What is ciris? The Critical Infrastructure Response Information System (ciris) is a secure, innovative web-based gis and text inquiry information system designed to provide up-to-date information on critical infrastructure in New York

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What is CIRIS? 


The Critical Infrastructure Response Information System (CIRIS) is a secure, innovative web-based GIS and text inquiry 

information system designed to provide up-to-date information on critical infrastructure in New York State.  CIRIS 

contains tools for searching, data analysis, evaluation and mapping that can easily and quickly support decision makers in 

various critical planning, assessment and emergency functions. 

Why do we need CIRIS? 


Threat assessment, crime analysis and emergency response planning have become critical tasks in today’s world.  

Accessible tools that require minimal training are required to efficiently assemble key information for responders and 

managers in rapidly changing situations.  CIRIS fills this requirement and goes beyond it with innovative search tools and 

the ability to load new data quickly. 

What are the benefits of CIRIS? 


CIRIS allows users to identify resources quickly and effectively using an intuitive search engine that requires no special 

training.  Users find data through a “Google-like” search based on words and phrases in plain English.  Once assembled, 

this information can be plotted or e-mailed easily using pre-packaged templates.  CIRIS also allows for fast data loading 

by data owners, allowing new data – including event data – to be uploaded from anywhere by any authorized person and 

made available to system users in minutes. 

Who will benefit from CIRIS? 


CIRIS will benefit those responsible for making decisions related to law enforcement, terrorism threats and emergencies – 

both natural and man-made – as a tool that gives them rapid access to critical information.  Every New Yorker could 

potentially benefit from CIRIS through better preliminary preparation and more efficient response by state and local 

officials that have access to the system, especially during emergency events. 

Why is CIRIS innovative? 


CIRIS allows users to search critical infrastructure information based on physical location of characteristics without any 

special syntax or mapping knowledge.  For example, CIRIS can find all the shelters within a 50 mile radius of an address 

or named point and return contact name and numbers without the user needing to look at a map.  CIRIS can also map any 

of the data in the system and bookmark those maps for use by others.  CIRIS is truly innovative in that it turns traditional 

data-warehousing techniques upside-down by using a data catalog to create a standardized view of the disparate data 

instead of making all of the data conform to a standard database structure – saving time when it matters most. 



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