Western australian wildlife management program no. 28 Declared Rare and Poorly Known Flora in the Moora District

 Priority Flora in the Moora District

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3.  Priority Flora in the Moora District

The conservation status of the Priority Flora (poorly known but thought to be rare) in the Moora District is

assessed in Part Three.  Recommended status, based on recent surveys, is listed in Table 3.  For Priority taxa the

most urgent requirement is further survey to enable an accurate assessment of their conservation status.  Usually

Priority One and Priority Two taxa are in most need of survey because of the low numbers of populations and

small population sizes. 

4.  Implementation and Term of the Management Program

A recovery team will be appointed which will oversee and report annually to CALM’s Corporate Executive on

the implementation of this Management Program.

This Program shall run for a period of 10 years, unless subsequent research or changes to the Schedule of

Declared Rare Flora cause it to be superseded earlier.  During this period, CALM may institute any changes to

the provisions outlined in this Program as are found, through further research, to be necessary for conservation of

the Declared Rare Flora in the District.



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