Careers in computing Work in groups. List some of the jobs you know in computing. Compare your lists with other students in the class

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Careers in computing
1. Work in groups. List some of the jobs you know in computing. Compare your lists with other students in the class.

2. Which of the jobs listed would you like to make your career? Explain why to others in your group.

3. Work in groups of three, A, B, and C. Read these descriptions of jobs in computing and make notes about the main responsibilities.
Group A - Read descriptions 1-2; Group В - Read descriptions 3-4; Group С - Read descriptions 5-6.

Example: Systems Analyst
Studies methods of working within an organization to decide how tasks can be done efficiently by computers. Makes a detailed analysis of the employer's requirements and work patterns to prepare a report on different options for using information technology. This may involve consideration of hardware as well as software. Either uses standard computer packages or writes a specification for programmers to adapt existing software or to prepare new software. May oversee the implementation and testing of a system and acts as a link between the user and the programmer.


Main responsibilities

Systems analyst

Studies employer's requirements and working patterns. Reports on different options. Writes specifications for programmers. Oversees implementation and testing.

1. Software Engineer/Designer

Produces the programs which control the internal operations of computers. Converts the system analyst's specification to a logical series of steps. Translates these into the appropriate computer language. Often compiles programs from libraries or sub-programs, combining these to make up a complete systems program. Designs, tests, and improves programs for computer-aided design and manufacture, business applications, computer networks, and games.

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