African Theatre Association (AfTA) Bursary Application Form

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African Theatre Association (AfTA)

Bursary Application Form
If you wish to attend the conference in Los Angeles, California USA and have difficulty raising all the full amount required, AfTA may be able to support you through its bursary fund. Please note that funds are extremely limited and financial support will only be given in the following categories up to a maximum of £350: conference registration, accommodation and travel.
Bursary applicants must have had their conference abstract accepted already. The AfTA executive sub-committee on bursary reserves the right to determine the final amount of support awarded. AfTA reserves the right to withdraw the bursaries at its own discretion.
Once fully complete, the bursary application should be sent to:

Bursary application deadline: 21 April 2015

Personal details

Title, First Name & Last Name

Email Address


Country of Residence

Total funding requested (GBP)


Project Strand

Please tick to indicate which of the following strands your project is most closely related. See FAH Knowledge Exchange Award Guidance for full details.

Are you currently in full-time employment?


Have you paid your AfTA membership fee for 2015


Did you submit an abstract for the 2015 conference?


Has your paper been accepted for presentation at the 2015 conference?


Please give title of your paper

Statement of need (max. 250 words)

Please provide a brief statement in support of your application for AfTA conference bursary. Note that this is a competitive process and funding decision will be based on individual needs using this case for support.

Other funding sources explored (max. 400 words)

List other funding sources available to you at work or elsewhere. Have you applied to these and what is the outcome of your application? Also indicate the level of personal financial contribution you are able to make to enable you attend the conference.


Please provide a breakdown of funding requested. Note AfTA is only able to support with conference registration, accommodation and travel costs. Use GBP equivalents only.

Details and justification

Amount requested (£)



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