This man spent a gap year working as an English teacher at a Tibetan monastery in India. This man narrated a documentary in which he repeatedly mispronounced the word penguin

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Round 5


  1. This man spent a gap year working as an English teacher at a Tibetan monastery in India. This man narrated a documentary in which he repeatedly mispronounced the word penguin, which was ironic considering the fact that he was in Penguins of Madagascar as Classified. This man upset many fangirls when he announced his marriage to (*) Sophie Hunter. This man had some minor roles such as Ford in 12 Years a Slave, although he has had several leads such Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate and Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. FTP, name this actor who has very prominent cheekbones and famously plays the lead in the new BBC version of Sherlock.

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch

  1. In this TV show, the bounty hunter June is accompanied by Nyla, a blind shirshu. Comics were released after the last episode to fill in plot holes and to continue the story. Another character is Sparky(*) Sparky Boom Man, who has a third eye which can make things blow up. Mai temporarily breaks up with her boyfriend, and someone else's girlfriend turns into the moon. In this television series, the protagonist and his friends keep destroying the cabbages of the same unfortunate cabbage man. FTP, name this television series featuring Toph, Sokka, Katara, and Aang.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (prompt on Avatar, do NOT accept Legend of Korra)

  1. In this artist's song "No Better," she sings, "Everywhere we go I can feel a subtle taste of the deeds outgrown and the welcome overstayed." A 2014 single from this artist claimed "[her] necklace is of rope." On this artist's eighteenth birthday, November 7th, 2014, she released the music video of her latest single, (*) Yellow Flicker Beat, after writing on her Tumblr that she would be the official curator for the Mockingjay soundtrack. When this artist was sixteen, she released her first EP, The Love Club. To make her name sound "more feminine," this artist added an "e" to the end of her stage name. For ten points, name this New Zealand singer songwriter best known for her 2013 single "Royals."

Lorde (accept Ella Yelich-O'Connor)

  1. This film includes the minor characters John D. Branon and General Motti. One emotional scene in this film follows the deaths of Owen and Beru. Later, two of the protagonists agree to take four passengers to (*) Alderaan and one of those protagonists shoots a bounty huner, Greedo, from under the table at the Mos Eisley Cantina. One location in this film is described with the words, "That's no moon," and a shot to its exhaust port destroys it. For 10 points, name this chronologically first film in its series, in which Obi-wan Kenobi is killed by Darth Vader.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope (Prompt on Star Wars)

  1. This song was the first released from the album Whenever You Need Somebody. Its music video features the singer singing the song at various places in London such as in front of a brick wall with arches in it and an empty bar where the bartender begins to dance acrobatically as the song progresses. On April 1, 2008, (*) this song's music video would be played when users clicked any of the featured videos. It begins with the lines "We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I." FTP, name this song by Rick Astley, played when people on the internet rickroll each other.

Never Gonna Give You Up

  1. One of the hosts of this radio show once experienced a near-fatal car crash while commuting to work and quit his job once he arrived. This show originated from a failed WBUR-FM program when they invited a panel of six auto mechanics for a show but only one showed up. Later he invited (*) his brother to create this radio show. Segments of this radio show include Stump the Chumps and The Puzzler. FTP, name this show on NPR hosted by Ray and the recently deceased Tom Magliozzi.

Car Talk

  1. One ad campaign of this company featured testimonials of individuals such as Yo-Yo Ma and Ellen Feiss. The founders of this company, both of whom share the same first name, started off selling circuit boards. One of this company's first product was marked by a famous commercial directed by Ridley Scott based on (*) George Orwell's 1984. This company has been in the news more recently for winning an anti-trust trial, and just updated its products to having the OS X Yosemite. FTP, name this technology company whose first product was a Macintosh, and now sells products such as the iPhone 6.

Apple Inc.

  1. This association football club was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club. This member of the Premier League has a record 20 FA Community Shields. They have rivalries against (*) Arsenal, Leeds, Liverpool, and another club with a similar name in their city. A famous manager from this club is Alex Ferguson. They have employed players such as Ryan Giggs, David de Gea, Angel Di Maria, David Beckham, and Wayne Rooney. For 10 points, name this Manchester-based soccer club.

