State of Georgia Geographic Information System (gis)

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State of Georgia

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Coordinating Committee
Sustainable geospatial governance, investments, policies, and data-driven decisions

Meeting Minutes - FINAL

September 21, 2016

  • Call to order at: 1:35 PM

  • Introductions –

  • Location: DCA

  • Approval of Minutes: of 8/17/16 – recommended edits and approval

Presentation: by Yichang (James) Tsai, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Adjunct Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Georgia Institute of Technology 

Title: Smart City Transportation Asset Management and Safety Analysis Using Emerging 3D and GPS/GIS Methodologies

  • Committee Reports:

    • GIO report: GISCC leadership and advisory had excellent planning session of the new board. Beginning of many planning sessions.

    • GA IT Conference each year mostly CIOs – GA Digital Government Summit. Meeting with state CIO with the large panel and Susan is invited- now summit has a GIS session. 40 topics GIS not on the list and GIS topic made it to a topic at the summit.


Tim Poe


Colin Gowens

Policy and Planning

Rob Hathcock

Data Framework

Paula Edwards


NextGen 911

Susan report on behalf of Natalie Lee

  • Officer Reports:


David Anderson


Vice Chair

Scott Bales



Paula Edwards


Policy and Planning

Rob Hathcock



Tim Poe



Colin Gowens



Amber Keller


  • Current Business:

    • Committee Reports

    • Sign up GIS volunteers to assist Roby Bagby at State Operations Center

    • Motion 1 To sign people up to volunteer to State Operations Center

      • Volunteer- occupy the desk- must have GIS certification

      • Training involved

      • Contact the team and take a tour –

      • Fast passed – great opportunity – dealing with a lot of data on the fly

      • Motion seconded by Jeff Simmons

      • Will provide more information

    • Motion 2 To approve meeting minutes

      • Seconded by Jeff Simmons

    • Jeff –welcome to Jeff Griffin – hiring for GIS analyst 3

    • David –Chatham

    • Rob – Motion add position to add Sargent at Arms

      • Keeping order and assembly to help with organization and time

      • Seconded by Tim Poe

      • Susan volunteer Rob Hathcock to be Sargent at Arms

      • Volunteer motion seconded by Paula

    • Look at bigger picture of communication

  • Announcements and Public Comments:

Adjournment: 3:08pm

  • Attendees

    • David Anderson – Chatham County

    • Lisa Westin – DCA

    • Amber Keller –DCA

    • Scott Bales – Dept of Agriculture

    • Colin Gowens – GeoFields

    • Rob Hathcock- GDOT

    • Paula Edwards – Spatial Engineering

    • Tim Poe- Byers - Engineering and GDOT

    • Jonathan Byham - Atlantic

    • Chris Chalmers – Atlantic

    • Jeff Griffin – Macon – Bibb County

    • Tim Lawrence – Covington – Newton County

    • Ernie Smith – Baldwin County

    • Joseph D’Angelo – Columbus, GA

    • Jeff Simmons – Plantinum Geomatics

    • Lisa Douangchai – USCI SUEZ

    • Melanie Tabb – Gwinnett County

    • Hayden Blaize – GA DNR

  • Online Attendees

    • Sola Mosuro

    • Robert Rike

    • Matthew Yurman

    • Mary Howard

    • Chris Sapeta

    • Justin Byrd

    • Robert Rike

    • Shannon Brewer

    • Chris Sapeta

    • Sara Yurman

    • Terry Jackson

GISCC Meeting Minutes


May 18, 2016

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