Development and Performance Review (dpr): Professional Services Staff Levels 1-8

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Development and Performance Review (DPR): Professional Services Staff Levels 1-8

Reviewee’s Name:

Reviewer’s Name:

Job Title:

Job Title:


Review Period:


Review Date:

The purpose of the DPR is to provide a framework to:

• Actively encourage regular constructive dialogue between reviewees and reviewers

• Discuss an individual’s role, work and personal development

• Provide an opportunity to review career aspirations, within the pursuit of the University strategy.

Please ensure that the objectives agreed provide real clarity about what is required and how success will be measured. The SMART model (Specific Measurable Achievable/Agreed Realistic Time-bound) can be a useful reminder of the points to consider when agreeing objectives. Examples of SMART objectives are contained in the supporting guidelines.

Individual objectives should relate to your team/department’s objectives or to the wider University aims.

Merit Pay

  • Please note that to be considered for a Merit Pay award, it is mandatory to include Section 3 of the DPR form as evidence of supplementary contribution.

  • If the contribution for this calendar year is deemed suitable for Merit Pay consideration, information in Section 3 will be used as part of the submission. This means that all comments in Section 3 will be read by members of the Moderation Panel process, including the Head of Department, Faculty Chair, PVC, HR and VCAG members. Other sections of the form will be seen by the reviewer and the Head of Department.

  • Should further information be required, this will be requested via the Head of Department.

Section 1: Achievements and contributions for the period to

When reviewing your performance against your objectives, please also refer to any specific challenges you may have experienced in this period.

My agreed objectives for the review period

Comments on my achievements and contributions







(Please continue on additional rows if needed)

Reviewee: Please summarise any additional achievements or contributions you have made during this review period.

Reviewer: Please provide a summary of comments on achievements and contributions made by the reviewee during this period.

Section 2: Learning and development for the period to

How did any learning and development you experienced through this period enhance your contribution and performance?

Learning and development during this period

How did this enhance my contribution and performance?

Section 3: Summary of comments for the period to

Reviewee’s Name:


Job Title:


Review Date:

Reviewee’s Comments: Please provide an overall summary of your achievements and contributions during the review period.

Reviewer’s Comments: Please assess the overall achievements and contributions of the reviewee, highlighting any additional contributions which demonstrate exceptional performance that could support any consideration for a Merit Pay award.

Important notes:

  • Section 3 must be filled out if you would like to be considered for Merit Pay and you should discuss this with your reviewing manager before 4 March 2016. This section does not need to be completed if you do not wish to be considered.

  • This section will be used for the purposes of the Merit Pay Scheme.

  • By completing this section you provide consent for your comments contained within it to be read by members of the Moderation Panel process, including the Head of Department, Faculty Chair, PVC, HR and VCAG members.

  • Your department will consider your submission. However, this does not imply an automatic award.

Section 4: Objectives for the period to

Please remember the SMART model when defining objectives and refer to the ‘How to’ guide for a range of examples. Objectives should typically relate to your team/departments objectives or to the wider University aims.

My agreed objectives

How will I measure success?

Timescales involved?

(Please continue on additional rows if needed)

Section 5: Learning and development needs for the period to

Please capture below any learning and development needs required to support you over the next 12 months. These could include any training needs that have been identified for either your current role or to support you with any future career aspirations.

Learning objectives/support I need

How will my needs be met?

By when?

How will this enhance my performance and contribution?

(Please continue on additional rows if needed)

Please note:

  • Your department will collate any formal learning and development needs (i.e. requests for specific training workshops or bespoke support) and will summarise the department’s needs before sending these to the Learning and Development Centre (LDC).

  • Individuals will still need to register their interest in any of the specific workshops offered through the LDC.

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