The Manager Hasanoglu street atef holding

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Formal letter
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The Manager Hasanoglu street

ATEF Holding

Nizami street 11.11.2021

Dear Mr.Hardy.

I am contacting you about the job advertisement you have shared on Linkedin.

My name is Elgiz. I studied at the University of Economics.

My level of education is sufficient for the job you have opened.In the process of education, I developed myself in terms of research, motivation, entrepreneurship and various abilities.

I want to say that I am extremely selfless and enthusiastic to be effective and fast in business life, and I want to take on the responsibility required by the position with interest and enthusiasm.
If it is suitable for you, I can come to a business meeting any day of the week. I can start work at any time. Thank you for taking the time  look at my CV. I hope to hear positive news from you soon.

Your faithfully Elgiz Yusifzade.
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