Helen: (voice) Let me go

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Scene 13

HELEN: (voice) Let me go.

LIGHTS: Main stage up dim.

HELEN runs into the room SL arch. Her hands tied behind her back. She wears the ceremonial dress of Ankh-es-en-Amon.

KHARIS turns and steps into the room. HELEN starts to run for the HALL KHARIS steps in front of her. She looks at him.

PEARSON enters the room holding the Black Book if the Dead in her arms.

PEARSON: You are twice lucky Helen.

HELEN spins to look at PEARSON she leans back against KHARIS.

HELEN: This is not luck, Paula. This is evil.

PEARSON: Knowledge is knowledge as truth is truth. You can’t quantify either with light or dark, good or bad, blessed or evil. As Dr. Marta you get to take this journey so rare and to see things so new. As the spiritual match you are a descendant of Ankh-es-en-Amon.

HELEN: I’m from Brooklyn.

PEARSON: You will once again be a princess of the Nile. You will be reunited with you love, Imhotep. Twice lucky.

HELEN: Paula, wake up!

BETH enters HALL and stands SR.

HELEN: Imhotep the High Priest.

HELEN spins around KHARIS to run out HALL. BETH steps in her way.

PEARSON: Don’t fight Helen.

HELEN runs toward BETH. BETH wraps her arms around HELEN. HELEN kicks her right leg in front of BETH’s legs and then turns her body to trip BETH over the leg. BETH releases HELEN. HELEN turns again to run. She is met by VALERIE and INHOTEP standing in the HALL.

HELEN: Valerie?

VALERIE: I am Val.




BETH stands.

IMHOTEP: (to BETH and VALERIE) Prepare the altar.

BETH and VALERIE clear the altar and move it center.

(to HELEN) Soon my love.

HELEN: I am not your love. I am Dr. Helen Marta.

IMHOTEP: Soon you will remember.

HELEN: There is nothing to remember.

IMHOTEP takes her by the arms.

IMHOTEP: Ankh-es-en-Amon.

HELEN: Let go of me.

IMHOTEP: (to PEARSON) Take her.

PEARSON crosses the room and drags HELEN SL.

IMHOTEP crosses to KHARIS.

You are getting weaker. You must finish this task. Only I can keep you from permanent torture. Prepare the altar.

IMHOTEP crosses to HELEN.

KHARIS takes the seal from the edge of the sarcophagus and places on the altar like a table. He steps back.

HELEN: This is evil and foul.

IMHOTEP: No, this is love.

IMHOTEP shows HELEN his palm.


HELEN turns and collapses into IMHOTEP’s arms.

(to KHARIS) On to the altar.

KHARIS takes HELEN and places her on the table.

BETH straps HELEN to the table.

PEARSON stands at HELEN’s feet. IMHOTEP stands behind HELEN by her chest. He holds out one hand. BETH crosses to him and hands him a ceremonial knife. BETH steps back in front of the sarcophagus. VALERIE stands SL. KHARIS stands at the foot of the stairs.

PEARSON: All is ready.

IMHOTEP shows HELEN his palm.

LIGHTS: reflective pool up.


HELEN: Help!

IMHOTEP: I am my love. Quiet yourself. Eternal life is within reach. I am here. You must only die once more.


FRANK crawls across the loft and looks onto the stage.

IMHOTEP: (loudly) Ankh-es-en-Amon!

HELEN: (screams as Ankh-es-en-Amon) Ahhhhhhh! Imhotep! Imhotep!

IMHOTEP: I am here.

HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon) What is happening?

IMHOTEP: I have summoned you to your return.

HELEN looks at her hands.

HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon) Who is this?

IMHOTEP: You my love.

HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon screaming) This is not me!

IMHOTEP: It has to be.

HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon) Where is my body.

IMHOTEP: Gone with time.

HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon) Then I too am gone.

IMHOTEP: You do not understand my love, but you will.

HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon) Imhotep, release my soul.


HELEN: (Ankh-es-en-Amon) I command you!

IMHOTEP: Helen Marta.

HELEN falls asleep.

Helen Marta.

HELEN: Yes. Oh no!

IMHOTEP: I do regret you must be awake for the transfer. Do not worry, the knife is quick. (to PEARSON) Open the book.

PEARSON starts to open the book. IMHOTEP raises the knife above HELEN’s heart.

KA enters the HALL.

KA: The Black Book of the Dead, never to be opened, never to be read. It contains incantations that bring the dead back to life, a most unholy thing.

IMHOTEP: Leave or I will destroy you.

KA: You have no power over me.

IMHOTEP turns the knife to KA.

IMHOTEP: But I can kill you.


LAWRENCE enters SL arch.

LAWRENCE: Aunt Edith!

VALERIE catches him and flings him to the stage left wall. Putting her hand over his mouth and gesturing for him to be silent.

VALERIE: I’ve got him. I am Val!

JEFFREY enters behind LAWRENCE grabbing PEARSON and wrestling her to the ground.

FRANK runs down the stairs and squares off with KHARIS point his pistol at him.

SKYLER enters SR arch with a pistol and takes aim at IMHOTEP.

SKYLER: Back away dead man.

KHARIS reaches for FRANK.


FRANK and KHARIS exchange places.

FRANK shoots KHARIS twice.

KHARIS grabs and holds FRANK. He looks into FRANK’s eyes.

BETH slips behind SKYLER grabbing his fore head and putting a knife to his throat.

IMHOTEP: (to KA) I will deal with you, but first she dies. Ankh-es-en-Amon!

IMHOTEP raises the knife.

FRANK runs to IMHOTEP and holds the pistol to his head. KHARIS puts on his armor.

FRANK: You can’t bring her back to life if you have no head. Move.

FRANK circles IMHOTEP to the feet of HELEN.

IMHOTEP: Your mind is weak. You only prolong the suffering.

KHARIS walks up behind IMHOTEP. IMHOTEP begins to raise his hand to hypnotize FRANK. KHARIS raps his left arm around IMHOTEP preventing him from raising his arm. To IMHOTEP’s horror he watches KHARIS place his hand over IMHOTEP’s face. KHARIS drops his arm and his hand. IMHOTEP is motionless.

BETH drags SKYLER center.

SKYLER: I think I need some help here.

EDITH steps out of the sarcophagus putting BETH’s hand behind her back and then EDITH karate chops BETH nick sending BETH to the floor.

VALERIE: What was that?

LAWRENCE: Karate. It’s fun.

FRANK unstraps Helen and takes her from the table.

EDITH crosses with SKYLER DL.

KHARIS commands IMHOTEP into the sarcophagus. KHARIS crosses to FRANK and holds out his hand.

FRANK: What does he want?

KA: Give him the rest of the Tana leaves.

FRANK and hands the TANA leaves to KHARIS. KHARIS puts the Tana leaves in IMHOTEP’s hand. KHARIS then lifts the table from the altar and closes IMHOTEP in the sarcophagus. He turns to face the audience and wraps his hands back around the sarcophagus and freezes.

IMHOTEP: Noooooo!


Everything is still for a moment.

HELEN crosses to KHARIS.

HELEN: He has turned to stone.

KA: He chose.

LIGHTS: Blackout.


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