An informal letter

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An informal letter

An informal letter
Informal letters are personal letters that are written to let your friends or family know about what is going on in your life and to convey your regards. An informal letter is usually written to a family member, a close acquaintance, or a friend. The language used in an informal letter is casual and personal.
You can literally write about anything you feel or think you want to convey. Informal letters can be written to inform your dear ones about your success in a competition, about a movie you watched recently, about the trip that you would be going on, and so on. It can also be to enquire about their well-being, to invite them to go along with you on a trip, to congratulate them on their new job, to convey your regards, etc. You can be as personal as you want when writing an informal letter.
Like any letter, there is a format to write an informal letter in English. Unlike a formal letter, an informal letter does not need to state something specific. It can be written in an easy, conversational style. They are in the nature of a friendly chat, so it can include a variety of topics. It can have all that you want to tell your dear one about. You can use colloquial expressions, unlike formal letters. There are a few easy guidelines that you can follow to be able to write impressive informal letters.

  • Address and Date:
    If you are thinking of how to start writing an informal letter, here is what you should know. To get your informal letter format right, you have to begin it with the sender’s address. The address is written on the left-hand side of the paper. It is necessary that you write the complete address so that the receiver can write back to you. So, see to that you give the correct address along with the pin code. In case you are writing to someone in a different country, make sure you include your country in the address. For example,29, NBC GardenCoimbatore, India – 641053This is followed by the date. Writing the date is important as it would help the receiver know when exactly you had written the letter. You can write the date in either of the following formats:For example,

15/11/2021 or 15th November, 2021 or November 15, 2021

  • Forms of Greeting/Salutation:
    In informal letters to friends and family, you can address them by their names prefixed by qualifying terms such as Dear, My dear, Dearest, etc. You can also address them by their pet names (Eg: Dearest Rosy, Dear Andy, My dear Sweety…) or by their relationship with you (Dear Uncle, Dearest Grandma, My dear Cousin…). If you are writing to an ordinary friend who is older than you are, or of superior rank, it is respectful to use prefixes such as Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc. For example, Dear Mr Reddy.

  • Introduction and Body of the Letter:
    The words you use determine the nature of your letter. You can start your informal letter with an introduction to set the tone of the matter that is going to be discussed. You can begin by enquiring about the health and well-being of the recipient. For instance, I hope this letter of mine finds you in the pink of health. You can then explain the reason behind the letter and provide the details as elaborate as you wish to, unlike formal letters. The letter can be more like a friendly chat than an essay. You can write in a very casual and personal tone. If you are writing to an older person, do not use disrespectful terms or sentences.

  • Conclusion:
    End the informal letter on a friendly note. Use words in such a way that the recipient feels like they have had a wonderful time chatting with you. See to that you make sure you let them know that you would be awaiting their response to your letter.

  • Forms of Subscription/Signature:
    You can use the following in informal letters to relatives and near friends: Yours affectionately, Yours lovingly, Your loving friend, With love, etc., followed by your name (mostly your first name).If you are writing to a close acquaintance whom you have addressed as Dear Mr, Mrs, etc., you can use Yours sincerely, Kind regards, etc.

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