6-sinf uchun nazorat ishi

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6-sinf uchun NAZORAT ISHLARI

1-Nazorat ishi.

Mavzu:About myself.
Nazorat shakli: Diktant.
About myself

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sardor. I was born on the 8 of June 1999 in Fergana. Now I’m a pupil of the (sixth) form at the secondary school. I can speak Uzbek, Russian and English. I am neither short nor tall. My hair is short and black. I usually wear t-shirt and jeans in summer. I like to wear clothes made of cotton and wool. I enjoy playing sports. I like to swim and to play chess and football.

At school I study hard. My favourite subjects are literature, mathematics, geography and history. But most of all I like English. I have been learning English for many years. I want to become a student of the Fergana State University and to be an interpreter in future.
I have a large family. It consists of my parents, two sisters, three brothers and me. I always help my parents about the house. I have a lot of friends. They all are very nice.

2-Nazorat ishi.

Mavzu: At the grocery.
Nazorat shakli: Test.

1. Answer questions:

How many vegetables are there?
a). There are a lot of vegetables. b). There is no milk.
c). Lunch is ready. d). There is some tea.
2. How much milk is there?
a). It is milk. b). I like milk. c).There is a lot of milk. d). There is some tea.
3. Complete the sentences.
My mother likes … but she doesn’t like …
a). peaches/oranges b). some/any c). there is/there are d). rice/water
4. There is some … and a lot of …
a). some/any b). a lot of/few c). tea/bread d). a/tea
5. Write the questions:
1. many 2. How 3. there 4. vegetables 5. are
a). 1,2,3,4,5 b). 5,3,4,2,1 c). 5,1,4,2,3 d). 2,1,4,5,3
6. 1.there 2. Is 3. sugar 4. any?
a). 2,1,4,3 b). 4,3,2,1 c). 1,2,3,4 d). 2,3,1,4
7. Choose the correct form of the Past Indefinite tense.
I … to the supermarket yesterday.
a). go B. went c). gone d). was
8. … you … . Her at the party last night?
a) did/meet b). are/met c). did/met d). didn’t/meet.
9. She … 12 years old when I … her last year.
a). were/saw b). was/saw c). is/see d). saw/was
10. Why … you … to the movie. We … the film very much.
a). did/go/enjoying c). didn’t/go/enjoyed
b). didn’t/not go/to enjoy d). do/going/enjoyed

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