Claire looked across the fields and saw a tall stone building. 'An old castle!' she

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John Escott - The Ghost of Genny Castle

Claire looked across the fields and saw a tall stone building. 'An old castle!' she 
said. 'I must go and see that before I go home again.' 
Aunt Min didn't look at the castle. 'It - it's not a nice place to visit,' she said. 
'Genny Castle is dangerous.' 
'Dangerous?' said Claire. 'Why?' 
When Claire's mother and father go away for Christmas, Claire goes to stay 
with her Aunt Min. Aunt Min lives in the village of Little Genny and near it is an old 
castle. Claire is very interested in the castle and she wants to know more about it. 
But the people in the village are afraid of Genny Castle and they won't talk to her 
about it. Accidents happen there. People die . . . 
Aunt Min says she must stay away, but Claire knows she can't. She must find 
answers. And soon, she will. Because in the castle something is waiting. And it knows 
John Escott writes books for students and young people. He was born in a small 
country town in Somerset, in the south-west of England. Now he lives in 
Bournemouth, by the sea. He is married and has two children. When he is not 
writing, he likes walking and he plays music. 
He wrote The Ghost of Genny Castle after he saw a real old dark castle: Corfe 
Castle in Dorset, England. This is near his home town. Corfe Castle is nearly one 
thousand years old and people there tell a lot of stories about it. 
You can also read Detective Work and Money to Burn by John Escott in 
Penguin Readers. 

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