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Wandsworth Council

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To: Headteachers, Principals, SENCOs and Chairs of Governors of all schools.

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Website contributor: Clare Devane

Date: 26th September 2014

Dear Colleague

Circular letter reference number and title


Consultation relating to Greenmead and Paddock Special Schools and Ronald Ross Primary School

Purpose of this circular letter

To inform you that the Council is undertaking a statutory consultation for the expansion of Paddock School and also non-statutory consultation on the re-location of Greenmead and Ronald Ross and the re-build of both schools.

Action required

Requiring action or comment as appropriate.

Response by

Any comments and objections to be submitted by 30th October 2014.

Wandsworth Council is consulting on the following proposals to meet the need for increased special school places for children with severe and complex special educational needs (SEN) in the borough:

  • the development of a new building for Greenmead and Ronald Ross Schools on the site in Castlecombe Drive;

  • the expansion of Paddock School across the St. Margaret’s Crescent site, following completion of building adaptations in Easter 2018; and an increase in school size up to 250 pupils.

The building scheme on the Castlecombe Drive site, which would cost in the region of £17 million, would develop a new single building for Greenmead and Ronald Ross Schools. Greenmead pupils would have the opportunity for flexible inclusion and interaction with mainstream pupils. Ronald Ross pupils, who are currently in a school building in need of major repairs, would have completely up to date teaching and learning facilities and be educated in an inclusive environment.

Paddock School would gain 9 additional classrooms on the St. Margaret’s Crescent site, with the potential to increase this number through developing parts of the site. This extra space would allow Paddock to increase in size to up to 250 pupils and therefore meet the projected number of places needed at the School over the next decade.
I am attaching a copy of a consultation paper which describes the proposals in detail and sets out the background and reasons for them. The Council has also published a full proposal and statutory notice for the proposed increase in pupil numbers at Paddock School, which are available on the Council’s website www.wandsworth.gov.uk/sen/consultations. The Council would welcome any comments that you would wish to contribute. Details of how to respond are given in the paper. The closing date for the consultation is 30th October 2014. I would be grateful if you could bring the consultation paper to the attention of your SENCo and Chair of Governors so that they are aware of the proposals.
If you have any queries or would like any further information please give me a ring on 020 8871 8316.
Yours sincerely

Gillian Bennell

Head of Special Services Planning

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Director of Education and Social Services: Dawn Warwick

Assistant Director (Education Performance and Planning): John Johnson

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