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ML reading test 6

Although unsuitable for surfing, this is a popular boating centre. Swimming is good 
and the many pools of shallow water are safe for children. Ocean Watersports 
Centre, which offers lessons in sailing and water skiing, is next to the beach. There is 
a steep path to the beach from the car park. 

page 3 
Read the following text. The text has seven paragraphs (A-G). Choose the best 
title for each paragraph from 1-8 below. There is one title you don't need. 

page 4 
You are going to read a newspaper article about a polar explorer. For questions 31-36, 
choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. 
Pen Hadow - polar explorer 
The explorer is risking his life in the Arctic again, this time for all of us. Cole Moretonin reports. 
In 2004, Pen Hadow became the first person to trek to the North Pole alone, without being 
resupplied on the way. That meant swimming through unimaginably cold waters, fighting 
frostbite and risking encounters with polar bears. Just eight months later, he made a similar 
trip to the South Pole. Now he is back in the Arctic again, preparing for an expedition he 
says is even more ambitious. Explorers are confident, driven individuals. They have to be. 
This time, however, there is far more at stake. Pen and two colleagues will set out on a 
three-month, 1,000-kilometre trek to the North Pole, taking detailed measurements of the 
thickness and density of the ice. Nobody has ever done this before, and he knows the 
results will be of vital importance to the scientific community. This will be the truest picture 
yet of what global warming is doing to the ice that covers the polar region. 
Pen is married to Mary, a horsewoman, who says he has a 'spine of steel and who shares 
his love of the outdoors. She helps to run his polar guide business and claims to be more 
worried about him when he's at home: 'He's in more danger driving along the motorway 
because I know that in his head he's somewhere in the Arctic. For fun, she once competed 
against him in a famous mountain event in which riders on horseback race against people 
on foot. Mary and her horse finished an hour ahead of Pen. 

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