Manchester United FC (also accept Man U; prompt on Manchester; do not accept Manchester City or Man City)

  1. This cartoonist won the Grand Prix at the 2014 Angoulême International Comics Festival. This cartoonist also wrote a very tongue-in-cheek autobiography, his only literary work. This famously reclusive cartoonist has written for Stephen Pastis' Pearls Before Swine and has referenced the strip (*) Krazy Kat in his work. In 2014. this cartoonist published a promotional poster for the 2015 Angoulême International Comics Festival, featuring a man who has to get arrested to be able to read the comics section of his newspaper in peace. For ten points, name this cartoonist, the author/illustrator of Calvin and Hobbes.

Bill Watterson (also accept William Boyd Watterson II or an equivalent variation of the name from crazy people)

  1. One person with this name is a South Korean rapper who is in the group Leessang. This name also appears in a Scottish sitcom, Tank Commander, in which McLintoch is a corporal of the fictional 104th Royal Tank Regiment. In The Music Man, this name is put in the number (*) "[this], Indiana" which is sung by Winthrop, Mrs. Paroo, and Marian in Act II. FTP, name this name that is associated with a specific snail who lives under the sea in a pineapple with Spongebob.


  1. Typing “experiment.consoleDance()” into the Google I/O developer console will provide an animated ASCII version of it. Fernando Sosa was ordered to stop selling 3D printed versions of it, but he argued that the (*) NFL owned this character. ESPN revealed its identity in a “This is Sportscenter” ad as anchor Bram Weinstein but it actually was portrayed by Bryan Gaw, a regular backup dancer for Katy Perry. For ten points, what character appeared at halftime with a lackluster performance, ironically, stage right?

Left Shark (prompt on shark)

  1. After this quantity gained popularity from a certain website a word filter on that website changed every instance of number 7 to this quantity. One famous instance of this number appearing was in a 2008 episode of (*) Oprah where she spoke out against pedophilia and someone successfully trolled her by making a post with this quantity on her message boards. It is commonly associated with a gif of the original speaker of this quantity breaking a device known as a scouter. This quantity was originally a thousand less when first written about in Japan. FTP, name this quantity synonymous with "a lot" on the internet that was first said by Vegeta when describing Goku's power level.

OVER 9000!!!!!!

  1. This man often seeks out the prostitutes Scarlett and Giselle, and his father, Edward Teague, is the Keeper of the Code. This man supposedly escaped from an island sailing on a raft made of sea turtles and human hair. Commodore Norrington often pursues this man, who owns a magic compass obtained from (*) Tia Dalma that points to what this character wants most. With help from William Turner and Hector Barbossa, he escapes from Davy Jones' Locker. FTP identify this character played by Johnny Depp, the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and who insists on being called "Captain".

Captain Jack Sparrow (accept either)

  1. This character once faked his own death by dropping a body double down a waterfall. This was unfortunate, as he also tricked his long-lost mother, who came back home to mourn her loss. In another episode this character creates an alcoholic drink whose secret ingredient is children's (*) cough syrup. At one point, this character is completely ignored and forgotten by his boss Mr. Bums. He works at his local nuclear power plant as the plant's Safety Inspector. This character's catchphrase has been described as an annoyed grunt; that catchphrase is "D'oh!" FTP, name this character who has an addiction to eating doughnuts and is married to Marge.

Homer J. Simpson

  1. One character in this movie states that he was sent to his current post after losing his commander's pet beagle in an experiment. Another character uses a fold-out sword after landing on a drill platform, and two of the main characters meet after one of them is marooned on Delta Vega. A ship carrying a large ball of (*) Red Matter is stolen in the climax of this work, after that same substance is used to create a black hole in the center of a planet named Vulcan. Captain Nero destroys the USS Kelvin in the opening battle of this movie. For 10 points, name this movie starring Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine as Spock and James T Kirk, released in 2009.

