Essential Skills

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skills are key

Skills are key

What are essential skills?

  • What do you think?
  • Essential Skills are the skills needed for work, learning and life. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills.
  • With your seating partner(s) brainstorm what you think these essential skills would be. Hint – Try to think about what an employer would consider the skills for the “perfect” employee. You want to come up with 9 essential skills
  • Each group write your list on the board

Essential Skills

  • Reading: understanding materials written in sentences or paragraphs (e.g. letters, manuals).
  • Document Use: using and understanding labels, graphs, signs and other similar materials.
  • Numeracy: using and understanding numbers.
  • Writing: writing text or typing on a computer.
  • Oral Communication: using speech to share thoughts and information.
  • Working with Others: interacting with others to complete tasks.
  • Thinking: reviewing information to make decisions.
  • Computer Use: using computers and other technical tools (e.g. fax machine).
  • Continuous Learning: participating in an ongoing process of gaining skills and knowledge (e.g. workplace training).

Build Your Career With Essential Skills

  • Why do you need to think about Essential Skills?

People with strong Essential Skills are:

  • More employable. They find work 29 weeks faster than people with poor Essential Skills.
  • Wealthier. They earn more money. In Canada, about 28 percent of what we earn is directly related to our level of Essential Skills. Nothing else - not even education and experience - contributes as much to income.
  • More productive. They make fewer mistakes and better decisions.
  • Safer. They are less likely to injure themselves or others on the job.
  • Fast learners. They learn technical skills for work, like how to operate equipment, faster.
  • Better at adapting to change. They apply what they've learned in the past to new situations and need less retraining.

“Tale of Two Dropouts”

  • You are developing your Essential Skills at school. How hard you work at developing these skills will determine your success when you leave high school.
  • Read the article “Tale of Two Dropouts”
  • With a partner choose a career to examine. Write it down on paper and list what essential skills you would need for this career and how they would be used. Pick a career that you are familiar with.


  • Which of the Essential Skills would help you get a job, keep a job, get a good reference, and/or get promotions?
  • Which of the Essential Skills would help you get into a competitive post-secondary program?
  • Which of the Essential Skills would help you in your day to day activities now and in the future?


  • “What you do about school during your teen years will probably determine how well you live the next fifty”
  • Your investment and will power in developing your essential skills will pay off big time in the long run. Consider what you are doing now to help or hinder your future success.

Marshmallow Test

Worth the Investment

Case Study

  • With your group discuss the case study scenario
  • Determine the possible solution
  • What ESSENTIAL SKILLS would be demonstrated to resolve the situation?

Case Study #1

You have a temporary job and see an opportunity for creating a permanent position for yourself

Case Study #2

  • You are the team leader, and one member of your team is not completing his or her work satisfactorily or on time.

Case Study #3

  • Your boss gives you one hour to complete a task that you think will take longer

Case Study #4

  • You see a situation at your job site that you think could be a safety hazard

Case Study #5

  • Your employer is going to promote one person to supervisor – you need to compete with three other people to get the job.

Case Study #6

Case Study #7

  • You are asked to work with someone that you don’t care for – they “get on your nerves.”

Exit Slip

  • After all we have learned about Essential Skills what are your thoughts? Are they important? Why?
  • How do you think you are doing in your development of your Essential Skills?
  • Which do you feel you are strong in?
  • Which do you think you could work on? What will you do to improve in this area?

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