Fakültə Riyaziyyat İxtisas – Riyaziyyat müəllimliyi Qrup

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Azərbaycan Respublikası Təhsil Nazirliyi Mingəçevir Dövlət Universiteti

Kafedra – Pedaqoji

Fakültə - Riyaziyyat

İxtisas – Riyaziyyat müəllimliyi

Qrup – R19.2

Kurs – II

Semester – II

Fənn – İngilis dili

Tələbə - Əliyev Rəşad

Müəllim – Dürdane Qurbanova

Sərbəst işin mövzuları

  1. English in our life

  2. The day of knowledge

  3. Our university

  4. English food

  5. My family

  6. My free time

  7. Our flat

  8. My homeland

  9. Eat well, stay healthy

10) Seasons

Sərbəst iş №1

My free time.

Every person needs some free time, be it a kid or an adult. Most schoolchildren and employees usually rest at weekend. This is the best time for relaxing and doing what you like. Evenings of weekdays also offer some free time.

When I get back from school, I eat something quick and do my homework. After that I’m free to meet up with friends, to play computer games or to draw, which is my hobby. Sometimes, I play volleyball or other active games with my friends at the school playground. In summertime I also like playing ping-pong and I’m rather good at it. Weekends are a bit different.

My parents usually give me some pocket money each week. I try to spend them reasonably. During the week I pay for lunch at the school canteen. Sometimes I need to buy some stationery.

After a long and tiring day at school I like to spend my free time in such away that I feel relaxed. The kinds of activity I choose depend upon the time of the year. When it is sunny and warm I go out. When it is cold, rainy and dull - I stay at home. In the summer I ride my bicycle. I like to go to the forest, where the air is fresh, but sometimes I ride round the city to see if something interesting is going on. Usually the bicycle trips take me about an hour. Also, if it is warm I use my bicycle when I go shopping or go to visit some of my friends. I often visit my friends and I like them to visit me. As we always have something interesting to talk about, we never get bored with each other. My friends and I often go for walks and it does not matter if it rains or the sun shines. Going for long walks and cycling are favourite outdoor activities of mine. Late in the evening I like to read books or magazines: Reading takes most of my spare time during the long winter nights. Someti¬mes I play computer games. But I do not spend much time in front of the TV screen. I am also interested in films and the theatre. I do not have any manual skills, so I neither draw nor paint. It seems that I am quite a busy person. I am, indeed. But sometimes, after a busy day the best way of spending my free time is just lying in bed, doing nothing.

I like excursions, picnics, and parties. And I often visit my grandmother on weekends. On weekdays, I have some free time before sleep after I finish my homework. I usually read a book before sleep or go for a walk with my father.

My grandmother and grandfather live in a village not far from my hometown.

Their village is between the woods and a large lake. It is a very beautiful place. My brother and I visit our grandparents very often. We spent last weekend at their place too. We went to the woods, swam in the lake, played in the yard, and went bicycling with our friends. And we helped to feed the chickens, to water the plants, and to gather strawberries.

Of all the freetime activities, I like reading books most because it brings me many good aspects. First and foremost, book is a cheap way to get information so I have good chance to widen my knowledge not only in the fields I study but also in other sections in life . Moreover, reading books makes me know better about people around the world and the way they live. Besides, there is no denial that books always help me relax. Whenever I am under pressure, I find a novel to read, many stories in which allow me to temporarily forget all trouble happening in my daily life. Sometimes, before I go to bed, I choose some short fairy tales to read to have a sound sleep. In addition, through romantic and meaningful stories, I can learn how to control my feeling and even learn to be more patient. One more benefit of reading book is that it makes me express words fluently, therefore, I can improve my communication skill better and better. In short, reading books is my main hobby and I will make best use of its advantages to have a happy lifestyle.

I also like taking photos, and I go to a Camera Club every Wednesday after school. I’m interested in playing an instrument too, and I’d like to learn the piano as a new hobby. At the weekend, I like playing computer games and I often watch films with my friends.

Almost every person has to work or study. It takes a lot of time and energy. No wonder that people can’t wait to have some spare time. Everybody spends it in a different way. But usually people relax and do nothing special.

A lot of people watch TV. Some people like listening to music while doing something else. Music helps to relax and forget about everything. I like to put on my headphones and work out in the street or in the gym.

As almost everyone has a computer or a gadget like a smartphone or a tablet no wonder that people play video games. I like to spend an hour or two playing action games or puzzle games. But I know some people who can play for 5-6 hours in a row.

Using the Internet has become a very popular activity nowadays. I can start surfing the Net in order to search for some useful information and then find myself scrolling the news of some social network. It really kills a lot of time, but I can’t do anything about that.

Everybody sometimes has a free time. Somebody prefer only to sleep in their free time, but the largest part of us prefer to do a great amount of things which are pleasant and interesting for us. It may be reading, a various types of sport game, watching TV, listening music and others. If we have a few day or a week we prefer to go to the attractive places.Many people think that pupils and students have too much leisure ,but in my opinion, they are wrong.We are very busy. Many pupils have six or seven lessons a day and go to school five or six day a week.Even during the holiday we learn our lessons after school. And we just no time to go some-there.

There are a lot of good activities which people like to do for pleasure. Some people like cooking. Others read magazines or novels. A lot of people spend hours talking on the phone. Active people like going out.

No matter what you choose. As long as it gives you pleasure, it’s a good activity.

Even if it is just a good nap.

I think the most of what I like to do in my free time are dependent to my mood.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time for everything that I would like to do. I wish I had more free time.
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