Children who move from one authority’s area to another

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Children Who Move Across Local Authority Boundaries:

Cross Boundary Protocol
This protocol was developed and agreed by Safeguarding Children Boards and Children’s Social Care in Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire Hertfordshire and Luton and staff in Suffolk should seek to apply this guidance in all situations where responsibilities need to be transferred across a Local Authority boundary.

SCB Adopted: February 2008 Version Number: 4

SCB Updated: October 2009

SCB Updated: December 2012

1. Transfer of Responsibility for children who move from one Local Authority’s area to another

1.1 This protocol is about children in need, including those in need of protection, who move between Local Authority areas. It is not about children who go missing from home, or who go missing with their parents, or who go missing from care.

1.2 The basic principle that underpins these arrangements is that these are vulnerable children in need of multi agency services and that the information about their needs should be available in whichever authority they reside. It applies to those cases where there is significant involvement by more than one agency. Timescales actions and responsibilities are set out under specific headings.

1.3 The expectation is that professionals from all agencies will promptly verbally notify and discuss with their counterparts, and that written or electronic information will follow at the earliest opportunity

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