Agnela da Cruz Henriques de Barros Wilper

Statement (AFTA 2016)

I’m very surprised with my nomination for the post of AFTA Member Executive Board. However, I accept this nomination because I believe that I should be elected to this post for the following reasons:

  • I became a AFTA member in 2011, hoping to learn a lot from AFTA knowledge and experience to transmit them to Lusophone Africa. Angola is considered the most westernized African country in which about 60% is expressed only in Portuguese, so rather ignorant about African culture. Portugal, which dominates culturally Angola till now, is behind the other European countries, in performing arts. Thus, it seems to me important to learn more from the African researchers.

  • In Angola I has been working and collaborating with several universities, cultural associations, and radio and television programs. I am also the manager of the National Theater and a cultural magazine. I am interested in drama, contemporary dance and movies.

  • I would like to create AFTA local centers in Portuguese-speaking countries (universities), namely Angola, Portugal (Lisbon and Coimbra); Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Salvador da Bahia); Cabo Verde (Mindelo); St. Tomé; Guinea-Bissau and perhaps Mozambique. The goal would be to make known AFTA activities, mobilize for annual conference and distribute (sell) AFTA magazine. I would like also to create one bilingual Blog for supporting AFTA local centers.

  • Last, I have been the president of the Alliance Française, in Luanda, and I believe this could facilitate my contact with some French-speaking countries through the Francophonie International Institute.


Agnela da Cruz Henriques de Barros Wilper

Nationality: Angolana. Academic Formation: Graduation in Modern Languages and Literatures; MA in Theatre Studies; PHD Candidate in Anthropology.

Spoken Languages: Portuguese and French. Others: English (level 5). Knowledge of Spanish, Italian, Galician, Catalan and Romanian. Studies of Latin and Greek

Occupation: Teacher at Agostinho Neto University. Director of the National Theatre. President of the "Alliance Française" Association. AUSTRAL magazine manager. Former Director of the Artistic Training National Institute of. Former President of the Angolan Theatre Association. Member of various associations. Jury member of several competitions. Researcher, Lecturer and cultural journalist.

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