Lecture №1 The subject of the problem of topographic anatomy and operative surgery primary treatment of wounds

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Lecture № 1

  • Topographic anatomy - the study of the morphological structure of the different regions of the human body.

  • TOPOS - the place and the GRAPH - I write. Hence - topographic, ie Regional (regional) anatomy.

  • 1) Layered topography - ie successive layers outcrop area, from the skin. 2) Golotopiya - position of authority in relation to the human body. The liver, for example, is golotopicheski at right hypochondrium and epigastric abdominal cavity and the heart - in the anterior mediastinum and thoracic cavity, etc. 3) syntopy - the ratio of the body to the surrounding organs and tissues. Thus, behind the stomach adherent pancreas, bottom - poperechnoobodochnaya intestine, stomach in front of the front abdominal wall, etc. Relationships are described and with n t o p u and body. 4) Skeletopiya body, its relation to the level of the skeleton. Thus, renal pedicle skeletotopicheski located at the level II of the lumbar vertebrae, pylorus - XII breast etc. 5) A typical anatomy, design a school professor. V.N.Shevkunenko studying the variants of the structure of organs and their extreme morphological types in connection with a wide variety of shapes and positions.

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