The Biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea: Estimates, Patterns, and Threats

Table S10. Checklist of the phylum Rhodophyta and comments to the checklist

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Table S10. Checklist of the phylum Rhodophyta and comments to the checklist

Algae belonging to the phylum Rhodophyta (Kingdom Plantae) have been classified by Classes, Orders, Families, Species and other infraspecific levels (subspecies, varieties and forms). Ordination is alphabetical. When no infraspecific level is indicated the taxa corresponds to the type variety.

This list has been made using local checklists from Morocco (Benhissoune et al. 2002, 2003), Algeria (Perret-Boudouresque & Seridi 1989), Tunisia (Ben Maiz et al. 1987), Libya (Nizamuddin et al. 1979), Syria (Mayhoub 1976), Aegean Sea (Athanasiadis 1987), Italy (Furnari et al. 2003), Adriatic Sea (Giaccone 1978; Furnari et al. 1999), Corsica (Boudouresque & Perret-Boudouresque 1987), Albères coast (France) (Boudouresque et al. 1984; Knoepffler et al. 1990), Catalonia (Ballesteros 1990), Andalusia (Conde et al. 1996) and Spain (Gallardo et al. 1985), as well as a large number of smaller contributions. When Mediterranean revisions were already available for some taxonomic groups they have been used with some updates and modifications: Ceramiales (Gómez-Garreta et al. 2001), Corallinales (Bressan & Babbini-Benussi 1996, 2003), Acrochaetiaceae (Conde 1991), Laurencia-complex (Furnari et al. 2001; Furnari et al. 2002; Serio et al. 2004, 2008, 2010), Gracilaria (Gargiulo et al. 1992), and Nemastoma (Rodriguez et al. 2004). Lists of Mediterranean introduced species have also been considered (e.g. Boudouresque & Verlaque 2002; Zenetos et al. 2005, 2008; Verlaque 2001; Verlaque et al. in press) as well as some specific papers (e.g. Alongi et al. 2007, 2008; Athanasiadis 1999, 2002; Cormaci et al. 1993; Gargiulo et al. 1986, 1990; Perrone & Delle Foglie 2006; Rodriguez-Prieto & De Clerck 2009). Black Sea is not included.

Taxonomy follows Algaebase ( if not otherwise indicated. Endemic species (found only in the Mediterranean basin, Black Sea included) are preceded by the symbol *. A careful and critical examination of the existing records of every species from the available literature has been performed in order to consider a species as endemic. Introduced species are preceded by the symbol #. As it is not always easy to detect introduced species from the distributional records, we mainly follow the criteria by other authors specialized in this issue. Superscript numbers refer to notes. Some of the commonest synonyms found in Mediterranean literature (if any) are sometimes placed after the currently accepted name. Other synonyms can be found at Algaebase. A list of taxa inquirenda as well as a list of taxa excludenda is also given at the end of the list; species of the Order Ceramiales considered as taxa inquirenda or taxa excludenda in Gómez-Garreta et al. (2001) are not stated again.

Kingdom Plantae


Phylum Rhodophyta


Class Bangiophyceae


Order Bangiales


Family Bangiaceae1

Bangia fuscopurpurea (Dillwyn) Lyngbye

Porphyra atropurpurea (Olivi) De Toni

Porphyra dioica Brodie & Irvine

Porphyra leucosticta Thuret

Porphyra linearis Greville

Porphyra purpurea (Roth) C. Agardh

Porphyra umbilicalis Kützing

#Porphyra yezoensis Ueda


Class Compsopogonophyceae


Order Compsopogonales


Family Compsopogonaceae

*Comsopogon aegyptiacus Aleem

Compsopogon coeruleus (Balbis ex C. Agardh) Montagne


Order Erythropeltidales


Family Erythrotrichiaceae2

Erythrocladia irregularis Rosenvinge

Erythrocladia polystromatica Dangeard

Erythrocladia violacea Dangeard

Erythropeltis discigera (Berthold) Schmitz

Erythrotrichia bertholdii Batters

Erythrotrichia carnea (Dillwyn) J. Agardh [=Erythrotrichia biseriata Tanaka; =Erythrotrichia ceramicola (Lyngbye) Areschoug]

