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(a)  Tasks discontinued at this session: 

Task No. 49: 

Prepare a recommendation for the electronic management of 

motion or multimedia marks for adoption as a WIPO standard. 

Task No. 53: 

Develop XML schema components for geographical indications. 

(b)  Tasks revised at this session: 

Task No. 47: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standards 

ST.27, ST.87, and ST.61; prepare supporting materials to assist 

the use of those Standards in IP community; analyze the potential 

of merging the three standards ST.27, ST.87, and ST.61; and 

support the XML4IP Task Force to develop XML components for 

legal status event data. 

Task No. 56: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standard 

ST.90; support the International Bureau in developing a unified 

catalog of APIs that are made available by Offices; and support 

the International Bureau in promoting and implementing WIPO 

Standard ST.90. 

Task No. 57: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standard 


Task No. 61: 

Prepare a proposal for recommendations on digital three-

dimensional (3D) models and images, including methods of 

search for 3D models and 3D images. 

Task No. 62: 

Review WIPO Standards: ST.6, ST.8, ST.10, ST.11, ST.15, 

ST.17, ST.18, ST.63 and ST.81, and WIPO Handbook Part 6, in 

view of electronic publication of IP documentation; and propose 

revisions of those Standards and materials if needed. 

(c)  Tasks on which work remains to be done: 

Task No. 44: 

Support the 

International Bureau by providing users’ requirements 

and feedback on the ST.26 authoring and validation software tool; 

support the International Bureau in the consequential revision of 

the PCT Administrative Instructions; and prepare necessary 

revisions of WIPO Standard ST.26. 

Task No. 52: 

Survey on content and functionalities of systems for providing 

access to publicly available patent information of industrial 

property offices, as well as future plans with respect to their 

publication practices; prepare recommendations for systems for 

providing access to publicly available patent information of 

industrial property offices. 

Task No. 55: 

Envisaging developing a WIPO standard assisting Industrial 

Property Offices (IPOs) in providing better “quality at source” in 

relation to applicant names, prepare a proposal for future actions 

aimed at the standardization of applicant names in IP documents 

and present it for consideration by the CWS. 


Annex III, page 2 




Task No. 58: 

Prepare a proposal for a roadmap of future development and 

enhancement of WIPO standards, including policy 

recommendations, in view of more effective production, sharing, 

and utilization of data by IP offices and other interested parties, 

taking the following activities: 


to review the Recommendations in Group 1 indicated in the 

Annex of document CWS/6/3, in collaboration with other relevant 

CWS Task Forces; 


to review the Recommendations in Group 2 and Group 3 

indicated in the Annex of document CWS/6/3; 


to prioritize Recommendations and suggest a timeline; and 


to explore the impact of disruptive technologies on IP 

administration and IP data in view of harmonization and 

collaboration.  Collect information about the requirements from IP 

offices and customers; and prepare recommendations for 

electronic visual representations of designs. 

Task No. 59: 

Explore the possibility of using blockchain technology in the 

processes of providing IP rights protection, processing information 

about IP objects and their use; 

Collect information about IPO developments in use of and 

experience with blockchain, assess current Industry Standards on 

blockchain and consider merit and applicability to IPOs; 

Develop reference models of using blockchain technology in the 

IP field, including guiding principles, common practice and use of 

terminology as a framework supporting collaboration, joint projects 

and proofs of concept; and 

Prepare a proposal for a new WIPO standard supporting the 

potential application of blockchain technology within the IP 


Task No. 60: 

Prepare a proposal for the numbering of INID codes regarding 

word marks and figurative marks, on splitting INID code (551), and 

a potential INID code for combined marks. 

Task No. 63: 

Develop visual representation(s) of XML data, based on WIPO 

XML Standards, for electronic publication. 

Task No. 64:  

Prepare a proposal for recommendations for JavaScript Object 

Notation (JSON) resources compatible with WIPO Standard ST.96 

to be used for filing, processing, publication and/or exchange 

intellectual property information. 

(d)  Tasks to ensure continuous maintenance of WIPO Standards: 

Task No. 38: 

Ensure continuous revision and updating of WIPO Standard 


Task No. 39: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standard 


Task No. 41: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standard 



Annex III, page 3 




Task No. 42: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standard 


Task No. 51: 

Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standard 


(e)  Tasks of continuing activity and/or information nature: 

Task No. 18: 

Identify areas for standardization relevant to the exchange of 

machine-readable data on the basis of projects envisaged by such 

bodies as the Five IP Offices (IP5), the Five Trademark Offices 

(TM5), the Industrial Design 5 Forum (ID5), ISO, IEC and other 

well-known industry standard-setting bodies. 

Task No. 23: 

Monitor the inclusion, in databases, of information about the entry, 

and, where applicable, the non-entry into the national (regional) 

phase of published PCT international applications. 

Task No. 24: 

Collect and publish Annual Technical Reports (ATRs) on Patent, 

Trademark and Industrial Design Information Activities of the CWS 

Members (ATR/PI, ATR/TM, ATR/ID). 

Task No. 33: 

Ongoing revision of WIPO Standards. 

Task No. 33/3: 

Ongoing revision of WIPO Standard ST.3. 

Task No. 50: 

Ensure the necessary maintenance and update of surveys 

published in Part 7 of the WIPO Handbook on Industrial Property 

Information and Documentation. 

(f)  Tasks created at this session and on which work has not started: 

No new tasks were created at this session. 

(g)  Tasks on which work has been held in abeyance: 

Task No. 43: 

Prepare guidelines, for implementation by industrial property 

offices, regarding paragraph numbering, long paragraphs, and 

consistent rendering of patent documents. 




[End of Annex and of document] 

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