Star Trek

  1. Chapters in this novel include "Good Thing I've Got A Strong Stomach," "Surprise," and "Big Day." Near the end of this novel, the main character seeks out J. Jenks in order to forge her daughter's passport. This novel finally ends with the main characters claiming "and then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever." In this novel, (*) Sam loses control of his pack as Seth and Leah join Jacob. This novel is told from two different characters' point of view in three alternating "books." For ten points, name this novel in which Jacob imprints on the main character’s daughter and Bella gets changed into a vampire, the final installment of the Twilight Saga.

Breaking Dawn

  1. In this book, Lidewij (Lee-duh-vigh) decides to bring her boyfriend in case they have to physically restrain a certain person. The main character in this book says at one point that she called some pain a nine because she was saving her ten. The main character and her boyfriend drink champagne in (*) Amsterdam, which they later describe as having fun with venn diagrams. Many characters in this book meet repeatedly in the literal sacred heart of Jesus, where the main character's mother makes her attend meetings to help her with her supposed depression. FTP, name this book about Isaac, Augustus, and Hazel, all of whom have cancer, written by John Green.

The Fault in Our Stars

  1. Roomie made a song about this man so that everyone would know his name as well as another song about how "fabulous" this man is. This man was the one who invented "twerking 2.0." This man is well known for disabling his comments section in September 2014. Many messages were sent to this person by (*) Falcon Lover. This man is very well known for hating barrels, his arch-nemeses. This YouTuber is also well known for his "Bro Army" of over 30 million people as well as his "Brofists." FTP, name this Swedish YouTuber, who dates Marzia Bisognin a.k.a. CutiePieMarzia. He is the "most subscribed [expletive] on YouTube."

"PewDiePie" or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

  1. In May of 2006, this company announced that it would co-publish Vanguard: Saga of Heroes but lost development rights. This company was bought by Columbus Nova in (*) February 2015. The CEO of this company is currently John Smedly. In one of this company's games, 3 factions battle it out on the planet Auraxis. A recently released Zombie MMO game by this company generated controversy over paying money for airdrops. FTP, name this video game company , makers of Everquest, DC Universe Online, Landmark, Planetside, and H1Z1 that was formerly Sony Online Entertainment.

DayBreak Game Company (accept Sony Online Entertainment until said, do not accept after mentioned, do not accept just Sony)

  1. This artist "had the time of [her] life fighting dragons" and sang "that's a lie" in response to someone claiming her "blue eyes shined." She sang "this revolution, this time will come" in her 2008 song (*) "Change." After stating that "music is art, and art is important and rare" in November 2014, this artist pulled all of her music off of the streaming service Spotify. In a song in her latest album, she claims that she "can make the bad guys good for a weekend." For ten points, name this singer-songwriter who in 2014 released an album named after her year of birth, the singer of songs such as "Mean," "Love Story," and "You Belong With Me."

Taylor Swift

  1. In this game, Rosalina can be unlocked by playing over and over with a Super Mario Galaxy save file. Unlike in the DS version, players in this game are able to receive boosts in (*) manual mode. The Mega Mushroom was first introduced in this video game, allowing players to flatten other characters. Battle courses in this game include Block Plaza and Chain Chomp Wheel. The only track in this game that does not include any off-road begins on a 90 degree slope and is called Rainbow Road. For ten points, name this best-selling racing game for the Wii.

Mario Kart Wii

Bonuses: Round 5

  1. FTPE, Answer these questions about Italian car companies.

    1. Throughout its history this Italian car manufacturer was and is associated with racing as they were generally very good at it. Name this car company whose emblem is a prancing horse.


    1. Some of this company's latest models include the Aventador and the Huracan. Name this car company whose emblem is a raging bull

Automobili Lamborghini

    1. This company's Gran Turismo has become very popular after the namesake video game. Name this Italian car company whose emblem is a trident.


  1. FTPE, name these Children's TV shows

    1. The namesake character for this show first appeared in the Railway Series, and features characters such as Percy, Toby, and the Fat Conductor.