Erythrotrichia investiens (Zanardini) Bornet

Erythrotrichia reflexa (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) Thuret ex De Toni

*Erythrotrichia rosea Dangeard

Erythrotrichia simplex Dangeard

Porphyrostromium boryanum (Montagne) Silva [=Erythrotrichia boryana (Montagne) Berthold]

Porphyrostromium ciliare (Carmichael) Wynne [= Erythrotrichia ciliaris (Carmichael) Thuret; =Erythrotrichia obscura Berthold]

Porphyrostromium obscurum (Berthold) Kornmann (=Erythrocladia grisea Dangeard)

Sahlingia subintegra (Rosenvinge) Kornmann


Order Rhodochaetales


Family Rhodochaetaceae

Rhodochaete pulchella Thuret ex Bornet (=Rhodochaete parvula Thuret)


Class Florideophyceae


Order Acrochaetiales


Family Acrochaetiaceae2

Acrochaetium alariae (Jónsson) Bornet

*Acrochaetium boergesenii Schiffner

*Acrochaetium caesareae J. Feldmann3

#Acrochaetium codicola Borgesen [=Rhodothamniella codicola (Borgesen) Bidoux & Magne]

Acrochaetium codii (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) Hamel [=Rhodothamniella codii (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) J. Feldmann]

Acrochaetium corymbiferum (Thuret) Batters

*Acrochaetium duboscqii J. Feldmann

Acrochaetium endozoicum (Darbishire) Batters

Acrochaetium gynandrum (Rosenvinge) Hamel

*Acrochaetium hamelii J. Feldmann3

*Acrochaetium hauckii Schiffner [=Rhodochorton hauckii (Schiffner) Hamel]

Acrochaetium humile (Rosenvinge) Borgesen

*Acrochaetium incrassatum Ercegovic

Acrochaetium infestans Howe & Hoyt

Acrochaetium leptonema (Rosenvinge) Borgesen

Acrochaetium maluinum Hamel

*Acrochaetium mediterraneum (Levring) Athanasiadis

Acrochaetium microscopicum (Nägeli ex Kützing) Nägeli [=Acrochaetium crassipes (Boergesen) Boergesen]

*Acrochaetium minutum (Suhr) Hamel [=Acrochaetium minutissimum (Kützing) Nägeli]

*Acrochaetium molinieri Coppejans & Boudouresque

Acrochaetium moniliforme (Rosenvinge) Borgesen (=Acrochaetium mahumetanum Hamel)

Acrochaetium nemalii (De Notaris ex Dufour) Bornet

Acrochaetium parvulum (Kylin) Hoyt

Acrochaetium reductum (Rosenvinge) Hamel

#Acrochaetium robustum Borgesen (=Acrochaetium sargassicola Boergesen)

Acrochaetium rosulatum (Rosenvinge) Papenfuss

Acrochaetium savianum (Meneghini) Nägeli [=Acrochaetium thuretii (Bornet) Collins & Hervey]

Acrochaetium secundatum (Lyngbye) Nägeli [=Acrochaetium virgatulum (Harvey) Batters; =Acrochaetium rhipidandrum (Rosenvinge) Hamel]

#Acrochaetium spathoglossi Borgesen

Acrochaetium subpinnatum Bornet ex Hamel

#Acrochaetium subseriatum Borgesen

Acrochaetium subtilissimum (Kützing) Hamel

Acrochaetium trifilum (Buffham) Batters

Colaconema bonnemaisoniae Batters [=Acrochaetium bonnemaisoniae (Batters) J. Feldmann & G. Feldmann]

