Wetlands Australia National wetlands update February 2015—Issue No 26 Disclaimer

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Wetlands Australia

National wetlands update February 2015—Issue No 26


The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Government or the Minister for the Environment.

The Department of the Environment acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures and to their elders both past and present

© Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, 2015

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1.Introduction to Wetlands Australia February 2015 3

Looking after Australia’s Ramsar wetlands 4

2.Ramsar Secretary General visits Australia 5

3.Defence and Fitzroy Basin Association: Managing a unique Ramsar wetland in Queensland 7

4.Banrock Station Wetland Complex Ramsar site in South Australia is helping to bring a species back from the brink 8

5.A ‘systems repair’ approach to restoring the Ramsar wetlands of Bowling Green Bay in Queensland 10

6.Future proofing world-class wetlands in Victoria: A joint effort 11

7.Active water management is underway at the Hunter Estuary Wetlands Ramsar site 12

8.Puddles of paradise support threatened species in Gunbower Forest Ramsar site 13

9.Lake Mealup on the road to recovery 14

10.Environmental flows aid the recovery of Gunbower Forest Ramsar site 15

11.Aquatic habitat improves during low flow years at a South Australian Ramsar site 16

Environmental watering supports wetlands in the Murray–Darling Basin 17

12.Classifying aquatic ecosystems in the Murray–Darling Basin 18

13.SMART targets guide environmental watering of the Murray–Darling Basin 19

14.Follow that sound — it’s the southern bell frog! 21

15.Mallee Wetlands: A rehabilitation program in the making 22

16.Black Box floodplains bouncing back in New South Wales 23

17.Research to support environmental watering: a collaborative approach in the Murray–Darling Basin 24

Managing wetlands for the future 25

18.The future of Oceania wetlands 26

19.Farming journey takes Victorian farmer back to nature 27

20.The future of wetland co-management is here 29

21.Twenty-three years experience in wetland and environmental water management and still going strong. 30

22.Camden Council Aquatic Plant Management Procedures 31

23.Managing Western Australia’s Historic Lowlands Reserve 32

24.Setting the trend in modern methods of fire management 33

25.New fence protects estuarine crocodile habitat in Western Australia 34

26.Wetlands, brolgas and Latham’s snipe: south-west Victoria’s great natural assets 35

27.New book launched to promote North Queensland wetland plants 36

Communities helping to protect our wetlands 37

28.Students on a mission for the Great Barrier Reef 38

29.Kids Caring For Creeks in New South Wales 39

30.South East Wetland Carers Network: Connecting people to protect and restore our wetlands 40

31.Discovering the hidden secrets of the cryptic burrowing crayfish 41

32.Pitt Town Lagoon in New South Wales celebrates a new bird hide 42

33.Home River Ocean: Protecting waterways through social marketing 43

34.Eavesdropping on frogs: Citizen science guiding wetland health management 44

Wetland restoration and conservation 45

35.Restoring wetlands of the upper Wannon River floodplain, south-west Victoria 46

36.Healthy Wetland Habitats program provides incentives to private wetland managers on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia 47

37.Farmers go with the flow on the New South Wales North Coast 48

38.Protecting Wetlands in a new National Park in Sydney 49

39.Rehabilitation of a floodplain wetland in the Macquarie Marshes 50

40.Pin map project to record on-ground works for wetlands in Queensland 51

41.Restoring the Lagoon of Islands in Tasmania 52

42.Lake Wollumboola, New South Wales: A special lake for birds 53

Commonwealth and State Government wetland updates 54

43.Australian Government Update 55

44.New South Wales Government Update 57

45.Victorian Government Update 58

46.Queensland Government Update 59

47.South Australian Government Update 60

48.Tasmanian Government Update 61


1.Introduction to Wetlands Australia February 2015

Wetlands offer substantial economic, social and environmental values that can be harnessed and managed sustainably for the benefit of future generations. Raising awareness and understanding of the benefits of wetlands today will help to protect these important ecosystems and their values into the future.

This edition of Wetlands Australia supports the 2015 World Wetlands Day theme of ‘Wetlands for Our Future’, by highlighting innovative wetland conservation and rehabilitation practices, including examples of the wise use of wetlands for our future. It includes stories from government, community and school groups of partnerships that improve wetland health and enhance our understanding and appreciation of the value of wetlands.

If you would like to contribute to future editions of Wetlands Australia, please contact wetlandsmail@environment.gov.au

Looking after Australia’s Ramsar wetlands

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