Thomas and Friends (Prompt on Thomas the Tank Engine or Thomas the Train or something similar)

    1. Puppeteer Jim Henson played the Majority of the voices for the Characters, including the Swedish Chef and Dr. Bunson Honeydew

The Muppet Show

    1. This Show features characters such as Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff, as well as a human cast.

Barney & Friends

  1. For ten points each, name these popular shounen anime.

    1. In this anime, the main character Eren is attacked by giant figures, sometimes called Eotens, who break the walls created to block them out. Five years later, Eren becomes part of the military with his adopted sister and friend to take vengeance for the death of his mother.

Attack on Titan

    1. This anime is set in 2020's Japan, and the story centers on new technology called "Nervegears" that allow the main character Kirito to place himself into the virtual worlds of various games. During the first story arc of the first season, Kirito becomes trapped in the title virtual world and meets characters such as Kane and Asuna.

Sword Art Online (accept SAO)

    1. The main character of this older anime, Yagami Light, encounters a book that allows him to kill anyone as long as he knows their name and face. Light attempts to "clean the world" of evil, but encounters problems when an unknown detective titled "L" tries to stop him.

Death Note

  1. Bazinga! Answer some questions about The Big Bang Theory.

    1. The Big Bang theory stars recently made headlines by negotiating a contract in which they made this amount of money per episode.

One Million Dollars (Accept logical equivalents)

    1. Name the character played by Johnny Galecki. His character is a researcher at Caltech and works with lasers.

Leonard Hofstadter (require both first and last name)

    1. This character runs the Comic book store which burns down at the end of season 7. Name this character who fills in for Howard while he is out in space.

Stuart Bloom

  1. All or nothing, FTPE, name the character in Harry Potter who spoke these lines, and name the book. Full name of the book needed.

    1. "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. (accept Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone )

    1. "I don’t think I’ve heard you joke since you were –"

Fred Weasley, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    1. “Nice big smile, Harry. Together, you and I are worth the front page.”

Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. FTPE, name these questions about the final frontier.

    1. In Portal, this core is the first to be attached to Wheatley by Chell. Valve created a mod for Skyrim that dropped this core into a house.

Space Sphere(accept Space Core)

    1. In this movie set in space, Dr. Ryan Stone is left stranded in space after an accident destroyed her shuttle and killed her companions.


    1. This 1968 movie was split into 4 parts, documenting the birth of man to the final journey of a human into the great unknown. It famously featured the Hal 9000.

2001: A Space Odyssey

  1. Let's talk a bit about the Grammy's FTPE

    1. This artist won album of the year for his album "Morning Phase." Kanye promptly rushed this artist as he was accepting his award.

Beck Hansen (accept Bek David Campbell)

    1. The best track went to this breakout song by Sam Smith.

Stay With Me

    1. The Grammy's were hosted by this man in 2015

LL Cool J (All parts required)

  1. FTPE, name these game series based on their notable features:

    1. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." is the eponymous oath that each person must take. Notable characters include Ezio Auditore, Connor Kenway, and Edward Kenway. The most notable weapon is the hidden blade.

Assassins' Creed (accept any specific Assassins' Creed game)

    1. It recently came out with an MMO version of the same name featuring towering dragons as well as inter-clan destruction. Also, it is notable that the player always starts as a prisoner in every single game. All of these take place on the continent of Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls (again accept any specific Elder Scrolls game)

    1. Delsin is considered a conduit or "bio-terrorist" by the DUPs (read doops) for gaining powers from an escaped prisoner. Notable powers in the latest game include smoke, neon, video game, and concrete. Powers in previous games were electricity based.

InFamous (accept any specific InFamous game)

  1. Saturday Night Live has been on air since 1975 and since then it has been a host to a number of Weekend Update anchors. FTPE name some of them.

    1. In 2014 this comedian moved from the Weekend update desk to host his own talk show. Name this man who currently hosts Late Night.

