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Questions 1-7. Match the following headings (A-H) to the texts (Q1-Q7). 
Note: There is one extra heading which you do not need to use.
A) Travelling with the family 
B) My lifelong friend 
C) A favourite activity 
D) Professional care and help 
E) A soulmate to travel with 
F) People travelling together 
G) A happy acquaintance 
H) Numerous functions
My five elements to enjoy and value in life are love, food, fashion, entertainment and travel. But one 
element that includes the others is travel. With the mention of travel, my eyes glisten and heart begins to 
pound. My favourite saying goes: ‘A hopeful heart and an open mind are the best travelling companions’. 
During my trips I do my best to follow it. Travelling for me is experiencing and learning. 
You can’t get lost in an unknown place with Travelling Companion Panorama Camera. It is an optimal 
tourist technology. This cuttingedge concept is a device that combines the capabilities of several different 
gadgets and aids that out-of-towners often find useful. You can hold this device in one or both hands and 
have a clear display in front your eyes. It can help you to map your routs, to discover places of interest and 
to record your trip. 
Those who love to travel, take every opportunity to ride on anything but enjoy the ways and the items at 
every stop. The most pleasurable feeling for them is when they have someone with whom they can share 
their happiness, with whom they can talk and relax. Nobody wants to be alone in the world and while 
enjoying something which one is very fond of like “travelling”, one feels the need of the right kind of 
As John left the wood, a voice called after him, “Hallo, comrade, where are you travelling?” “Into the wide 
world,” he replied; “I am going into the wide world also,” replied the stranger; “shall we keep each other 
company?” “With all my heart,” he said, and so they went on together. Soon they began to like each other 
very much, for they were both good; but John found out that his fellow traveller was much cleverer than 
himself. He had travelled all over the world, and could describe almost everything. 

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