Colaconema caespitosum (J. Agardh) Jackelman, Stegenga & Bolton [=Acrochaetium caespitosum (J. Agardh) Nageli]

Colaconema chylocladiae Batters [=Acrochaetium chylocladiae (Batters) Batters]

Colaconema daviesii (Dillwyn) Stegenga [=Acrochaetium daviesii (Dillwyn) Nägeli]

Colaconema garbaryi Gabrielson

Colaconema gracile (Boergesen) Ateweberhan & Prud'homme van Reine (=Acrochaetium gracile Boergesen)

Colaconema hallandicum (Kylin) Afonso-Carrillo, Sansón, Sangil & Diaz-Villa [=Acrochaetium hallandicum (Kylin) Hamel f. harmoricum Hamel]

Colaconema membranaceum (Magnus) Woelkerling [=Audouinella membranacea (Magnus) Papenfuss]

Rhodochorton purpureum (Lightfoot) Rosenvinge [=Rhodochorton rothii (Turton) Nägeli; =Audouinella purpurea (Lightfoot) Woelkerling]

Rhodochorton velutinum (Hauck) Hamel

Rhodothamniella floridula (Dillwyn) J. Feldmann

Schmitziella endophloea Bornet & Batters


Order Acrosymphytales


Family Acrosymphytaceae

Acrosymphyton purpuriferum (J. Agardh) Sjösted [=Hymenoclonium serpens (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) Batters]

Schimmelmannia schousboei (J. Agardh) J. Agardh


Order Bonnemaisoniales


Family Bonnemaisoniaceae

#Asparagopsis armata Harvey [=Falkenbergia rufolanosa (Harvey) Schmitz]

#Asparagopsis taxiformis (Delile) Trevisan [=Falkenbergia hillebrandii (Bornet) Falkenberg]

Bonnemaisonia asparagoides (Woodward) C. Agardh [=Hymenoclonium serpens (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) Batters]

Bonnemaisonia clavata Hamel

#Bonnemaisonia hamifera Hariot (=Trailliella intricata Batters)


Family Naccariaceae

Naccaria wiggii (Turner) Endlicher


Order Ceramiales


Family Ceramiaceae

#Acrothamnion pressii (Sonder) Wollaston

Aglaothamnion bipinnatum (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) J. Feldmann & G. Feldmann

*Aglaothamnion caudatum (J. Agardh) Feldmann-Mazoyer

Aglaothamnion cordatum (Boergesen) Feldmann-Mazoyer

#Aglaothamnion feldmanniae Halos

Aglaothamnion gallicum (Nägeli) L'Hardy-Halos & Ardré

Aglaothamnion scopulorum (C. Agardh) Feldmann-Mazoyer

Aglaothamnion tenuissimum (Bonnemaison) Feldmann-Mazoyer

*Aglaothamnion tenuissimum var. mazoyerae Furnari, L'Hardy-Halos, Rueness & Serio

Aglaothamnion tripinnatum (C. Agardh) Feldman-Mazoyer

Anotrichium barbatum (C. Agardh) Nägeli

Anotrichium furcellatum (J. Agardh) Baldock

#Anotrichium okamurae Baldock

Anotrichium tenue (C. Agardh) Nägeli

#Antithamnion amphigeneum A. Millar

*Antithamnion compactum (Grunow) Schiffner

Antithamnion cruciatum (C. Agardh) Nägeli

Antithamnion decipiens (J. Agardh) Athanasiadis (=Antithamnion ogdeniae Abbott)

*Antithamnion heterocladum Funk

#Antithamnion hubbsii Dawson4

*Antithamnion piliferum Cormaci & Furnari

*Antithamnion tenuissimum (Hauck) Schiffner

#Antithamnionella boergesenii (Cormaci & Furnari) Athanasiadis

#Antithamnionella elegans (Berthold) Price & John

#Antithamnionella spirographidis (Schiffner) Wollaston

#Antithamnionella sublittoralis (Setchell & Gardner) Athanasiadis (=Antithamnionella elegans var. decussata Cormaci & Furnari)

