What is your innovation?

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What is your innovation? 


VENA is a low-cost, scalable, zero-

energy and zero maintenance solution for the developing world’s 

critical need for drinking water. Being a bio-mimetic design modeled after the cacti, it extracts water 

from air by transferring cool, below 

ground temperatures to an elevated network of copper alloy 

filaments, around which latent air-borne water condenses and is collected. 


Who gains the most? 

VENA creates value for villages and towns in developing, arid areas that lack ready access to 

potable water. The direct beneficiaries of our technology are primarily villagers of developing 

countries lacking access to clean water. Non-profits and corporations are currently funding 

continuous water supply to these villages. Water is either piped in from distant areas, or bottled at 

the source and then delivered. 


Who pays? 

Each average sized VENA unit, capable of producing 8-10 Liters per day, is expected to have a 

production cost of $2,500 (including materials, labor, storage, energy, etc.). We project to sell 100 

VENA units for $5,000 to corporations funding environmental and social causes for developing 

regions. Corporate Customers include PepsiCo Foundation and Wells Fargo. Non Profit customers 

include: "A Drop In the Bucket" "Aqua Para La Vida" "Blood: Water Mission" "Blue Legacy" and 

"Clean Water For Haiti". 


What is your success? 

Within the next 12 months, our success is defined by the design and prototype completion of our 

VENA unit. Our intent is to use the funds received from USD's social challenge to fabricate a full 

scale prototype that can be tested in real world conditions. Within the next three years, we intend to 

have our first deployment in Kenya, in which we are targeting to sell 100 units. Within the next 5 

years we target to sell 500 units in various developing regions, providing over 10,000 liters a day. 


How will you do it? 

We are seeking $250,000 for VENA’s commercialization and $500,000 to support the business 

development needed to propel VENA to a breakeven point. VENA is currently funded at $15,000. 

The next stage in our product’s commercialization is to develop our alpha, being a full

-scale system, 

which will be installed in the Sierra Nevada Desert. We plan to have VENA’s alpha prototype serve 

as a platform for fundraisi

ng to fully commercialize and fund VENA’s operations.


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