These/those are pencils and are pens. *these/those

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– Is there a book on the table? =Yes, there is
.- What a luck. I haven\'t seen you for ages. \r\n - When ... we ... last time? did / meet
... are pencils and ... are pens.=these/those
... are pencils and ... are pens. *these/those
... are seventeen students in my class. =there
... capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent, ... old and beautiful city. =the/an
... capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent,... old and beautiful city. *the/an
... Latin America is on ... South of America. *the/the
... Latin America is on ... South of America. = -/the
... the top of the hill the tourists could see hundreds of cars running quickly... the road. *On/along
... this engineer work at the Ministry of Foreign Trade? does
... your skis? =Are these
.... any students from Hungary in my class. =There are not
.... are seventeen students in my class. = *there
.... Latin America is on ... South of America. = -/the
.... your skis?*Are these walk to the shops or take a bus? =do
...a party next Saturday. We've sent out the invitations? *We're having .
...are you going to do? *what
...does your lesson begin? – At 9 o’cloc k. =when
...friends have you got? *How many
...he...a certificate? *has got
...time do we have? *how much
...were you yesterday? *where help me, please? *Couldn't.
.………milk did you buy yesterday? =how much
.……name is Akmal. He is from Fergana. =his
\"This thief ... usually promise to steal again,\" said Sherlock Holmes. Doesn’t
_____ I help you? _______ Can/ No, thanks
_____ you play the guitar? Yes, I can
______ are you from? Brasil. Where
______ from Spain. I’m Rodriguez . I’m
______ he play the computer? No, he can’t
______ name is Apple. ______ Mary Apple. Her / She’s
______ name is Mary. And my ______ is Johnson. My / surname
______ you cook Italian food? Yes, I can
_______ 5 factories in our town. There are
_______ a computer in my room. There is
_______ a lot of women in the party. There are
_______ a mirror on the wall. There is
_______ a teacher in the classroom? Is there
_______ any flowers in the garden? Are there
_______ I have mineral water? Can
_______ lots of people in the street. There are
_______ pencils in the pencil-box? Are there
_______ sheep are there in the field? How many
_______ some people in the office. There are
_______ you drive a car in your childhood? could
_______ men are there in the course? How many
_______ rice do you use to prepare pilav? How much

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