangaroo 

Paws, Filler Flowers, etc.  

That way when your next or-

der or design includes these flowers/foliages 

you’ll consider the options.  There are many and 

we want you to know them all -  By Name. 

  Another new touch to our 2006 calendar is 

the “Flowers to look for this month” section at 

the bottom of each page.  We tried to list the 

items that are typically available, in abundance 

and popular during each month.  Hopefully, this 

will be helpful to you.  Please remember that 

product availability varies from year to year and 

is completely in Mother Nature’s control as far as 

growing schedules and timing goes. 

  Enjoy your 2006 calendar!  We hope it will 

bring you as much joy and pleasure as the flow-

ers and works of art you sell and create bring to 

your customers. 

  Happy New Year and thanks from all of us at 

Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers, LLC. 

Telopea Speciosissima/Waratah 

Continued from page one

Continued from page one





Telopea Pink Parfait 













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