Seth Meyers

    1. This woman left the anchor desk in 2006 and starred in the popular NBC show 30 Rock. Name this comedian who is famous for her impersonation of Sarah Palin.

Tina Fey

    1. This man started the Weekend Update tradition in 1975. He left the anchor desk in 1976 and went on to act in movies like Caddyshack and is now a regular cast member on the T.V. show Community.

Chevy Chase

  1. One of the perks of being a celebrity is to be able to afford great seats at sporting events. Name these celebrity fans of certain NBA teams.

    1. This popular Canadian rapper and actor is not just famed for popularizing the acronym YOLO on his song "The Motto" but is also such a big fan of the Toronto Raptors that they named their game against the Brooklyn Nets on December 17, 2014 in his honor though he did mix up the name of the NBA commissioner calling him Adam Sterling instead of Adam Silver.


    1. This rapper, record producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director is such a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers that he wrote a song after Dwight Howard left the Lakers proclaiming that Howard didn’t have what it takes to be a Laker. Though considered one of the best MC's of all time, he might be better known now as an actor in such movies as Barbershop and 22 Jump Street.

Ice Cube

    1. This controversial actor, comedian, and filmmaker of such films as Hannah and Her Sisters and Midnight in Paris has been a regular at New York Knicks games. When asked about how much he cares about the Knicks, he responded, “People will say to me, does it really matter if the Knicks beat the Celtics? And I think to myself, Well, it’s just as important as human existence.” Sadly, neither team is doing that well these days.

Woody Allen

  1. FTPE, name some MOBAs:

    1. This relatively new MOBA was made by Turbine, Inc. It is based on the video game universe of DC Comics. Champions in this game include Batman, Superman, and even Aquaman.

Infinite Crisis

    1. This MOBA is a new craze and features mythology of all cultures. Some Gods are Zeus, Thor, Agni, and Sun Wukong. It is the first third-person MOBA ever which opposes the normal locked-unlocked camera system.


    1. This MOBA is perhaps the oldest one there is. The original game was a mod for Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos, of which the map was based on that of StarCraft. Some Heroes include Sven, Xin, and Puck.

Dota (or Dota II, accept Defense of the Ancients)

  1. Answer these questions about commercials aired this year during Super Bowl 49.

    1. PETA complained about an ad for this product because they felt it perpetuated the bad image of the big bad wolf threatening a helpless puppy.

Budweiser (prompt on beer or Anheuser Busch)

    1. Proctor & Gamble aroused controversy with their add that used this tag line indicating how males supposedly spoke contemptuously of females and how they run, fight, and throw.

"Like a girl"

    1. This insurance company irritated a lot of people with its ad, labeled the "most depressing ad ever," that talked about what a young boy never did because he was dead.

Nationwide Insurance

  1. FTPE: Name these Green Day Songs.

    1. This song about a "lonely road" includes the line: "Where the city sleeps / And I'm the only one and I walk alone".

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

    1. This song about the title firearms includes the lines: "Throw up your arms into the sky / You and I ..." and "Do you know what's worth fighting for? / When it's not worth dying for?"

21 Guns

    1. This song was part of the album 21st Century Breakdown and was released on Octover 19th, 2009. It includes the lines: "Stand Up! All the white boys / Sit Down! And the black girls" and "Join the choir we will be singing / In the church of wishful thinking"

East Jesus Nowhere

  1. FTPE, name these seasonal menu items.

    1. This drink at Starbucks is only available during autumn and is commonly associated with basic white girls.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

    1. Milkshakes of this flavor are exclusively available during the winter at Chick-fil-a.

Mint Chocolate

    1. This McDonalds sandwich is available for a limited time each year. It was taken off the menu in 2005, but it was readded for a limited time each year due to a petition to save it.


  1. PS 22 is an elementary school in Staten Island famed for its chorus which has become such a youtube sensation that they've appeared in videos and performances all over the country with famous stars. They really are great - check them out. Meanwhile, identify these stars who have performed with the PS 22 Chorus.

