Tashkent University of Information Tachnologies named after Muhammad al-Xorazmiy Theme: Enterprise social media

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Tashkent University of Information Tachnologies named after Muhammad al-Xorazmiy

Theme: Enterprise social media

Prepared by: Elmurodev S.

Checked by: Barnoyeva N.

EnEnterprise social media refers to the use of social media and networking platforms within a corporate or business setting to improve communication, collaboration, and overall business outcomes. Some important facts and trends related to enterprise social media include:

Key networking features: Posts, comments, likes, shares, and tags Employee directory and organizational chart Advanced analytics features Accessible mobile app Company-wide notifications Google Workspace integration for deeper collaboration

Tools: Popular enterprise social media tools include Microsoft Teams, Slack, Yammer, and Workplace by Facebook, among others.

How do social enterprises work?
Social enterprises are businesses that put the interests of people and planet ahead of shareholder gain. These businesses are driven by a social/environmental mission and reinvest profits into creating positive social change.
How do social enterprises make money?
Social enterprises are self sustaining businesses that generate the majority of their income through selling goods and services, rather than through grants or donations. Some social enterprises start with grants or donations, but the objective is always to cover the running costs using the income generated.
What is an example of enterprise social media?
Yammer is an enterprise social network owned by Microsoft, which allows users to chat and share content. Its Facebook-like interface is simple and user-friendly, and employees can join specific “communities” to stay connected to their teams and departments.

Integration: Enterprise social media can be integrated with other business systems, such as CRM, HR, and project management, to improve efficiency and decision-making.

Benefits: Enterprise social media can improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, team productivity, and customer engagement.

What are some ideas of social enterprise?
Social Entrepreneurship Ideas
  • Crowdfunding Platform. Crowdfunding platforms are a useful tool for entrepreneurs, charitable causes, and individuals to raise money and reach their financial goals. ...
  • Food Waste Solution. ...
  • Clean Energy. ...
  • Microlending Business. ...
  • Ethical Online Marketplace. ...
  • Fair Trade Subscription Box. ...
  • Edtech Startup.

Challenges: Common challenges of enterprise social media include adoption, governance, data security, and measuring ROI.

Adoption: According to a survey by Deloitte, 58% of companies surveyed had adopted some form of enterprise social media.

Overall, enterprise social media can have a significant impact on businesses, but it requires careful planning, implementation, and management to maximize its potential benefits.

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