#Antithamnionella ternifolia (Hooker & Harvey) Lyle

*Balliella cladoderma (Zanardini) Athanasiadis

Bornetia secundiflora (J. Agardh) Thuret

Callithamniella tingitana (Schousboe ex Bornet) Feldmann- Mazoyer

Callithamnion corymbosum (Smith) Lyngbye

Callithamnion granulatum (Ducluzeau) C. Agardh

Callithamnion tetragonum (Withering) Gray

Callithamnion tetricum (Dillwyn) Gray5

*Ceramium bertholdii Funk

#Ceramium bisporum Ballantine

Ceramium ciliatum (Ellis) Ducluzeau

Ceramium ciliatum var. robustum (J. Agardh) Feldmann-Mazoyer

Ceramium cimbricum Petersen

Ceramium cimbricum f. flaccidum (Petersen) Furnari & Serio

Ceramium circinatum (Kützing) J. Agardh

Ceramium codii (H. Richards) Feldmann-Mazoyer

Ceramium comptum Boergesen

Ceramium deslongchampsii Chauvin ex Duby

Ceramium diaphanum (Lightfoot) Roth

Ceramium echionotum J. Agardh

*Ceramium echionotum var. mediterraneum Feldmann-Mazoyer

Ceramium gaditanum (Clemente) Cremades (=Ceramium flabelligerum J. Agardh)

*Ceramium gaditanum var. mediterraneum (Debray) Cremades

*Ceramium giacconei Cormaci & Furnari

*Ceramium graecum Lazaridou & Boudouresque

*Ceramium incospicuum Zanardini

*Ceramium petitii Feldmann-Mazoyer

Ceramium secundatum Lyngbye

Ceramium siliquosum (Kützing) Maggs & Hommersand

Ceramium siliquosum var. elegans (Roth) Furnari

Ceramium siliquosum var. lophophorum (Feldmann-Mazoyer) Serio

Ceramium siliquosum var. zostericola (Feldmann-Mazoyer) Furnari

*Ceramium siliquosum var. zostericola f. acrocarpum (Feldmann-Mazoyer) Furnari

*Ceramium siliquosum var. zostericola f. minusculum (Feldmann-Mazoyer) Gómez-Garreta, Gallardo, Ribera, Cormaci, Furnari, Giaccone & Boudouresque

#Ceramium strobiliforme Lawson & John

Ceramium tenerrimum (Martens) Okamura

*Ceramium tenerrimum var. brevizonatum (Petersen) Feldmann-Mazoyer

Ceramium virgatum Roth (=Ceramium rubrum auct.)

*Ceramium virgatum var. implexo-contortum (Solier) Furnari

*Ceramium virgatum var. tenue (C. Agardh) Furnari

Compsothamnion gracillimum De Toni

Compsothamnion thuyoides (Smith) Nägeli

Corallophila cinnabarina (Grateloup ex Bory) R.E. Norris

Crouania attenuata (C. Agardh) J. Agardh [inc. var. bispora (P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan) Hauck]

Crouania francescoi Cormaci, Furnari & Scammaca

*Crouania ischiana (Funk) Boudouresque & M. Perret (=Pseudocrouania ischiana Funk)

*Dohrniella nana Mayhoub

*Dohrniella neapolitana Funk

Gayliella flaccida (Harvey ex Kützing) T.O. Cho & L.J. McIvor [=Ceramium flaccidum (Kützing) Ardissone]

#Griffithsia corallinoides (Linnaeus) Trevisan

*Griffithsia genovefae J. Feldmann

Griffithsia opuntioides J. Agardh

Griffithsia phyllamphora J. Agardh

Griffithsia schousboei Montagne

*Griffithsia schousboei var. minor J. Feldmann ex Feldmann-Mazoyer

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