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STUDENT Qodirova Hamida DATE 07.05.2020



Fill in the gaps with the correct form of these verbs. You can use each verb more than once.

Get | have | lose | pass | fail
1. I had a problem with my car last night.

2. Ted is upset. He failed his driving test for the third time yesterday!

3. Have you ever had a car accident?

4. My mother always gets lost in London.

5. I didnʼt lose my wallet — someone stole it.

6. He's in hospital — he had an operation yesterday.

7. I'll have to work hard if I want to pass the next exam.


Make sentences and questions with these words.
1. cousins / on / gone / Joanna's / have / holiday / just / .

Joonna's cousins have just gone on holiday,

2. been / into / Their / just / broken / house / has / .

Their house has just been broken into.

3. a / police / arrested / yet / suspect / haven't / The / .

The police haven't arrested a suspect yet.

4. car / The / stolen / another / have / thieves / already / this week / .

The thieves have already stolen another car.

5. left / the / Have / hospital / yet / victims / ?

Have victims left the hospital yet?

6. the / which / murderer / There's / gun / used / the / .

There's the gun which the murderer used.


Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form of the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

1. Why didn’t you call (not/call) him yesterday?

2. I saw (see) an interesting film last night.

3. We haven't heard (not hear) about your trip yet.

4. Why he hasn't got (not/get) a promotion yet?

5. We worked (work) in Greece for six years in the 1980s.

6. I haven't received (not receive) my cheque yet.

7. When did they get (get) back from Rome?

8. I'm afraid she has just left (just leave). Can I take a message?.

9. They didnʼt visited (not visit) Los Angeles whey they were in the US.

10. I haven't gone (not go) to the bank since the robbery.

11. Where did you meet (meet) your husband?

12. The police have already arrested (already arrest) someone for the murder of the old woman.

13. A: Has she finished (finish) her exams

B: Not yet.
Choose the correct words.

1. That's the book who / which I gave you.

2. Is he the person which/that damaged your car?

3. That's the shop which/where I bought those shoes

4. I can't find the CD that/where I borrowed from yoi

5. There's the doctor which/who helped my aunt.

6. This is the beach which/where we liked best.

7. Do you remember the market which/where you bought some videos?

Write echo questions.

1. A. Francesca isn't coming with us tomorrow.

B. Isn`t Francesca?

2. A. Tonio and I are travelling to China next year.

B. Are you?

3. A. Dylan's found a job in a computer company.

B. Has she?

4. A. They didn't like the film they saw last night.

B. Didn't they?

5. A. Amanda doesn't work in London any more.

B. Doesn't she?

6. A. Andrew and Sheila moved house last week.

B. Did they?

7. A. My sister was working in Buenos Aires.

B. Was she?

8. A. I don't like Indian food.

B. Don't you?

9. A. We've got a new car.

B. Have you?
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