    1. In 2012, this former American Idol winner came by to sing "Good Girl" with the kids.

Carrie Underwood

    1. In 2013, the chorus sang "Waiting for Superman" with this 4th-place finisher from the fifth season of American Idol whose self-titled debut album was the fastest-selling debut album in Nielsen history.

Chris Daughtery

    1. Also in 2013, the students performed "San Francisco" and "Say It, Just Say It" with this alternative rock grunge band that is named after the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling's classic, The Jungle Book.

The Mowgli's

  1. For ten points each name some important English Rock Bands.

    1. This band was formed in Liverpool and is known for albums such as "Hard Day's Night" and "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Band"

The Beatles

    1. This band featured a lineup of singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bass player John Paul Jones, drummer John Bonham and released albums such as "Physical Graffiti."

Led Zeppelin

    1. This band had Ozzy Osbourne as singer and had songs such as "Iron Man" and "Paranoid."

Black Sabbath

  1. Name these songs that start with a girl laughing, FTPE.

    1. One of their biggest hits, this second single from Duran Duran’s Rio reached #3 on the US charts in 1983. It features singer Nick Rhodes’ girlfriend laughing.

Hungry Like the Wolf

    1. The video for this 2007 top ten hit features James van der Beek murdering unicorns with a laser gun. The command “Dance.” follows the opening laugh in what Ke$ha track?


    1. VH1 ranked the Bayside Boys Remix of this Los del Rio song as the top one-hit wonder of all time. It is also ranked the #1 Latin Song and #1 Dance Song. Al Gore famously demonstrated the popular dance associated with the song at the 1996 Democratic National Convention by not moving.


  1. Deflated balls are not the only scandal in the New England Patriots' football history. Answer these questions about other kerfuffles involving the Patriots.

    1. In 1982 on a snowy December afternoon in a home game against the Miami Dolphins, Miami coach Don Schula was furious when New England had one of these brought out before a field goal attempt that led to a Patriot 3-0 victory.

Snowplow (accept equivalents)

    1. During this year's divisional playoff game, the Baltimore Ravens coach alleged that Patriots coach Bill Belichick used illegal formations with an offensive lineman declaring himself ineligible at the last moment so that the Ravens didn't have time to adjust their defense. Name that Ravens coach.

John Harbaugh (Prompt on Harbaugh)

    1. In the most notorious scandal, in 2007 Bill Belichick ended up paying a $500,000 fine and the team paid $250,000 and lost a first-round draft pick for videotaping the defensive coaches' signals during a September 9, 2007 against this team.

New York Jets (prompt on New York)

  1. FTPE, name these music based video games.

    1. In this game series produced by Harmonix, the player presses 5 buttons on the namesake instrument. It was discontinued in 2010 after five years of production.

Guitar Hero

    1. This game developed by Konami is famous for having a mat on which players step on the arrows when prompted. It is commonly found in arcades.

Dance Dance Revolution

    1. This indie music game for the computer differs from other games because rather than hitting specific buttons for the beats, the player has to move the mouse to click them.


  1. FTPE name the following TV series.

    1. This series follows King Arthur--played by Bradley James--and the knights of the round table along with Arthur's trusted titular wizard advisor. It airs on BBC.


    1. This series follows Doctor Temperance Brennan and her husband/partner Seeley Booth as they solve crimes. Dr. Brennan is a forensic anthropologist and studies the titular objects. It airs on FOX.


    1. This popular ABC show follows the character Emma Swan and her family. Her family consists of fairy tale characters such as Snow White, Prince Charming and The Evil Queen.

Once Upon a Time

  1. FTPE, name these famous internet catchphrases, or memes (pronounced meems)

    1. This meme is known for such mispell, much Comic Sans, wow!


    1. This meme features its namesake dinosaur that is in deep thought and is often answer a question.

Philosoraptor (be lenient on their pronunciation, something with philosophy and velociraptor in it should be acceptable)

    1. This meme is commonly found next to poorly drawn artwork of Sanic the Hedgehog.

Gotta Go Fast (also accept g2g fast or gtg fast)

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