Ways of word formation in modern english on the basis of word formation

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International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on 
Ingenious Global Thoughts 
Hosted from Berlin, Germany
April 30
Zugurova Nilufar
Samarkand State Institute 
foreign languages, 2 course, master 
The article discusses the methods of word formation in modern English e based on word 
composition. The word reduction is one of the most important means of the language. It is one of the 
ancient ways of word formation, which has preserved productivity in the English language at the 
present stage of its development. Thanks to him, the language replenishes its vocabulary and 
improves its structure. The article discusses the features of words of compounding, which relate to the 
used structural types of addition of bases and their compatibility, the scope of this method of word 
Key words 
Ways of word formation, word composition, English, compound and compound derivative 
The vocabulary of any language is replenished through the formation of new words. Studies 
show that in the second half of the twentieth century . many, first of all, European languages have 
significantly expanded their vocabulary. Thus, the New York Times noted that the dictionary of the 
modern English language increases by 15 - 20 thousand lexical units every year. The reasons for such 
changes in the vocabulary are as follows: social and cultural changes within modern society
technological “revolution” and globalization , etc.
As you know, in the English language, new words are formed in three main ways: compounding 
(adding two or more roots), affixing (word formation using prefixes and suffixes) and conversion (the 
transition from one part of speech to another without changing the form of the word). 
More than one third of all neoplasms in modern English form compound words based on 
compounding . 
Composition is one of the most ancient and universal ways of word formation in the English 
language . The process of word formation is the addition of two bases, as a rule, homonymous word 
phrases in English : headache , blackboard . Goodies dix can undergo about stye bases ( a cowboy , 
spaceship ), as well as a simple base and wasps new derivative ( pen - holder , of baby - sitter ). The 
way the stems are connected can be neutral, when both stems are connected "butt" ( eye - brow
schoolgirl ), and using a connecting element ( handicraft , mother - of - pearl ). A compound word is 
usually formulated in one piece, and its grammatical characteris tics depends on the second 
component . 
The literature on the problem of word composition is very numerous and extensive. At the 
same time, the problem of the compound word in the English language is still far from resolved. The 
very definition of a compound word is great s work Nost. 
Fusion, structural integrity and functional indivisibility distinguish a complex word from 
phrases, where each term of a phrase is formed separately and retains its independence. At the same 
time, morphologically, the combination of components that make up a complex whole is designed as a 
single whole and has one paradigm. In other words, inflection suffixes are added to the entire complex 
as a whole, and not to its individual parts when forming certain forms (for example, the plural for 
nouns - shipwreck 'shipwreck' - s hipwrecks ; weekend 'end of the week ' - weekends and etc.). 

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