Unit V lesson 22 home task. Write about the most popular websites. Give reasons why they are popular

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tasks of UNIT V



1. Write about the most popular websites. Give reasons why they are popular.

2. Write about your favorite website, describe its purpose and why do you like it.
Do you use any of the social networking websites which are so popular these days, the places where you can connect with friends and relatives and meet people who share the same interests with you? if you're younger, you may use MySpace. Young adults are more likely to be found on Facebook and busy professionals may prefer something like Linkedin. But at least two of these sites have one thing in common apart from being social spaces where you can meet and chat to people, share photos and other things, they've al added new verbs and nouns to the language in the past couple of years. Let's take a look at some examples. You can facebook your holiday photos (upload them to your Facebook page), facebook someone to see who they are (look him up in Facebook), facebook someone about a party (contact someone through their Facebook page) and ask permission to facebook someone (add them as a Facebook friend). As you can see, facebook is a pretty versatile word, and you could say the same about myspace, which you will find being used in much the same way all over the Net. Linkedin (being a more adult, professional community) has not been used in the same way. While you're facebooking or myspacing you may also find yourself 'commenting (writing a comment on someone's Facebook or MySpace page), as in this example: 1 commented Mary that she should come to the pub on Saturday and she commented me that she couldn't, because she was going away for the weekend



Write an entry for the blog you’ve described in Appendix 6 (80-100 words). Introduce the blog to the world and talk about why you’ve started it.

When Justin Hall and Yoren Barger (who coined the word “weblog”) started keeping their online diaries, a few years later, blogging became not just an interest or a hobby, but a business, even a separate profession. even though he hadn't thought about it.

The blogger learns internet marketing strategies for the intended audience to read the blog: search engine optimization, social media promotion, text advertising… These are not taught at school or university. A housewife living in a corner of the world and a culinary blogger should learn the above.

Not to brag, but I would add myself to this category of bloggers in the first place.

Appendix 6: Listen to an interview with the web designer describing how to design website and put these steps into the correct order. (WORKBOOK page: 104)



Find out more information and write about Metasearch engines.

Submitting multiple queries to several other search engines expands the coverage of the available data on a topic and allows you to find more information. Metasearch uses indexes collected by other search engines, aggregating and often refining results in its own unique ways. A metasearch engine has an advantage over a single search engine because the user will get more results for the same effort. This reduces the amount of work when users enter queries into different systems separately to search for resources.



Write about 10 best search engines.

Watch the video again. VIDEO Appendix 4 Workbook p 111.

  • 2._ Search Engine #2. Bing.

  • 3._ Search Engine #3. Baidu.

  • 4._ Search Engine #4.Yahoo!

  • 5._ Search Engine #5. Yandex.

  • 6._ Search Engine #6. Ask.

  • 7._ Search Engine #7. DuckDuckGo.

  • 8._ Search Engine #8 Naver.

  • 9._ Search Engine #9. AOL Search.

  • 10._ Search Engine #10. Seznam.



Write about Wikipedia vs Britannica: A Comparison Between Both Encyclopedia.
The Encyclopedia Britannica contains carefully edited articles on all major topics. It fits the ideal purpose of a reference work as a place to get started, or to refer back to as you read and write. The articles in Britannica are written by authors both identifiable and credible. Many articles provide references to books and other sources about the topic covered. Articles are edited for length, the goal being to provide students (and other researchers) with sufficient background information without overwhelming them.

Wikipedia is "written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world" and relies on the collective wisdom of its volunteers to get the facts right and to balance the opinions expressed. Wikipedia, of course, can be very useful as a starting point for many topics, especially obscure ones or those with passing or popular interest. Wikipedia articles often reflect the enthusiasm of their anonymous author(s) for the subject. Articles are sometimes too detailed, making it difficult for uninitiated readers to identify important themes.
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