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Pocatello, Idaho 83402 71





A+ Driving School 93

56 93

A-Z Family Services 93

61 93

ABC Express 93

56-57 93

Above and Beyond PSR, LLC 93

54 93

Access Point Family Services 93

2,54 93

Center Theater 94

Centers for Disease Control National Prevention Information Network 94

A+ Driving School 100

(208) 523-1799 100

A-Z Family Services 100

Blackfoot 100

ABC Express 100

Above and Beyond PSR, LLC 100

(208) 521-7225 100

Access Point Family Services 100

(208) 522-4026 100

Adult Protective Services (EICAP) 100

Adventure Center, The Children’s Services 100

(208) 528-8639 100

Adult Services 100

(208) 528-2834 100

(208) 336-5353 103

1(877) 500-2980 or 103


Developmental Disability Agencies (DDA)

Developmental therapy is provided to improve independent living skills and behavior management. In addition, DDAs offer assessments, counseling, physical, occupational and speech therapy for individuals having a developmental disability.

For children under 18 years of age, eligibility is determined by the DDA. All services are driven by an Individual Program Plan developed by the DDA and the consumer using a Person Centered Planning model following the completion of evaluations and specific skill assessments. The therapy builds on the individual’s strengths as they progress towards their personal goals.

For adults 18 and older, eligibility and a budget for services are determined by the Independent Assessment Provider (IAP), a contractor with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. A Plan of Service (POS) must be developed and authorized by the IAP prior to services. After the budget is set a Plan Developer works with the participant. The DDA then completes specific skill assessments and develops an implementation plan to address the objectives on the POS.

The following agencies are licensed DDAs:

Blackfoot Area:

  • Dawn Enterprises, Inc. (208) 785-5890

  • Southeastern Idaho Development Center (208) 782-1301

  • Southeastern Idaho Development-Judicial (208) 234-8525

Idaho Falls Area:

  • Access Point Family Services (208) 522-4026

  • Adventure Center, The (Children’s Services) (208) 528-8639

  • Adventure Center, The (Adult Services) (208) 528-2834

  • Development Workshop, Inc. (208) 524-1550

  • Innovative Health Care Concepts (208) 529-8526 or (208) 523-6727

  • Joshua D. Smith Foundation (208) 523-5674

  • Riverside Services Group (208) 542-4517

  • Royal Journeys (208) 552-1334

  • Transitions, Inc., Vocational Services (208) 542-6063

  • Transitions, Inc., Children’s Services (208) 524-5771

Rexburg Area:

  • Excellence in Everyone, Inc. (208) 624-2002 (St. Anthony)

  • Northfork Developmental (208) 624-4148 (St. Anthony)

  • Developmental Workshop, Inc (208) 356-3722

  • Royal Journeys (Adult Services) (208) 356-4837

  • Royal Journeys (Children Services) (208) 356-3029

Rigby Area:

  • Royal Journeys (Adult Services) (208) 745-1334

  • Royal Journeys (Children Services) (208) 745-0521

Salmon Area:

  • Joshua D. Smith Foundation (208) 756-6564

  • Developmental Workshop, Inc (208) 756-4608

Because frequent changes may occur, please contact the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare at (208) 528-5800 for a current list of providers.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

150 Shoup Ave., Suite 19

Idaho Falls ID 83402

(208) 528-5800

Services available:

Child Protection Services: 1-855-552-5437 Concerns and or complaints.

Child Support Dept: 1-800-356-9868

Food Stamps & Medicaid: 1-877-456-1233

Durable Medical Care (208) 528-5800– Provides for the purchase or rent of medically necessary durable medical equipment and supplies for individuals residing in community settings.

Family Support Services (208) 528-5800 – Assistance for families of individuals who are institutionalized or families of individuals for whom institutionalization may be imminent, and who will, as a result of the Family Support Grant, return or keep their family member home. This service is intended to help families prior to a crisis in order to prevent the need for an individual with a disability to move to an institution or residential placement outside the family home. Monies can be used for, but are not limited to, diagnostic or evaluative procedures, purchase or rent of special equipment, specialized therapies, special diets, and medical care.

Foster Parents Agency (208) 528-5900 - Provides a licensed home for children who are in the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, and, for one reason or another, cannot stay in their homes due to abuse. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare provides a licensed home for children who are in the custody of the Department, and, for one reason or another, cannot stay in their homes due to abuse.

Idaho Child Care Program (208) 528-5800 - Helps low-income families pay for child care. It is available to families who are employed, looking for work, in job training, or enrolled in school. A family must meet income guidelines and need child care to work, look for work, or attend a job training or educational program. Payments are made to eligible caregivers for child care costs based on a sliding fee scale. The program helps pay for a portion of the child care costs incurred by the caretaker. Choosing and paying a child care provider is the responsibility of the caretaker.

Personal Care Services (PCS) (208) 528-5900 or (208) 528-5750

Tasks related to a consumer’s physical or functional requirements are provided in the consumer’s home. May include assistance with: basic personal care and grooming; medications; food, nutrition, and diet; housekeeping; medical appointments; and grocery shopping.

Respite Care (208) 528-5701– Temporary care or relief to families with adult/children with disabilities living in their home.

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